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President Obama gives another college speech, this time at the US Military Academy at West Point today, and reports are that he will extend the Afghanistan War two more years. It is my hope he stands by the initial exit date he gave years ago, of 31 December 2014.

Meanwhile, Bati Kot, Afghanistan has not been pacified, and remains a terrorist haven near the Torkm Gate on the Pakistan border. Why? MARSOC Marines were there and thrown out in error after an ‘Incident at Bati Kot’ when they were attacked 4 March 2007. All Marines were exonerated at a 2008 Marine Court of Inquiry. Yet, Bati Kot remains a terrorist haven, and those US Army officers who threw out the first ever deployed Special Operations Marines have yet to be held accountable, or demoted for Bati Kot remaining in terrorist hands.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Bati Kot, Afghanistan, still a dangerous terrorist infested village it seems from the evidence presented in this story:

2.) Another ‘incident at Bati Kot’: This time a 13 yr old suicide Pakistani suicide bomber is stopped in Bati Kot, Afghanistan:







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