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Afghanistan Today, a GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) Sun. 9/7/14 (116 days to go)

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Pray for American troops in Afghanistan this Sunday as they complete retrograde operations and leave that country by 31 December 2014. In an incident this last week, a plane leaving Afghanistan, carrying out Americans and apparently some Canadians as reported in the press, made a forced landing in Iran. As the story at link #1 indicates, and as reported on major TV news outlets, the plane was allowed to leave Iran with its passengers. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Plane leaving Afghanistan is forced to make landing in Iran. The plane and its passengers was later allowed to leave. Link:


Afghanistan Today, a GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 9-5-14 Fri. (118 days to go)

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118 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan, or thereabouts. See the link #1 about all the riches Afghanistan has. Time to bring US troops home, and our money with them. The US can no longer afford to fund the Afghan military, we need to fund our own military and our American veterans.

Remember, a good read for this weekend would be the newly released book about Marines in Afghanistan and the restricted rules of engagement they endured, “LEVEL ZERO HEROES”. I just finished this book and give it my highest recommendation.

Time to have a huge investigation or tribunal after end of this war on 31 December 2014, and hold accountable those politicians and military officers responsible for the losing counterinsurgency theory that led to massive US casualties throughout the 13 or so years of war that we have been in Afghanistan since 2001.

Let’s make sure these officers, and the various losing war plans and strategies are NEVER used in war again! We have already had one Vietnam, why did we use the “Vietnam Plan for Afghanistan?”

In future wars, the US military motto should be: “VICTORY THROUGH STRENGTH.”

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Afghan riches. They should use them to pay for their own country and military. Link:

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 6-11-14-Wed. (203 days to go)

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203 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan and let’s hope and pray it is not extended two more years past 31 December 2014 as President Obama has expressed a desire to do. I believe this would require funding by Congress, and Americans can demand defunding of the extra two years. In addition, Americans can VOTE. Last night it was reported that Eric Cantor, a leader in the House of Representatives lost his primary race to a Tea Party candidate who is a college economics professor.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) America AWOL during the Afghanistan war:


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June 11, 2014 at 11:49 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 6-2-14-Mon. (212 Days to go)

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212 dangerous days to go for US troops in Afghanistan, made even more dangerous it seems with the release of 5 Taliban commanders from Gitmo in exchange for a US soldier who is reported to have walked off base. This story doesn’t even show Afghanistan as being happy about it, they don’t like it either.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) US soldier who is reported to have walked off base in 2009 is released in exchange for 5 Taliban commanders held at Gitmo:

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June 2, 2014 at 8:45 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (the Afghanistan Scandal?) 5-28-14-Wed. (217 days to go)

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President Obama gives another college speech, this time at the US Military Academy at West Point today, and reports are that he will extend the Afghanistan War two more years. It is my hope he stands by the initial exit date he gave years ago, of 31 December 2014.

Meanwhile, Bati Kot, Afghanistan has not been pacified, and remains a terrorist haven near the Torkm Gate on the Pakistan border. Why? MARSOC Marines were there and thrown out in error after an ‘Incident at Bati Kot’ when they were attacked 4 March 2007. All Marines were exonerated at a 2008 Marine Court of Inquiry. Yet, Bati Kot remains a terrorist haven, and those US Army officers who threw out the first ever deployed Special Operations Marines have yet to be held accountable, or demoted for Bati Kot remaining in terrorist hands.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Bati Kot, Afghanistan, still a dangerous terrorist infested village it seems from the evidence presented in this story:

2.) Another ‘incident at Bati Kot’: This time a 13 yr old suicide Pakistani suicide bomber is stopped in Bati Kot, Afghanistan:






Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 4-29-14-Tue. (246 days to go)

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246 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan.

ANOTHER UPDATE, 1 MAY 2014. There is now an obituary posted for Army Captain Kelly Marie Hasselman, 29, and a link to the Citadel TAPS website where her death notice is posted. There is no cause of death.

She died stateside 19 April 2014, while serving at Ft. Bliss. She served in Afghanistan not once, but twice, and I honor her service, as I have been told many times by Marines, Afghanistan is, “The WORST place in the world.”

As a civilian I am protected by these service members like Capt. Hasselman, who are sent sometimes, to places we cannot even imagine being, with danger surrounding them daily.

Her last tour to Afghanistan was much written about as she served as Commander for Ft. Bliss’ first Female Engagement Team. You can ‘Google’ it and see the stories and videos both pre-deployment and while deployed.

May Capt. Hassleman RIP.

Rest in Peace Captain, it is well deserved after serving not once, but twice in Afghanistan.

I can’t further comment on cause of death, as no cause is mentioned at these links. Sympathy to her family, and to her friends and fellow soldiers, may they find comfort at this time of loss.

UPDATED LINKS:  1 May 2014:

OBITUARY: US Army Captain Kelly Marie Hasselman: decorated Afghanistan war veteran. Link:

CITADEL “TAPS” listing for decorated US Army Captain Kelly M. Hasselman. May she RIP. Link:

UPDATE: Evening of 29 April 2014:


UPDATE: Capt, Jennifer Moreno, new information released: Should her Bronze Star w/V be upgraded?


Heroic Army nurse “ran into hell”: (Award citations for four soldiers including Moreno at end of story)

Bronze Star with V Award Citation for Capt. Jennifer Moreno:

ORIGINAL POST (Pre-update):

When I started this blog, the Afghanistan war had been going on since 2001. After extensive studies of Afghanistan history, and of our current war, it was suggested I start this blog, and give it the ‘motto’ which appears at the top right, about this blog being your portal into America’s growing nightmare.

One thing which has really gotten to me during the time I started and have been the “news director” of this blog, has been the maiming injuries suffered by American troops in Afghanistan.

The second thing which has really gotten to me, has been the deaths of American women troops in Afghanistan.

It reached a “low” when I read of the death of Army Sgt. Linda Pierre a few years back, and I wrote extensively of her death. While in Florida at the end of 2013 I had the honor to visit her grave site in Florida, which brought tears to my eyes.

I also called the cemetery and had the flags replaced in the Veteran’s section where she was buried as they were tattered, faded, and some had mold on them. I was leaving town and could not re-visit the cemetery before I left, but received several calls from cemetery officials  that assured me the flags were being replaced as we spoke.

Sgt. Pierre was killed by an Afghan soldier who threw multiple grenades into the room where she, another American woman soldier, and several other male US soldiers were, killing them all. I don’t know why Sgt. Pierre’s death stood out so much to me, but it did. I will post her YouTube video below again.

Another “low” was reached in late 2013 when I read about the death of US Army 1st Lt. Jennifer Moreno, an Army nurse sent to Afghanistan to help their women especially, who was killed with several other soldiers by multiple IED’s. It was reported at the time, that she ran forward to save soldiers who were hurt, including Army Rangers with leg amputations.

1st Lt. Moreno was posthumously promoted to Captain and awarded the Bronze Star with V.

I didn’t know the full details, but from my reading of the news, as a civilian, it seems to me she needed a medal upgrade, and perhaps should even be considered for the Medal of Honor.

I wrote extensively of her death, as I did Sgt. Linda Pierre before her. I watched Capt. Moreno’s memorial service (which was posted online) at the college where she earned her nursing degree. It was moving and brought me to tears.

Then, I am brought forward to today, and the report of another military woman’s death, that of Ft. Bliss based Army Captain Kelly Hasselman in Texas with no cause of death given. I honor and respect her service, as she served not once, but twice in Afghanistan, and chose the path of service to country, to protect citizens like me and the defend the US Constitution to secure our freedoms. RIP Captain.

I remember reading a bit about Captain Hasselman’s deployment from Ft. Bliss as the commander, a first, of a 55 woman Army Female Engagement Team sent to Afghanistan. Pre-deployment there was much build up and press coverage around 2012-2013.

During the deployment there were some videos and stories posted at DVIDS-Hub, and nationwide press coverage from Al Jazeera, or I guess, actually, international press coverage. There was coverage far and wide, including media coverage in her hometown of Broken Arrow and home state of Oklahoma There was media coverage in Texas and the Ft. Bliss area of El Paso, and coverage in military publications and web sites.

So, far, officially, I only see that the Army has said that there were three suicides at Ft. Bliss over the Easter weekend, one being a captain. No names were listed.

(UPDATED 5/1/14: see above) I have now seen an obituary for Capt. Kelly Hasselman, before that, all I knew is what I saw on “social media”, comments, and stories at the Army Times web site, which did not list names, and at which did list her name.

Capt. Kelly Hasselman’s 19 April 2014 death now confirmed, it does give me another “low” feeling, similar to the combat deaths of Sgt. Linda Pierre and 1st Lt. Jennifer Moreno in Afghanistan.

Even with the publication of the obituary and TAPS listing at the Citadel, I have no official confirmation of the cause of death, but in any case, I honor her service in Afghanistan, a dangerous country where she faced enemy attack daily, and where she served not one tour, but two.

There are confirmed military suicides I am aware of which have been in the news, and the family left behind have often tried to bring awareness to depression, PTSD, TBI, and other post-deployment issues our troops and veterans have experienced, one which comes to mind is Rob Guzzo, a Navy Seal, whose family has spoken out after his suicide.

I believe there may be in these suicides, an awareness, and chance to save others, despite the terrible loss. God bless and pray for our military families, and families of the fallen.

I have been realizing the last few days, that while the war in Afghanistan winds down and all US troops are home by 31 December 2014, the after affects of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq will be “forever” for those who lost their legs, for those families who have lost a loved one, for those vets with mental and physical problems, and for those with PTSD, TBI, and various other mental issues, and for those who have thought of suicide.

And for those who have to cope with a suicide of a service member, there might be a lifetime of sorrow after US troops leave December 31, 2014.

Keep our troops and our vets in your thoughts and prayers. Keep our wounded troops and vets in your thoughts and prayers. Keep the families of the fallen, and those wounded mentally and emotionally in your thoughts and prayers.

I will recap today some of the stories of our heroes such as Sgt. Linda Pierre, Capt. Jennifer Moreno, Navy Seal Rob Guzzo, and others, along with what has been posted about Capt. Kelly Hasselman. May we all learn and grow, from their sacrifice and help our veterans and active duty military troops.

I did see a link on one “social media” site, to Capt. Kelly Hasselman’s Facebook page, and one of the last posts was of a song by Christian singer Plumb, “Need You Now (How Many Times)” on April 18, 2014, and no posts by her since that I could see.

I have heard the song on Christian radio many times, and like it, but listening to it again by clicking on her link, the live version, it just put tears in my eyes to think of whatever struggles Capt. Kelly Hasselman may have had and put tears in my eyes thinking of her possible death.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) The late Sgt. Linda Pierre, US Army, in her own words. She was killed by an Afghan soldier in Afghanistan. Link:

2.) Rob Guzzo Memorial-Facebook page. Guzzo was a Navy Seal who committed suicide and his family and friends are dedicated to bringing awareness to the issues related to suicide in the military and in our veteran population. Link:

3.) The Wounded Walk: Story of veterans bringing attention to sucide:

4.) Commander: US Special Forces-record suicides:

5.) Army 1st Lt. Jennifer Moreno, posthumously promoted to Captain after her death at the hand of the enemy in Afghanistan. An Army nurse, she served with Army Rangers. Link:

6.) Their story on the death of Army Captain Kelly Hasselman:

7.)  More “social media” on the apparent death of super achieving soldier, Army Captain Kelly Hasselman:

8.) More on the late Army Captain Kelly Hasselman:

9.) Capt. Kelly Hasselman, Ft. Bliss training of Congressional staff. The high profile and decorated soldier was mentioned in this story. Link:

10.) Army reports three suicides at Ft. Bliss over Easter weekend, including that of a captain. No names were given, investigations in progress it said. Link:

11.) Song by Christian singer Plumb, “Need You Now (How Many TImes)”. Pray for the families of our fallen soldiers, our wounded soldiers, and yes, the families of those  veterans and troops who fell by their own hand. Pray for our soldiers who now face suicidal thoughts. Pray for all of our troops and vets who are crying out for help that their suicides can be prevented. Link:

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 4-24-14-Th. (251 days to go)

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251 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan, and it can’t pass fast enough. I would hope today after 3 US civilian doctors were murdered, and other Americans injured after being shot by an Afghan guard who was supposed to be protecting them, President Obama would make an announcement that he is ordering the US State Department to issue a travel ban to Afghanistan by all US civilians. Then, he should encourage US troops to speed up the withdrawal with enhanced retrograde operations to close bases and pack up equipment, and get us out of there before 31 December 2014, and our money with us. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Afghanistan: Three US doctors murdered by Afghan guard hired to protect them, other Americans reported to be injured: Afghan officer kills 3 U.S. doctors” this LA Times story headline reads:,0,822039.story#axzz2zpMvx3zo

2.) Report on another civilian death: Diplomat death: murdered in Afghanistan delivering books, reports details poor planning: