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Afghanistan Today-9-30-08-Tuesday

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When I turned on CNN Headline News this morning, between economic crisis news, the first story I was was about Afghan President Karzai having peace talks with the Taliban. Well, isn’t that special? Here is the first link I saw about it online this morning; it states Karzai is asking Saudia Arabia for help:

While Karzai plays patty-cake with terrorists, three soldiers are killed in Afghanistan. Pray for their families and God bless their souls, story link below:;_ylt=AmiUZRmaTRFcJroWG_HPkpz9xg8F

The U.S. has no coherent plan for victory in Afghanistan, read story below:

This story below shows the same photo of the Afghan woman supposedly hurt by U.S. airstrike. Strange they let a photo of a woman out with no burka covering her face, and violating her privacy in a hospital. Story below:

The security situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen, as quoted in the story below, according to the head of the UN. The story notes both U.S. presidential candidates want to increase troop levels in Afghanistan in 2009. My previous posts list the exact day I believe the war was lost in Afghanistan  when they threw the Marines out of a war for the first time in U.S. history after a 3/4/07 attack.

Story link:

More on the shooting of U.S. troops by Afghan policeman:

Soldier killed in Afghanistan; mother very angry; going to file a complaint. Says 38-year old son was forced to go on 4th tour of duty in a war zone. Quote from the mother in the story below: “I’m also very, very angry he had to go a fourth time and I’m going to file a complaint.”

My comment is that  with such restricted rules of engagement, how can the US win the war?

Link to story:

The War Won’t End in Afghanistan

Good take on the war in Afghanistan; link below:


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September 30, 2008 at 5:33 am

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Afghanistan Today 9-29-08 Mon.

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Pakistan is a nuclear state and its new president serves in one of the most dangerous areas on the earth. Story link below, “The Most Dangerous Job on Earth”:

From the story:

The next U.S. administration must be forthright in support, relentless in demanding results, and ruthless where necessary. It must not be had, as Bush was.

Gen. Petraeus on Pakistan:

Afghan policeman shoots and kills U.S. soldier:,2933,429941,00.html

More blabbering from Sec. Gates on Afghanistan and Iraq:

Marines train at “Afghan Village” in California. I hope they are still training on military operations and not all Peace Corps stuff. The State Department and Peace Corps can pass out the Halloween candy. Let the Marines go fight the terrorists and WIN the war.

Special Ops Raids into Pakistan Stopped

I hope when the U.S. stopped these special ops raids it was in the national security interset of the USA.

Special Ops Soldier dies from gunshot, served in Afghanistan

Army investigating chemical exposure in Iraq:

Fight in tribal areas key to winning the War in Afghanistan:

Pentagon must spend money wisely

I would suggest the best way to do this is win the wars and bring the troops home!

Missouri National Guard Going to Kosovo

This is the real forgotten war. With the budget crisis, why aren’t these troops being used more efficeintly and going to Iraq or Afghansitan. Why are we still sending troops to Kosovo? Hasn’t that war been over for over 10 years?

Hit them where they aren’t

Some new tactics in Afghanistan, this time using Gen. McArthur’s tactics from WW II/

Raiding inside Pakistan:

Gates: Pakistan tribal areas must be secured

Taliban’s Omar offers U.S. deal to leave Afghanistan:

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September 29, 2008 at 11:22 am

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Afghanistan Today-Sun. 9-28-08

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Another NY Times report in the chaos on Aghan-Pakistan border. I hope our presidential candidates, both McCain and Obama are reading as they both encourage more troops in Afghanistan. Link below:

From the story:

Chaos in Pakistan


69 year old active duty soldier dies; read about it at the link below. God bless his soul.

More violence being reported in Afghanistan, just read this report this evening. A Taliban spokesman claims they killed a leading female policewoman there. How in the world can the NY Times quore a “Taliban spokesman” anyway? In WWII were there “Nazi spokesmen” quoted in NY Times?

Link to story:

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September 28, 2008 at 3:25 pm

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Afghanistan Today: The GWOT Hotspot-9-27-08-Sat.

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Violence and turmoil today reported in Afghanistan. This time Afghan construction workers hired by an American construction firm are kidnapped by the Taliban and released. Here is the story link:


McCain-Obama debate last night. Fri. 9-26-08:

 The Illinois senator also reiterated his call for more troops in Afghanistan, citing reports from commanders on the ground that the situation is getting worse — and he accused McCain of an inconsistent approach towards the country.

“We took our eye off Afghanistan,” Obama said. “We took our eye off the folks who perpetrated 9/11. They are still sending out videotapes. And, Sen. McCain, nobody is talking about defeat in Iraq, but I have to say we are having enormous problems in Afghanistan because of that decision.”

 But McCain fired back, saying that his travels through the tribal regions in Afghanistan give him a better perspective on the security needs there.

 “So the point is that we will prevail in Afghanistan,” McCain said, “but we need the new strategy and we need it to succeed.”

Obama’s take on the U.S. getting hit by a nuke:

Obama agreed that the country is safer now, but added that even though billions have been poured into airport security and potential terror targets have been identified, there are still weak spots, such as chemical sites, transportation systems and ports that need better security.

 “And the biggest threat that we face right now is not a nuclear missile coming over the skies,” he said. “It’s in a suitcase.

“This is why the issue of nuclear proliferation is so important,” he added. “The biggest threat to the United States is a terrorist getting their hands on nuclear weapons.” (Update: 9-3-09: is this why we are really in Afghanistan, to be close to Pakistan and its nuclear weapons?)

Link to complete story:

Kansas City Star reviews the McCain-Obama debate last night, Fri. 9/26/08:

Fallen Marine, father of 3, laid to rest. Killed in Afghanistan. Click on the link to watch the video too, and pray for the family. I don’t want to say it again, but where is the apology from Afghanistan, and where is the payment to his family and children for what their citizens did to this Marine who was there trying to help them live in freedom? He was murdered in Afghanistan. Where is the apology from Sec. Gates to the family of this Marine for his murder in Afghanistane and this brave Marine returning home in a box? Who has been arrested for the murder of this Marine?

Our generals almost lost us the Iraq war. The way they are prosecuting our own Marines and for the first time in U.S. history (I cannot find any other example) Marines are thrown out of a war when Gen. Frank Kearney threw them out of Afghanistan and Col. (now general) Nicholson apologized to the Afghans in 2007. After an investigation and Marine Court of Inquiry, it was found the Marines acted appropriately in defending themselves in a complex ambush. T

he Marines won the battle but the generals have lost the war in Afghanistan, but still, Sec. Gates or the Commander in Chief have yet to demote or punish these generals.  Now a writer needs to expose these generals who lost the War in Afghanistan for the U.S.; Bob Woodward’s latest book details how they almost lost the war in Iraq. A quote from the story below, and there is a link for the whole story for you to read.

” According to Mr. Woodward’s account, the uniformed military not only opposed the surge, insisting that their advice be followed; it then subsequently worked to undermine the president once he decided on another strategy. “

Obama in last night’s debate, wants American Special Forces to fight the War in Afghanistan, taking the fight into Pakistan. He needs to be brought up to speed on the sissified generals running the show such as Gen. Kearney and Gen. Nicholson who might have lost the war in Afghanistan for the USA yet were not punished. Kearney, for the first time in US history threw Marines out of a war. He threw 120 highly trained Special Ops Marines out of Afghanistan after they were ambushed on 3-4-07. Spending millions of dollars in an investigation, and the first Marine Court of Inquiry in over 50 years, it was determined the Marines acted appropriately in a complex ambush. Yet, Kearney, when investigated by the Pentagon acting inspector general, was recently cleared of wrongdoing in throwing the Marines out of a war. This defies logic. The Marines were exonerated. I have written my reps and said they should investigate the finances of the generals, just to make sure they are not compromised by the enemy, or from Taliban drug money.

 Marines won the battle that day, the generals lost the war.  Obama should be made aware of the American generals who lost the war in Afghanistan, and McCain too, and when a new administration takes office, should clear house of these generals, and replace them like Abe Lincoln did in the Civil War, with generals who want to win. If anyone can send me a link or has information when in US history Marines have ever been thrown out of a war please post it in the comments, and I stand corrected. So far I have found no other instance than when Gen. Kearney threw the special ops Marines out of Afghanistan in 2007. Throwing the Marines out of a war showed weakness to the Taliban, emboldened them and made 2007 and now 2008  resulted in more violence since the War in Afghnistan began. The generals involved in throwing the Marines out of a war should be replaced with a new administration, and before any new troop surge begins in Afghanistan. Since Sec. Gates is also offering apologies (and probably money too) to the Afghans, before our troops have a fair trial or before an investigation, he should NOT be carried over into a new administration as I have read in reports has been considered by both candidates. Gates’ policy of “VICTORY THROUGH APOLOGY” will not win the war. Link to story:

This is about Iraq, but the same could be written about Afghanistan. WIth the current budget problems, we can no longer afford to be in these wars we have no inetntion of winning. Only winning generals should be promoted form now on. If we had followed this policy early on the wars would be won and we would not be throwing Marines out of the War in Afghanistan as Gen. Kearney did in 2007 in a move that lost the war there. The Marines can win the war, they just have to be allowed to fight.

Carlotta Gall NY Times story from Sept. 7, 2008 on US raid and dispute over civilian casualties.

Terrorist groups preparing dirty bomb. If we don’t wake up as a country and replace sissy US generals playing patty-cake with terrorists, it is only a matter of time before they hit the USA. Read story at link below for details:

New Jersey guardsmen recall harrowing Afghanistan tour:

Mom writes about son’s continued service in Afghanistan. This letter to the editor by the mother of a soldier in Afghanistan is excellent and describes the role of the family as they are also called to duty during the deployments of their sons and daughters. She also states to remember to pray for our troops. Link below:

Former Guantanamo prosecutor refuses to testify without immunity,0,2131912.story

 Green Beret charged in Afghan death out of NC brig

 FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) – A Green Beret accused of killing an Afghan civilian and cutting off his ear has been released from jail to await his military trial.

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Afghanistan Today 9-26-08-Friday evening post

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Now the Pakistani troops shooting at Americans is called “accidental”.  Story link below:

Sailor and airman killed in Pakistani Marriott Hotel blast:

Bush should have asked for apology from Afghan President for all of our troops killed and injured in his country by terrorists in Afghanistan:

More of the same from Karzai and Bush:

US trying to recruit Afghan women to go to college in USA to become lawyers and judges:

Missouri National Guard going to Afghanistan to teach them how to plant crops. Seems Afghans have no problem there, they grow plenty of poppies. They might teach us how to plant poppies. I think the terrorists have to be killed first before we sent National Guard troops over there so it will be safe for them to teach farming. Link below:

Another Marine is murdered in Afghanistan. Can someone send me the public apology from Afghan President Karzai? I have asked my representative and senators and have not gotten a copy yet. Link:

Another suicide bomber in Afghanistan:

War Zone Blog-New York Daily News-I just found this link today:

Nosatlgia for Taliban:

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Afghanistan Today 9-26-08-Fri.

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There is more news today on Afghanistan, the war we don’t seem to want to win. Here is a link below. Gen. Petraeus is in Paris, France and said we need a change of strategy in Afghanistan. Yes we do. We need to get rid of sissified generals who hand out apologies and sell our soldiers and Marines down the river. We are paying the generals’ salaries, let’s get our money worth and only promote winners from now on, not those who apologize first before an investigation as Sec. Gates wants. Let’s hope Gates is not held over into a new administration.

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September 26, 2008 at 11:26 am

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Afghanistan Today: 9-25-08-Thurs.

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Pakistani troops fire on U.S. troops at Afghan border today, link below. It is still amazing to me the Pakistani troops are firing on friendly U.S. troops, and can’t get their guns to fire on the enemy, the Taliban. Pakistan says they don’t want enemy fighters on their soil, they need to rid their soil of the Taliban and terrorists living there. The U.S. troops are there to help them rid their country of these terrorists. Pakistan should act like an ally and fire on the enemy, not the U.S. troops. The U.S. government should file a protest. We have spend billions of our hard earned tax collars and the Pakistani Army still cannot shoot straight. They need to shoot at the terrorists not at the U.S. military.

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September 25, 2008 at 9:12 pm

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