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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-12-31-09-Thurs.

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The last day of the year, another day at war for U.S. troops. God bless them as they protect our freedom. Remember our soldiers and Marines who may need clemency, the same clemency we are offering to Iraqi and Afghan prisoners.

 In Afghanistan we are releasing suspected terrorists, those found with explosives and weapons in their homes, to the elders in the village who promise to watch them. The U.S. military prisoners at the Leavenworth prison could be granted clemency like this and released to their families. God bless the USA.

LAST WORDS OF THE YEAR, written 12-31-08, and I feel the same way 12-31-09:

“Last words of the year. What could I say? What would they be? I can say nothing even comparable to what our heroes are doing for us in the Global War on Terrorism, trying to keep the war off U.S. shores. Our greatest generation is living now, and if we are lucky enough, we might be able to reach out and touch them in the flesh, us mere mortals, can reach out and shake their hand, in solemn debt to United States Marines, living legends keeping us free. But, all too often, as they are out there fighting the good fight, they may even give up their good lives, and we may have missed that opportunity.”

Various links from around the GWOT, the Global War on Terrorism:

1.) Defend John Hatley; a soldier in the Leavenworth Military Prison, read the site and watch the video for details, his case was a featured on CNN Anderson Cooper 360:

2.) Defend Joseph Mayo: another soldier in the Fort Leavenworth Military Prison. Please read the web site for details:

3.)  Support Sgt. Leahy: another American soldier at the Ft. Leavenworth Military Prison. Read the web site for details:

4.) Suicide bomber infiltrates US base, kills CIA civilians:

5.) China mining copper in Afghanistan:

6.) NY Times story on CIA deaths in Afghanistan:


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December 31, 2009 at 4:30 am

Afghanistan Today the GWOT Hot Spot-12-30-09-Wed.

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The news is full of stories about the Christmas Day bombing attempt on the airline flight from the Netherlands to Detroit, USA. The suspected terrorist is supposedly ‘singing’ to the police and warns of hundreds of more attacks from Yemen. God bless the USA – we will see what happens in the next few days. God bless US troops around the world. Links from around the GWOT below:

1.) I saw this commentator on FOX news tonight in relation to the Christmas Day bombing attempt and looked up her web site. Very interesting, first time I saw her on TV or looked at her web site. Link:

2.) McClatchy report on Marine living conditions in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Watch the video for full impact! Link:

3.) Controversial “mentor” program for former generals. Have any of them led troops from the front and won a war or even a battle? I’m just asking. Link:

4.) More crotch bombers supposedly on their way to the USA:

5.) More on the life of the man who attempted to bomb the plane:

6.) Army wife’s blog:

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December 30, 2009 at 4:42 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Tue. 12-29-09

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Only a few more days at war this year. God bless our troops and may they return to the USA soon to victory parades. God bless the USA. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Vice President Joe Biden says the U.S. military is not in a COIN (counter-insurgency) war:

2.)  Canadian soldiers are practicing COIN-passing out money to Afghans:

3.)  Afghan President Karzai complains again about alleged civilian deaths:

4.) Lt. Col. Allen West-Congressional Candidate:

5.) 19-year old Marine found dead at Camp Lejeune:

6.) Marine injured when bomber in crowd of civilians outside Camp Leatherneck (Camp Bastion) set off C-4 bomb with ball bearings:

7.) Prisoners released from Gitmo now lead terrorists in Yemen:

8.) Queda terrorists in Yemen, US faces another front in the GWOT:

 9.) Spirit of America in Afghansitan:

10.) New York Times article questions why crotch bomber was allowed on plane? Link:

11.) Are we under an Islamic “Tet Offensive”? Link:





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December 29, 2009 at 4:33 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-12-28-09-Mon.

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The year is winding down and our brave American troops are still at war in the Global War on Terror, the GWOT, with another troop surge to Afghanistan. God bless them and may they come home to victory parades soon. Pray for our troops on their way to winning the war.

1.) Afghanistan’s Logistics War by McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef is very informative, scroll down past the Chairman Steele story:

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December 28, 2009 at 11:30 pm

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Afghansitan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-12/27/09-Sun.

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Another Sunday at war, and another Sunday Americans can attend the church of their choice, to celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ, our freedom paid for by our troops as they secure victory now in the War in Afghanistan. God bless them and may they win this war soon, led by generals and political leaders who insist on a CULTURE OF VICTORY. Links to stories from around the GWOT:

1.) Soldier seriously injured in Afghanistan wants to return to duty. This is a great story, and a true great American who gave so much for our freedom and the freedom of Afghans in Operation Enduring Freedom. Link:

2.) Obituary for U.S. Marine, age 21, who died in Afghanitan. In his photo he looks so young, the very essence of the men serving to protect our freedom, he was born in Moscow, Russia. God bless his family in this difficult time:

3.) Pentagon reviewing strategic communications:

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December 27, 2009 at 8:59 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-12/26/09-Sat.

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The Christmas holiday over, it’s back to war for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Not that they ever really had a cease-fire with the enemy for that day anyway. God bless them as they soldier on to victory and total surrender of the enemy. The day they come home to victory parades can’t come soon enough. Links to various stories from around the GWOT-the Global War on Terror:

1.) Differences of opinion on Pres. Obama’s second troop surge to Afghanistan. The first surge and strategy announced 3-27-09 of 21,000 troops is being augmented by the second surge and new strategy with 30,000 more troops going to Afghanistan. The escalation of the first and second surge, is 51,000 troops. Link:

2.) Marine from San Diego area base dies in Afghanistan in non-hostile incident:—announced-tuesdaya-marine-from-miramar-marine-co.html

3.)  The Old Jarhead:  Interesting links and comments at this blog:

4.) Story from CENTCOM which just has to be read to be believed. From the story, and questions I have, before the link:

 This story just has to be read to be believed.

I received it today from an e mail update from Centcom. In this story Gen. Petraeus is credited with the “successful” Iraq surge, and with some Afghan Taliban renouncing violence after their leader is killed.

I still am waiting on an answer from my reps: I asked them if we achieved victory in Iraq, as Gen. Conway said in a recent article which I sent them (not this one), then where are the IRAQ VICTORY MEDALS for U.S. troops who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom?

At least this story is honest in some respects, it mentions the first surge of actually 21,000 troops, and the second surge now of 30,000 troops. Pres. Obama, in addition to ordering  the 1st surge, he announced a “new” strategy in a speech 3-27-09. Dec. 1, 2009 he ordered the second surge and another “new” strategy….and the 1st surge seems to be forgotten in almost all media…George Will did write a column a few weeks back correctly stating the total surge of 51,000 with the first and second surge together. First off, the trained Afghan police and Army should provide the “population protection”. Then, they still could call in the Peace Corps, UN, ACLU, and ACORN if the stated goals in Afghanistan are “population protection”, “community outreach” and “reconciliation of former members of the insurgency.” 

 Gen. Petraeus says: “irreconcilables” who “never will support the new Afghanistan have to be killed, captured or run off.” : This does not make sense to me! #1-Who’s going to kill them? I would hope he means Afghan police or soldiers as U.S. soldiers or Marines don’t need to be charged with a murder. As far as “captured” what good does that do if they are released? There is no Gitmo anymore to put them, it is closing, and “run off”??? What good does it do if the enemy “runs off” to Pakistan, or “runs off” to the USA where they could enter through open borders, or even on an airplane maybe with an IED like the terrorist yesterday! Running off to Pakistan is the problem we had in the first place which led to the situation we face now!

From the story:

Obama earlier this year ordered the deployment of more than 20,000 extra U.S. troops to Afghanistan, including 4,000 trainers for Afghan soldiers and police, bringing the current total number of U.S. forces there to about 68,000. Those troops provided “the kind of density to where you can carry out strategies that can capitalize on the lessons that we did bring back from Iraq,” Petraeus said, including experience in population protection, community outreach, and reconciliation of former members of the insurgency.

The upcoming deployment of another 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan will be welcomed by its citizens “if we, indeed, are seen by the Afghan people to be helping them realize a better future for themselves and their families,” Petraeus said.

Meanwhile, efforts to convince Taliban insurgents to make peace with the Afghan government already are bearing fruit, Petraeus said. After the recent killing of a senior Taliban commander in western Afghanistan’s Herat province, for example, his fighters renounced violence and departed the insurgency, the general noted. However, he cautioned, “irreconcilables” who “never will support the new Afghanistan have to be killed, captured or run off.”


5.) More on second surge to Afghanistan from Centcom:

6.)  Adm. Mullen tours Afghan market, with protection provided by U.S. Marines:

7.) More of Afghan surge, mentions the degrating of US forces from years of counterinsurgency operations:

From the story:

In July, both generals expressed concern over the degrading readiness of their forces after nearly eight years of high tempo counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The generals conceded that the ground forces must maintain capabilities to respond to future contingencies around the world.

8.) Lack of justice in Afghanistan hampers U.S. efforts there: I would say U.S. national security and U.S. troops at extreme risk if terrorist are a part of the catch and release program, or released to their elders, with no formal justice or prison sentence carried out. Link:

9.) From Canada Free Press which has had several stories about possible terrorist dry runs, a report on the attemped terrorist attack on a flight to Detroit, MI yesterday:

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December 26, 2009 at 7:16 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot: 12-25-09-Fri.

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A special Merry Christmas to our troops serving in what the US Marine Corps web site refers to as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

I hope the enemy at least had a cease-fire and ceased with the IED attacks in respect of the culture and religion of the Christians who celebrate Christ’s birth this day.  God bless American troops serving in Afghanistan and around the world. I can celebrate Christmas in America in peace due to their selfless service to keep our country free.

Various stories from around the Global War on Terrorism this Christmas Day as the GWOT continues and apparently will continue on into 2010 until America achieves total victory and unconditional surrender from terrorists they fight. Links:

1.) Faith during time of war:

2.) Violence erupts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan: In the Afghanistan attack a man driving a horse-drawn cart detonated explosives killing himself and eight others. Although not mentioned, I believe the horse would have had to have died too. Where is  PETA when you need them to denounce this senseless killing of horses and demand that animals not be used to carry out bombing attacks? Link:

3.) U.S. Marine: When you’re not getting bullets flying over your head, this is a peaceful place. Link:

4.) Baseball manager’s son joins the Marine Corps (officer):

5.) Marine shows true meaning of Christmas, lost both feet and ankles in IED blast in Afghanistan:


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December 25, 2009 at 12:52 pm