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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 11-13-11-Sun.

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God bless our troops who secure our Constitutional freedoms, such as attending the church of my choice this morning. Pray for them as they wind down a victorious Iraq campaign and continue on toward victory in the Afghanistan campaign. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Republican presidential debate last night, rundown. I thought the only one who gave a coherent Afghanistan policy plan that I liked, was John Huntsman who said we should stop nation building there.MSNBC reported in the last few weeks that the US taxpayer is sending $2 billion dollars a week to Afghanistan. A billion is a thousand million. So, we are sending two thousand million dollars weekly!



Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-Wed. 7-7-10

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The news out of Afghanistan remains grim. Today there are reports of a friendly fire incident where 5 Afghan soldiers were killed by a U.S. bombing strike. Buried in the story is the news that 3 American soldiers died in a roadside bomb. Where is the outrage that Afghans are killing Americans, not in friendly fire incidents, but on purpose? Who has been arrested and held accountable for the deaths of these U.S. troops?

Rest in Peace American troops killed in action, RIP to our 3 good and faithful soldiers. May God bless their families in this time of loss. Photo: July 2010, Lebanon Chapel, Wilmington, North Carolina

Rest in Peace: RIP to our 3 good and faithful soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan. May God comfort their families in this time of loss. Photo: July 2010, Lebanon Chapel, Wilmington, North Carolina

In the meantime, repercussions of the Iraq war continue, as well as the war itself as the U.S. leaves that country. Where are the Iraq Victory Medals for U.S. troops who served honorably? There is constant talk of how the U.S. won the Iraq war from the politicians who approved Gen. Petraeus’ demotion from head of Cent-Com to lead the Afghan war as Gen. McChrystal’s replacement. Petraeus had been McChrystal’s boss. Anyway, there is praise that Petraeus won the Iraq war.

Well, that happened, if it happened, because of the work of U.S. troops on the ground who fought restricted rules of engagement there, as well as had the detainee catch and release problem to deal with. If the U.S. won the Iraq War and Petraeus gets all the praise, then the Congress should prepare for the President to sign, an IRAQ VICTORY MEDAL for U.S. troops. Not a day should be wasted, not another day should go by before this medal is issued for our American heroes who served honorably in Iraq.

Also, not another day should go by before Gen. Petraeus drops the restricted rules of engagement and detainee catch and release in Afghanistan.

Contact your elected officials if you want change. The changes being: 1.) Iraq Victory Medal for U.S. troops who served honorably in Iraq.  2.) Drop restricted rules of engagement and detainee catch and release in Afghanistan, both of which could endanger U.S. troops and prevent an American victory in that county.

U.S. soldiers and Marines who are in the brig for actions in war should be given a clemency, just as the U.S. grants clemency to Taliban fighters. The clemency for Taliban fighters has been written about, and last night on MSNBC on Rachel Maddow show from Afghanistan she showed the ceremony.

Afghans who have apparently maimed or killed U.S. troops and who are in prison, or for other crimes against troops in this war, are allowed to “swear” they will not fight against Americans again, and released to their families. Then a village elder or some such also “swears” that the prisoner will not fight again. Then they are released to their family.

If this is done for the Afghans, then the U.S prisoners who are in the Leavenworth brig due to actions in war should be allowed the chance to swear off violence and that they will not attack Afghans or Iraqis again, and be released to their families.

God bless the USA and God bless American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

American flag flies against a dark sky in Wilmington, North Carolina, July 2010.

LONG MAY IT WAVE: American flag flies against a dark sky in Wilmington, North Carolina, July 2010.


1.) 3 U.S. troops killed by Afghan roadside bomb; 5 Afghan troops killed in NATO airstrike-a friendly fire incident. Link:

2.) Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC from Afghanistan; click on links at site to view information on her Afghanistan reporting:

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot, 5-13-10-Th.

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On today’s Rush Limbaugh show he had a couple of segments about the “Courageous Restraint” medal being proposed which I wrote a about previously. He asked his staff why they had not brought this to his attention before and said “sorry folks: about not knowing about it before. He read from the “Navy Times” the story below at #1 which is in Marine Corps Times too.


1.)  Story read by Rush Limbaugh on yesterday’s show, Wed. 5-12-10 about the proposed “Courageous Restraint” award, “HOLD FIRE, EARN A MEDAL”:

2.) Muslim student confronts David Horowitz after a college lecture; at least he did not get a head butt like a professor in Sweden:

3.) Karzai does Washington:

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May 13, 2010 at 4:38 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 11-20-09

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Still no announcement on the number of American troops to be sent to the second surge in Afghanistan. The first surge, announced on March 27, 2009, along with the strategy, totaled 21,000 troops. God bless our troops and may they secure a victory and be able to come home soon. Links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.)  While  Afghanistan is heating up, operations are slowly winding down in Iraq; US troops still there:

2.) Hasan’s supervisor warned of his behavior in 2007:

3.) Soldier KIA Afghanistan-trying to save supplies dropped into river:

4.) Sec. Gates hints at troop increase in Afghanistan despite logistical troubles:

5.) McCain seeks review of work by retired generals:

6.) Retired brass cash in:

7.) Marines ordered removed, involved in Iraq incident. I say if these Marines are removed, then the Sec. of the Army must immediately remove the accused Ft. Hood shooter, Hasan from the Army. Link:

8.) MarSOC gets new command, new multi-million dollar building:

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot: Sat. 11/7/09

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No troop movement for the second Afghanistan surge yet, as Pres. Obama has made no decision.

Fort Hood experienced a horrific terrorist attack on base yesterday.  The spin is going on in the mainstream media, trying to say the Major had PTSD. That mainstream media mistake was shot down when repeated posts and guests have said that he never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan yet.

Various links from around the GWOT:

1.) British soldiers on edge as they train the Afghan police, after 5 fellow troops were killed last week by enemy who posed as Afghan police. LInk:

2.) “I won’t let this beat me,” vows British soldier Andy who lost both legs & right arm in Afghanistan blast. Link:

3.) British press: Withdrawl cry becomes louder with each death:

4.) Ft Hood victims named:

5.)  Obama says not to jump to conclusions in Ft. Hood shootings:

6.) Afghans claim civiian deaths:,0,5520105.story

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November 7, 2009 at 4:25 am


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Another week at war and no decision on the second troop surge from President Obama. One thing is certain though, there are 12 less soldiers who can never deploy again, and 31 who may never deploy again.

These are our finest who were shot at Ft. Hood on Thursday, by a fellow American soldier.

As it’s not politically correct, I won’t report that it might have been a jihad, that the shooter is a Muslim, or that the shooter had posted what might be describes as anti-American rants on the internet which had been noted by military officials the last six months at least. I don’t want to be  reporting any of that, so I won’t and maybe it will just go away.

Read the story for yourself at some of the links below. First though, at link #1, let’s read about how swell the Afghan police training is going–NOT!

1.) Afghan police training going swell: NOT!  Check out the parts about the sinks for a real eye opener. Link:

2.) 12 soldiers killed at Ft. Hood, 31 injured. I think it would be considered culturally insensitive for me to write anything about the shooter, so read about it at the link. We surely can’t mention his religion, supposed hatred for the U.S., or any of that, so I won’t. God bless the families of the fallen U.S. troops, and may God provide healing and comfort to those this gunman wounded. Link:

3.) Story states that radical Islam must be fought #1 in Afghansitan:

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November 6, 2009 at 8:10 am