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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot: Mon. 8-31-09

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Another month in Afghanistan comes to an end for U.S. troops, and another record in the number of deaths. In addition, I read in one report somewhere that hundreds are being wounded weekly.  I don’t have a link for it, I just saw it somewhere in a mainstream publication or online, and it just blew my mind.  I am sure the figures of U. S. injured are out there somewhere if you just google it.

This first story I thought had some excellent stories our generals and politicians should be answering before they send any more troops, and probably should have read before the current troop surge. Various links from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT:

1.)  This story asks some good questions and our politicians and generals should read it and answer them before sending more troops to Afghanistan:

2.)  Blask kills 16 Pakistani police recruits, bombs blow up US supply lines, fuel tankers:

3.) New strategy announced by British PM in Afghanistan. I have a question: Why would a drone spy on a bomb making factory? Why not bomb and destroy to e bomb making factory?

4.)  Pfc. Eric Hario-RIP-Killed in Afghanistan-19 year old American. God bless the family of this soldier, killed bringing Enduring Freedom to Afghanistan in the Global War on Terror. Pray for his family and may God bless the USA:

5.)  Haqqani network bunker destroyed in Afghanistan by the good guys. Link:;_ylc=X3oDMTB0aDBsOTdpBF9TAzIxNTExMDUEZW1haWxJZAMxMjUxNjY5OTg1

6.)  Funeral held for innocent 21 year old American soldier from N.H. killed in Afghanistan by IED set by the enemy. God bless his family and may be RIP. Link:

7.)   Funeral set for innocent American soldier, a Private First Class,  from Arkansas killed in Afghanistan by the enemy. He died in Operation Enduring Freedom, where he was bringing to the Afghan people freedom and democracy, as evidenced by their recent vote. God bless his family, and we honor his service and bravery as he served to help the Afghan people. Link:

The young soldier’s obituary is here at this link, along with a photo of this innocent and brave American who died so Afghans can have, “Enduring Freedom”. May he rest in peace. Link:

8.)  Former Army Major General, former Fox News contributor forms new group,, information at story below:

9.) U.S. fears clock ticking on Afghanistan: The problem is that the “new” plan is not “new”, but should be called: THE VIETNAM PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN. Link:,0,5651159.story

10.) Seven days that shook Afghanistan-excellent story on the troubles the US military faces in that country as we enter the 9th year of war there soon. Link:

11.) Honor Guard meets slain Marine: RIP Marine, and pray for his family:

12.) Marine Corporal’s Course:

13.) Afghan Pres. Karzai in rift with USA to gain favor:

14.) Utah soldier killed in Afghanistan. Pray for his family, RIP soldier:

15.) KEEP THOSE BALLISTIC GLASSES ON IN AFGHANISTAN!! This Marine kept his on and saved his eyesight and prevented it from going into his eye then into his brain. From the story and link:

 The pair of Oakley’s® (sunglasses) I had on, I’m told now, saved my eye. My eye is jacked up now just from the over-pressure of the blast. It’s blurry vision, but I can see,” he said. “Oakley® lenses are ballistic resistant,” he explained. His fellow Marines later found his sunglasses and are forwarding them to him. There’s an obvious mark where shrapnel hit the lens, he said.  “That would have hit me square in the eye.” He’s grateful to have his vision.
Keeping up moral
With his wounds tended, Cpl. Tarkett made his way back to his vehicle. Being a team leader, he was thinking of the others. “I got into the vehicle to go back to the base on my own, just for that simple fact that, if I were to see my team leader or squad leader go down and get up and pretty much shake it off, that keeps the moral up. As opposed to if you’re on the ground yelling and screaming. That definitely worries everybody because we’re so close knit.”

16.) Pentagon vetting reporters to embed in the Good War in Afghanistan:

17.) Good article, good to see some sense out there: there is a military solution to the war in Afghanistan: win on the battlefield:


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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sun. 8-30-09

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Brave American troops continue to fight in what the official Marine Corps web site refers to as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

 The American troops are fighting for the right of Muslims to live in a democratic society which does not discriminate against women or gays, has freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and other basic human rights for their citizens. Pray for our troops as they serve honorably in Afghanistan, risking their lives, and being maimed or even killed in this Islamic Republic.


1.)  Honoring a fallen soldier, Army soldier Nick Roush, killed in Afghanistan:

2.) Why was Lockerbie bomber set free? British press offers details:

3.) U.S. faces smaller, but smart enemy in Afghasnitan. Marines say the Afghans don’t stand up and fight, they use cowardly methods to fight, especially with IED’s (roadside bombs). Story describes instances where Marines cannot shoot back, contact your Congressman and Senators and send a copy of this story if you are concerned about restricted rules of engagement which endanger our Marines and U.S. national security. Link:

4.)  RIP-Marine Master Sgt. Adam Benjamin, killed in Afghasnitan. Photo of Marines carrying his casket is outstanding, all the honor and bravery:

5.) Two thirds of Brits want their troops home from Afghanistan:

6.) The road home from Afghanistan for US troops. Russ Finegold article in Wall Streete Journa.l.:

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August 30, 2009 at 1:48 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sat. 8-29-09

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Day after day goes by with American troop sacrifice, both of their limbs, blood, and very lives, so what the official Marine Corps web site refers to as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can have “Enduring Freedom” the name of the campaign for which they fight.

Despite the sacrifice on behalf of Muslims around the world, from Somalia, to Kosovo, to Iraq, and Afghanistan by American troops in campaigns such as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom,” for which they selflessly put their lives on the line, shameless articles such as this written by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen is written, which, in my opinion, smears the sacrifice of our brave and courageous troops on behalf of Muslims around the world, so they can experience the freedom and democracy which has made the United States great.

I wrote to my Senators and Congressman this evening and expressed my opinion Adm. Mullen should write up the good things our military does such as the American soldier killed by Muslims in Afghanistan. who collected a thousand crutches and a hundred wheel chairs to take to Afghansitan with him to distribute to Afghan Muslims who needed them.

I read about, or hear on TV, such as on FOX-News last night in a story about the 96 hour catch and release of enemy rule in Afghasnitan, that our troops are fighting under such restricted rules of engagement, that I fear that Gen. McChrystal’s review, part of which was released yesterday, will get even more US troops killed or maimed for McChrystal, or dying for defeat. I believe the focus should be on victory.

What was released by McChrystal yesterday, I believe, is not new, but should be referred to from now on as:


1.) Story by Adm. Mullen which you can read for yourselves, but in my opinion does not reflect the honor and courage of the American fighting men and women who are maimed daily or killed by Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have yet to see, and have requested this of my senators and representative, a statement of apology from Afghanistan President Karzai, along with compensation for American Marines and soldiers maimed, losing legs, or their lives, by Muslims in Afghanistan.

It is Karzai’s Muslim countrymen killing and maiming U.S. troops. Where is the apology from the Muslims for what they are doing to U.S. troops, specifically Pres. Karzai? Afghanistan signed a $40 billion deal with China to mine copper, and Afghanistan was found to have many natural resources, in a U.S. Geological Survey, so they do have the money.

The United States is spending $4 billion a month on operations to benefit Muslims in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This means my tax dollars are going right from my country, which is in debt and has needs of our own, so I call that helping Muslims.

Where has Adm. Mullen been these last eight years? I suggested to my Representatives he should spend at least 2 weeks at the Naval Hospital in Maryland from 4am to 10pm, helping our wounded troops who bled so Muslims can have freedom and democracy, yet, were maimed by Muslims. Yes, they were sent by our politicians to help Muslims, so how can Adm. Mullen say the US military is not doing enough to help Muslims? And, what about Buddists, Hindus, Catholics, Jews, Christians or various denominations, Mormans, and the many other religions?

Why does one religion get cited as the admiral writes that the US military does not help Muslims enough? Does the US military help Buddists enough? Hindus enough, etc.? And how much is enough?

Our military, puts into action selfless service and a willingness to die for Muslims so they can have democracy and freedom.

So, what is Adm. Mullen talking about?

 He should spend two weeks at the Naval Hospital as an orderly, giving bedpans to our brave troops, emptying their urinals, changing bandages, helping with therapy, wiping their rear ends and humbling himself in their midst long days and nights for two solid weeks so he can open his eyes and see the sacrifice on behalf of Muslims made by these  American men and women, who in turn were horribly maimed by Muslims,  before he writes, what I view in this report, as a dishonorable piece.

He already said Afghan civilians were paramount in previous articles, which means that US troops are not.

This dishonorable and shabby treatment toward our troops must be stopped. It is demoralizing to them and the families they leave behind while they serve on behalf or not only our country, but on behalf of Muslims for whom they sacrifice their very lives so they can get a taste of freedom and democracy.

We need leaders who will lead our troops to VICTORY so they can come home.

Link: (if if does not click through, copy and paste into browser)

2.) Before Adm. Mullen writes articles such as the one at #1 he should read about this soldier who gave his life for Muslims so they can have democracy, and freedom. He did so much for Muslims as you can read from the story below, yet died at the hands of Muslims in Afghanistan.

Adm. Mullen should read this story: (From the story):

 “More recently, Lobosco, knowing he was going to be deployed to Afghanistan, approached his father, a member of the church as well as the Knights of Columbus, about a collection drive of crutches and other such items for people in Afghanistan, according to Prus.”

 The Knights and a Boy Scout group at the church worked together on the drive, and it “mushroomed,” Prus said.

“It mushroomed so much that there literally were thousands of crutches that were donated and several hundred wheelchairs,” Prus said, adding that a local trucking company volunteered to haul the donated goods to Fort Bragg in June.”






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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-8/28/09-Fri.

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Injuries and deaths of American troops keep being reported from Afghanistan.  May God bless the USA with commanders who can lead our troops to victory. If the link does not click through, please copy and paste into your browser. Links:

1.) Marine hero, Staff Sgt. Johnny Stanz, injured in Afghanistan-watch the video-and pray for this brave Marine on freedom’s frontiers so we can live in our great republic. Information on sending donations:

2.) Marine injured in Afghanistan; more donation information:

3.) More on the injured Marine:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Thurs. Aug. 27, 2009

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Bombings around Afghanistan yesterday and  I saw a headline there were more today. The generals get their orders from the Commander in Chief and it seems the orders are to “protect civilians” and not kill the Taliban, Yet, in my opinion it seems the only way to win a war is to kill the enemy. So, I believe the troops should come home if they are just to go into villages to drink tea and eat goats, as the Marine Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson said.

If these links don’t click through, just copy and paste into your browser.

God bless the USA and our troops as they strive for VICTORY. Let’s get them leaders who want to win the war. The United States can win any war we WANT to.


1.) Official says Taliban storm Afghan hospital:

2.) Afghanistan economy blooms. So, why are we there? Link:

3.) Bombings increase despair in Afghanistan:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Wed. 8-26-09

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The Afghan situation seems to be spiraling out of control. I heard on the radio news and saw at the bottom of the TV screen that 4 American troops were murdered in Afghanistan today. Then, a friend called and told me about a massive bombing. I looked up the story below and saw that 40 were killed and 90 wounded with rescue operations ongoing. God bless the USA and may victory come soon for the Americans so they can come home. Links: Note: If these stories don’t click through, just copy and paste into your browser)

1.)  Multiple car bombs kill at least 41, it is now reported, in Kandahar, Afghanistan:

2.)  Four U.S. troops murdered in Afghanistan. I hope the murderer is arrested soon. A British soldier dies of earlier wounds, RIP men:

3.) Released Lockerbie bomber may live longer than expected:

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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hot Spot-Tue. 8-25-09

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The war in Afghanistan is fast approaching its eighth anniversary, and some of the leaders there say is is a  bogged down. We will see what happens with the US troop surge. Onward to VICTORY I say! Links:

1.) Adm. Mullen says Taliban becoming more advanced in their tactics. Well, well, well, the MarSOC-FOX Marines told him that and the leaders but they were basically told there were no complex ambushes, and they were sent to the first Marine Court of Inquiry in over 50 years, and all 120 Special Ops Marines thrown out of the country. They were right were they needed to be on Afghan-Pakistan border on 3-4-07 when attacked in a complex ambush. All Marines were exonerated and no criminal charges were filed. NOW, even ADM. MULLEN admits the Taliban are learning complex ambush techniques. (I would guess they are training ni Pakistan, but that is just a guess.) Link:


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