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Afghanistan Today, a GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 8 /24/14 Sun. (129 days to go)

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129 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers this Sunday.


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August 25, 2014 at 3:03 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-12-13-09-Sun.

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Another day of freedom for those of us in America to go to our church and sing Christmas hymns and light an Advent candle. But, for our troops at war in Afghanistan it is just another day in which they need generals who insist on a CULTURE OF VICTORY.

The leaders of our men in combat should lead from the front to instill this CULTURE OF VICTORY so we don’t just have another VIETNAM PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN.

The Commander-in-Chief could announce that he is issuing an executive order for a million dollar bonus to the general who institutes a CULTURE OF VICTORY in the U.S. military, and lead the US troops to victory in battle. The war in Afghanistan might be won in short order if we insisted on a CULTURE OF VICTORY rather than THE VIETNAM PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN.

God bless and protect our U.S. troops onward to VICTORY in Afghanistan! May they return home to their families safe and sound, to victory parades as they win the war in short order, being led by generals and officers who instill a CULTURE OF VICTORY.

Links to stories below from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) U.S. Marines try to train mostly drug addicted Afghan recruits. This is really a must read, and readers should contact their senators and representatives by phone, fax, e mal or in person and notify them of what is happening in Afghanistan. Link:

2.) U.S. troops grappling with restricted rules of engagement in Afghanistan. U.S. troops must be able to win the war and have leaders who have a CULTURE OF VICTORY. U.S. troops should not have to let the enemy go to possibly kill U.S. troops again. Americans should contact their senators, representatives, and President as Commander-in-Chief  by phone, mail, e mail, Twitter, fax or in person and state that restricted rules of engagement MUST be DROPPED and U.S. troops need to be led from the front by generals who insist on a CULTURE OF VICTORY. Link:

3.) Rocket hits British soldier like a sledgehammer, taken to Camp Bastion for the beginning of his treatment:–life-ebbing-away-A-soldiers-amazing-tale-heroism-woman-saved-him.html

4.) Interesting pdf file from a .mil site which explains Afghanistan circa 1982, very interesting, historical. Link:

5.) More reports of travel disruption, read for yourself:

6.) Marine Mom celebrates return of son from Afghanistan, she went to to keep up with his deployment:

From the story:

The deployment, like the conversations between mother and son, have changed Filan-Curry, but also her son. He is a man now, she said, with “a sense of right and wrong and a sense of family and obligation and pride and country,” she said.

“If I had to pick how I would want him to grow up, what a man I want him to be, he is truly that right now.

7.)  “When Hell Was In Session”-G. Gordon Liddy interviews former P.O.W. at Hanoi Hilton, Jeremiah Denton. Link to this excellent read:

8.) Army soldier earned Silver Star-he had to shoot-and was allowed to do so when this happened. If link does not work, search the title on a Google search: “Reservist ignored his own injuries to tend to wounded comrades after Taliban attack”.

9.) Look at photo: supply line-route trucks must take to get supplies to Afghanistan:

10.) Army logistics and Afghan surge:

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December 13, 2009 at 2:00 am

Afghanistan Today: the GWOT Hotspot: 12-6-09-Sun.

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Christians in the USA head to church today and our troops still face another day in what official military publications, such as the Marine web site call “The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.”  God bless the USA and our troops, and may they be led to victory in the war in Afghanistan. Links from around the GWOT, the Global War on Terrorism.

1.) Amazing that we spend BILIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan and these Marines in the story need assistance. After all, Adm. Mullen said AFGHAN CIVILIANS ARE PARAMOUNT. This shows his policy in action. Was he there passing out baskets to the Marines? Link:

2.) Nation building in all its glory. What are US Marines doing this for, and who is killing the enemy if the Marines aren’t doing it? Where are the generals and commanders-they should be out at these shuras. Link:

3.) Navy Sec. boots Marines; two went back to combat in Iraq. Story says officers cannot be booted, only enlisted Marines. Can anybody try to boot Maj. Hasan from the Army? Where is the Sec. of the Army? Link:

4.) Marine dies in parachuting training at Camp Pendleton:

5.) Marine killed in parachuting training is family’s second Marine son to die in non-combat accident. One son gave harrowing account of Iraq; each breath could be Marine’s last:

6.) Another incident at Bati  Kot, Afghanistan; more suicide/car bomb attacks, this one prevented:

7.) Protest in N.Y. concerning bringing the accused terrorist trials to the USA:

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December 6, 2009 at 12:49 am

Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hotspot-11/25/09-Wed.

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Another Thanksgiving at war for our troops. Say a prayer for them.

1.)  Story says Blackwater operating in Pakistan:’s_secret_war_in_pakistan_revealed?page=3

2.) Remember our troops serving time at Ft. Leavenworth brig this Thanksgiving:

3.) Pres. Obama and his ‘finish the job’ quote:

4.) High level of contractors in Afghanistan, some pay the Taliban for truckloads of supplies to pass:

5.) Alleged terrorist alleges that Navy Seals bruised his lip in arrest. What’s this? Payback for killing the Muslim pirates in Somalia ship hijacking and attack case? Commander in Chief should step up and stop this proceeding and award these Seals medals for their arrest:

6. ) Hero of Ft. Hood terrorist attack, should be awarded posthumously a medal for bravery; combat action ribbon:

7.) Obama’s Afghanistan, from American Spectator:

8.) Ann Coulter describes how MSNBC is covering the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood: by not calling it a terrorist attack! Link:!

9.)  Glenn Beck’s take on the charging of Navy Seals for the arrest of alleged terrorist:

10.) Thanksgiving dinner at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines: Gob bless and pray for them:

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 11-20-09

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Still no announcement on the number of American troops to be sent to the second surge in Afghanistan. The first surge, announced on March 27, 2009, along with the strategy, totaled 21,000 troops. God bless our troops and may they secure a victory and be able to come home soon. Links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.)  While  Afghanistan is heating up, operations are slowly winding down in Iraq; US troops still there:

2.) Hasan’s supervisor warned of his behavior in 2007:

3.) Soldier KIA Afghanistan-trying to save supplies dropped into river:

4.) Sec. Gates hints at troop increase in Afghanistan despite logistical troubles:

5.) McCain seeks review of work by retired generals:

6.) Retired brass cash in:

7.) Marines ordered removed, involved in Iraq incident. I say if these Marines are removed, then the Sec. of the Army must immediately remove the accused Ft. Hood shooter, Hasan from the Army. Link:

8.) MarSOC gets new command, new multi-million dollar building:


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Another week at war and no decision on the second troop surge from President Obama. One thing is certain though, there are 12 less soldiers who can never deploy again, and 31 who may never deploy again.

These are our finest who were shot at Ft. Hood on Thursday, by a fellow American soldier.

As it’s not politically correct, I won’t report that it might have been a jihad, that the shooter is a Muslim, or that the shooter had posted what might be describes as anti-American rants on the internet which had been noted by military officials the last six months at least. I don’t want to be  reporting any of that, so I won’t and maybe it will just go away.

Read the story for yourself at some of the links below. First though, at link #1, let’s read about how swell the Afghan police training is going–NOT!

1.) Afghan police training going swell: NOT!  Check out the parts about the sinks for a real eye opener. Link:

2.) 12 soldiers killed at Ft. Hood, 31 injured. I think it would be considered culturally insensitive for me to write anything about the shooter, so read about it at the link. We surely can’t mention his religion, supposed hatred for the U.S., or any of that, so I won’t. God bless the families of the fallen U.S. troops, and may God provide healing and comfort to those this gunman wounded. Link:

3.) Story states that radical Islam must be fought #1 in Afghansitan:

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November 6, 2009 at 8:10 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-10-30-09-Fri.

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President Obama has still not decided on the new strategy or troop levels in Afghanistan. He could solve the problem by using more bombs, and less troops.

Stories from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT:

1.) Obama may send less troops than 80,000 that Gen. McChrystal wants for nation building. I am not for sending troops to build Afghanistan as a nation. The McChrystal plan says that the U.S. troops must protect the Afghan civilians even if it means letting the enemy escape. This makes no sense. The enemy could come back and kill them or set an IED. Better off dead, that would cut the enemy’s carbon footprint in the Marine Corps green initiative that Marine Commandant Gen. Conway wants, and make it safer for the Afghan civilians. Link:

2.) Sec. of State Hillary Clinton can’t believe Pakistan doesn’t know where Al Quada terrorists are:

3.) A U.S. Marine Officer quote: “The Afghan people will help us win,” said 1st Lt. Stefan Arnold, company commanding officer. “Without their trust, without their confidence, we’re just targets.” Link:/

4.) Need to act more like Afghans…..


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October 30, 2009 at 4:20 am