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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 12-24-12-Mon.

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Another Christmas Eve at war for U.S. troops, say a prayer for them and for swift victory so they can come home in a matter of weeks, not two more years as the plans now call for them to be there until December 31, 2014. They should come home now if they do not have new generals and a new strategy for a quick victory, and bring our money with them.

I read yesterday that a Navy Seal Commander killed himself in Afghanistan.

Links from around the GWOT.

1.) Navy SEAL is reported to have killed himself in Afghanistan. Link:


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December 24, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 12-10-12-Mon.

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Another work week for Americans begins, but for US troops, another week at war in Afghanistan. Pray for American enlisted troops, and that they will receive new leaders with a new strategy for victory so they can win this war and come home before the deadline of Dec. 31, 2014. Win it now, and bring them home and our money with them. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Why were elite Navy Seals with Seal Team 6 sent in to rescue a civilian doctor with Morning Star Development? Why is Morning Star Development? Why did their doctor rank a rescue with Seal Team 6, which suffered the death of yet another member, when our Marines in Gangjal, Afghanistan or our State Department personnel Benghazi, Libya begged and pleaded for a rescue for hours and did not receive back up, air support, or help? How can Gen. Allen order a rescue and yet in the Gangjal Ambush, for which Dakota Meyers was awarded the Medal of Honor, the then commander of Afghanistan, who had plenty of time to order a rescue by Seal Team 6 or other Special Operators, did not? With American restricted rules of engagement, and the throwing out of an entire MARSOC Special Op Marine Unit, how can Gen. Allen say the fight against the Taliban is unwavering? For all the details to date, read story at this link:


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December 10, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 1-3-12-Tue.

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Another week in a new year and US troops remain locked in battle in Afghanistan. May they win this war and come home in victory soon. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) The GWOT includes attacks on US soil, even before 9-11-01 there were attacks on the World Trade Center in the early 1990’s, then the attack on US Embassy property in the late 1990’s, continuing through today. This Congressional report lists threats and arrests made and details information about homegrown terrorists. Link:

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 11-19-11 Sat.

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A weekend away from war for Americans, planning Thanksgiving meals, travel, and starting Christmas shopping this week. Time to live in peace, purchase food from our bountiful grocery stores, and prepare for the big meal Thursday. But, our troops in Afghanistan, other than a Thanksgiving meal they try to have prepared for them, face another day at war. God bless them this weekend and throughout the rest of this month as they celebrate Thanksgiving at war. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Family of Marine Lance Corporal Benjamin Schmidt, killed in action in Afghanistan Oct. 6, 2011 by friendly fire, speaks out:

2.) Marine Mom pursues justice for her fallen son and others:

3.) Book: The inside mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. I haven’t read the book, and don’t know what to believe, so judge for yourself.  I have heard the author on several radio shows, and in interview such as in this story. Yet, the US government has come out and said the story is not true. Can we believe them? Who can we believe? What really hapened? Link:

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November 19, 2011 at 9:06 pm

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 11-13-11-Sun.

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God bless our troops who secure our Constitutional freedoms, such as attending the church of my choice this morning. Pray for them as they wind down a victorious Iraq campaign and continue on toward victory in the Afghanistan campaign. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Republican presidential debate last night, rundown. I thought the only one who gave a coherent Afghanistan policy plan that I liked, was John Huntsman who said we should stop nation building there.MSNBC reported in the last few weeks that the US taxpayer is sending $2 billion dollars a week to Afghanistan. A billion is a thousand million. So, we are sending two thousand million dollars weekly!


Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) Sat. 8-13-11

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Another summer is winding down, some school districts are already back in session soon in the USA, but in Afghanistan it is just another season of battle for U.S troops who labor under restricted rules of engagement. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Questions as to whether last weekend’s Seal mission was necessary:–20110811

2.) The Johnson County Sun newspaper had in their print edition, the following editorial written on the opinion page of this Kansas newspaper, and it appears online below. This editorial by the Sun’s editorial board questions U.S. actions in Afghanistan, and gives a path to victory. I agree with it and believe it is one of the finest opinion pieces about the Afghanistan war that I have read. I passed it on to my elected officials and President Obama. Read it for yourself below, you may want to send to your elected officials:

“Honoring the Fallen”

From the story:

While we always will support our military troops, we cannot help but criticize the way in which presidents Bush and Obama along with their military advisers have conducted these wars.

The best way our government can honor those who have served and especially those who have given their lives, is to strike the enemy with swift and total vengeance in order to bring the war quickly to an end and our troops home.

They, and this nation, deserve nothing less.

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August 13, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (the Afghanistan Scandal?) 8-8-11- Mon.

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Friends and family remember the U.S. troops killed this weekend, when an American helicopter was shot down killing 30 US troops, including 22 Navy Seals. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Friends and family members of the U.S. troops killed in a helicopter shoot down this weekend remember them: