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This list of incidents in Afghanistan released by the US Department of Defense shows a lot of action going on there. Read the last paragraph about the violence in Bati Kot. This is the district where US Marine Special Ops were attacked 3-4-07 and the US Army generals threw the Marines out of the war. Since that time, they were sent to a Marine Court of Inquiry and exonerated of any false charges. But, Bati Kot remains a violent place. Read the last paragraph which mentions the latest violence, this time deadly, in Afghanistan. Links form around the GWOT:

1.)  Department of Defense news, including the last paragraph which mentions deadly violence in Bati Kot, Afghanistan. Link:

2.) A movie on NFL star Pat Tillman is coming out, about his death as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan:

3.) The Tillman story:

4.) Cash to be screened by U.S., Afghanistan, at Kabul airport to prevent flow out of country, corruption:

5.) Making Afghanistan More Dangerous-opinion piece from NY Times. After reading #4 above about all the cash, I don’t know about $250,000 being carried around Afghanistan by aid workers. Link:

6.) Afghan road crew attacked, amazing story, read it for details:


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August 21, 2010 at 4:09 am