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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hotspot: 2-6-10-Sat.

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The month is deadly so far for U.S. troops in Afghanistan who work with restricted rules of engagement that Gen. McChrystal put in place which endanger their lives and result in their death or injuries. Let the US troops fight or bring them home. Various links from around the GWOT:

1.) American soldier captured by the Taliban threatened by death. Where is the outcry for his Geneva Convention rights? Link:

2.)  President Obama praises CIA, gives memorial speech for 7 killed in Afghanistan:

3. Gen. McChrystal orders most AAFES (PX’s) closed in Afghanistan. These are for the Morale and Welfare of our troops, contact your elected officials and President Obama to see why they are closing. Link:

4.) MA Miracle, Scott Brown elected, a You Tube video here, he is/was an officer in the military too:

5. Suicide of officer at Quantico Brig:

6.) We must not forget our 3 fallen Recon Marines, KIA Afghanistan 1-11-10. Contact your elected officials: the enemy who killed these 3 must be captured and held accountable. Do not give them money to join the Afghan government until these murders are solved. Link to comments by Congressman on Staff Sgt. Ingham; one of 3 fallen Recon Marines based in Okinawa, Japan. Contact him and make sure the murderers of these 3 troops are held accountable:

7.) Remember our fallen, and that those who killed these troops will be captured and brought to justice. Remember our fallen Recon Marines KIA Afghanistan 1-11-10-Sgt. Ingham, Cpl. Lowe, and Cpl. Uzenski:

8.) In Memoriam: Lists 12 soldiers and Marines KIA in Afghanistan, includes 3 Recon Marines KIA 1-11-10: Ssgt. Ingham, Cpl. Lowe and Cpl. Uzenski. Link:

9.) Suicide bombers having explosives implanted by terrorist doctors! Link:

10.) US troops giving radios to villagers in Afghanitan. My sub-title: So they can listen to the Taliban! Link:

11.) Parents of deployed at war too. EXCELLENT READ! Link:

12.) Changing Afghan attitudes one child at a time:

13.) Radical cleric let go at JFK in 2002:,2933,582705,00.html

14.)  In Hasan case, superiors did not act on their worries:,2933,582732,00.html

15.) U.S. military tries to help Afghan farmers:

16.) Altoona (IL) Marine KIA Afghanistan along with 2 other Recon Marines saved US lives:


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February 6, 2010 at 12:19 am

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