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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 10-19-11-Wed.

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Another day at war for U.S. troops. God bless them. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Despite massive amounts of foreign aid from U.S. taxpayers, Afghanistan remains one of the most poverty stricken countries on earth. Link:

2.)  British inquest into death of one of their soldiers in Afghanistan. Another verdict of unlawful killing. Now, may the murderer be arrested and held accountable for his actions in this unlawful killing. Link:

3.) The Vietnam Plan for Afghanistan:

4.) “Last Men Out” by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin is an excellent book I am now reading about the true story of America’s heroic final hours in Vietnam. Tells a lot about the Marine Security Guards (MSG’s) stationed at the US Embassy in Saigon. Link:






Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 8-6-10

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Another workweek ends for Americans but the fight goes on for troops in Afghanistan. That is Americans who have jobs, as the unemployment numbers came out, still hovering at 9.5% with what are reported as massive job losses.

The British troops are hard at work, as described in story #1. British Royal Marine saved by his body armour. In the meantime U.S Army General Petraeus issues orders to U.S. troops, and I have asked my representative and senators, as well as President Obama, Commander-in-Chief if they are illegal, for them to remove their ballistic glasses, often called “Oakleys” (a brand name) which are issued for their protection to keep shrapnel, debris, sunlight, and anything else harmful out of their eyes and preventing blindness. In addition to blindness, the shrapnel could travel into the brain causing brain damage. I asked them to clarify this order to remove protective gear which US taxpayers are paying for to protect our troops vision and lives, and let me know if it is an illegal order.

1.)  British Royal Marine saved by his body armor:

2.) Three British brothers all serving in Afghanistan:

3.) Marine General Mattis confirmed by Senate to be head of CENTCOM and be Army General Petraeus’ boss. We will see how this all works out. A quick victory needs to be planned by these two, and our troops brought home. Link:

4.) Defense budget cuts to pay for teacher bailout:

5.) U.S. represented at Hiroshima, first time in 65 years-Obama Administration sends U.S. Ambassador. Maybe somebody in the Obama Administration should ask China about how the Japanese slaughtered them in WWII, and go ask the Korea’s what the Japanese did to them in WWII, and ask the Bataan Death March survivors what the Japanese did to them in WWII, ask the US Marines held prisoner by the brutal Japanese when they served in China how they were treated. It was the Japanese who started this war with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Let’s get the Obama Administration up to speed before he goes over there to bow down as he has done and is photographed bowing down to various countries. Link:

6.) U.S. troops are issued combat eye protection,  when deploying. Is it illegal to be ordered to remove it in a war zone? I have asked my senators, representative, and President Obama and will find out.

Link: (about combat eye protection)

7.) VISION READY IS MISSION READY. So, U.S. troops should not remove their ballistic glasses in a war zone despite the fact Gen. Petraeus orders them to remove their safety gear, their ballistic glasses?

8.) Former Quincy Cop on Terror Suspect’s Hit List:

9.) DoD/VA Vision Centers of Excellence (our troops must keep on their ballistic glasses in war zones, so they have a better chance to stay out of the Vision Centers of Excellence) Link:’s_Congressional_Advocacy_Conference.aspx

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-7-31-10-Sat.

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Reports in the news say that July 2010 is the most deadly for American troops in Afghanistan, the second most deadly was last month.

Stories of our wounded, and our wounded British allies are coming out in the press, see link #1 and CNN has been advertising a show about our wounded American troops, showing a plane load of the injured being flown out. It should be a show everyone should watch, to see the carnage of this war.

God bless American troops, and may they win this war soon and come home in victory.


1.) British soldier loses his legs in Afghanistan, dies at Camp Bastion, is brought back, and now fights to run in the 2012 Paralympics. Link:

2.) Wounded Warriors healing at Camp Leatherneck:

3.) Two more American soldier deaths, from a Special Forces Group. RIP soldiers:

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July 31, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hot Spot-Wed. 7-21-10

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It’s hot in Afghanistan as U.S. troops work to secure victory. Pray for our troops, and contact your elected officials about this undeclared war, I suggest telling them: LET THEM FIGHT OR BRING THEM HOME.

This link at #1 is the web site of Gold Star father John Bernard, a retired Marine whose Marine son was KIA in Afghanistan in 2009.

Link below to stories around the GWOT.

1.) Excellent information at the LET THEM FIGHT OR BRING THEM HOME WEB SITE:

2.) More excellent stories at this link, by Diana West:

3.) Female American troops teach female Afghan soldiers:|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link3|

4.)  North Carolina hit hard by combat deaths, I noted one vehicle hit an IED and 4 soldiers were killed. The US needs to fight this war to WIN! Link:

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT HOTSPOT-12-5-09-Sat.

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The was drags on, one more weekend at war.

Various links from around the GWOT, the Global War on Terror:

1.) Navy Seals face charges:

2.) British teenaged hero must learn to walk again, lot both legs in Afghanistan; look at the photo and pray for victory for the American and allied troops:

3.) Marines will have to push to get into Afghanistan quickly, to get supples there:

4.) Camp Bastion, the British base right next to the new mega Marine Base Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, bottles its own water. Note they say the camp is under constant threat of attack and that KBR – UK received the contract after bidding on it. Also note extreme weather conditions. Link:

5.) “Loyal Warrior” shot while protecting Afghan elders. I just NEVER want to see such a headline again. This is a British soldier, and I don’t want American soldiers shot dead protecting Afghan elders. Let the Afghan police and Afghan soldiers protect their own Afghan elders. End of story. Link:

6.) Europe just won’t or can’t help in Afghanistan or so it seems from this story:

7.)  Marine’s Mom: Get all in Afghanistan, or get all out. Link:

8.) I hope this battalion commander knows that President Obama is closing Gitmo and he should not plan to move the enemy fighters there. Where does he think he is “moving” the enemy to? It seems at this point with the second surge of 30,000 troops, in addition to the March 27, 2009 surge of 21,000 troops, the policy is TAKE NO PRISONERS, because Gitmo is closing and we can MOVE NO PRISONERS, meaning kill the enemy.

The 2 rank and file sgts. tell it like it is: one is glad to go home and  the other wants to turn it over to the Afghans. At his war council meeting,  Pres. Obama should have had injured Marines missing their legs, Marines and soldiers with faces burned off, retired combat Marines, families of injured or killed Marines, COMBAT majors and captains, and rank and file sgts. as this story calls them. He would have had a much better picture of the situation than those shown in the photo op: Adm. Mullen, Sec. Gates, Sec. Clinton, etc.

From the story; the puzzling comment by the battalion commander about moving the enemy:

“At the moment the Taliban claim that they control large portions of the Helmand river valley. If we can move them it will not only mean that they have less control, but it would be something of great symbolic significance for the Afghan people as well.”


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December 5, 2009 at 2:55 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot 11-29-09-Sun.

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Americans could go to church today and celebrate the first week of Advent, thanks to our troops and their sacrifice to keep us free. Please pray for our troops so they can have leaders who lead them in victory, and not to die for defeat.

One thing President Obama can do in his speech Tuesday where he is supposed to announce his second surge to Afghanistan of 34,000, along with his first surge of 21,000 for a total surge of 55,000 troops, in addition to American troops already there, and the NATO and troops from other countries, is to announce he is REACTIVATING THE MARINE RAIDERS. This is something that needs to be done! They should have the LARGE RAIDER flag on their vehicles and when the terrorists see that coming they run to dismantle any IED’s!! The Marine Raiders could also be used to END the pirate problem. Put the Marine Raiders on the job. If he does not announce the reactivation of the Marine Raiders to win the war, then I have decided the surge is just to nation-build and not to kill the enemy to win the war.

Various stories from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) Marine Raiders photo from WWII. Let’s bring them back and get this war in Afghanistan won! Link:

2.) Marine Raider emblem: Bring back the Marine Raiders and make this skull emblem into a huge flag to be displayed on their vehicles and let’s go on to victory in Afghanistan. No nation building. Link:

3.)  Marine Raiders and their War Dogs, I say: BRING THEM BACK, we should get NEW Raiders, battle hardened Marines sent in to kill the enemy just like the WWII Raiders. Until we have the Marine Raiders back, we will not have victory in Afghanistan:

4.)  World War II Marine Raiders story:

5.)  James Roosevelt, eldest son of the president Franklin Roosevelt, led the Marine Raiders, as described at this post. These units need to be started up again today to win the war in Afghanistan and put an end to the pirate situation at sea. President Obama has the opportunity now to start the Marine Raiders again to win the war. He gives a speech Tuesday, we will see if he wants to win the war against the pirates and the war in Afghanistan, or if he wants to nation build and hand out contracts for another 10+ years without victory. Link:

6.) Pizza shop where piazzas are taken out and baked at home accepts food stamps. Link from a blog I ran across. It applies to the GWOT in that our tax dollars are being drained all around. Domestic programs such as this, all legal, as it is take and bake pizza, and then all the billions spent in Iraq, and now with nation building being proposed for Afghanistan, how much longer can our country afford a military operation with many injuries, deaths, and passing out money? That’s how I tie it together. We are sending troops to war on credit from China, and domestically spending is sky rocketing with programs such as this one where pizzas can be bought with food stamps, proposed Cap and Tax program, proposed health insurance purchases for the uninsured which will cost billions if not trillions. Interesting link:

7.) Support John Hatley web site, Iraq vet,  read the web site for more information:

8.) A lot of news from Afghanistan, a lot of nation-building already even before President Obama’s speech on Tuesday. Link:

9.) British soldiers at higher risk than U.S. troops for COMPLETE LOSS OF GENITALIA in roadside bomb explosions!  Now British scientists are in a mad scramble to prevent this from happening. I would suggest using all available assets: artillery, bombs, and more to kill the enemy before they can set up roadside bombs to maim British and U.S. troops. Link:

10.) Bush administration accused of letting Osama Bin Laden go:

11.) THE VIETNAM PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN TO BE ANNOUNCED by President Obama on Tuesday. God help U.S. troops fight their way to victory with these restricted rules of engagement. I hope and pray that the U.S. tax dollars will not be wasted on building more mosques as they have been because this is against the U.S. Constitution for our troops to uphold one religion over another. May no U.S. tax dollars go to build clinics, schools, and other such structures in Afghanistan. We have already spent $53 BILLION doing this in Iraq it was reported in the news last week: going down a rat hole. Let the U.S. troops secure victory by killing the enemy, and our troops can leave and let the NATO troops from the non-fighting countries use their tax dollars, along with Afghan money to build that country.


12.) THEY NEED TO ADD TO HEADLINE: AND U.S. AND BRITISH TAX PAYER FUNDED FERTILIZER IS REPORTED TO BE USED TO BOMB THEIR OWN TROOPS! Not sure why Marja is still standing except for PC reasons, why risk another Fallujah like attack with injuries and deaths to US troops, plus related murder charges if they kill the enemy, when we would just bomb it now and go toward victory in this war. Or, as I said, start up the Marine Raiders again and send them on a mission to kill the enemy in Marja. Link:,0,779631.story

13.)  British father loses soldier daughter in Afghanistan, writes book about pet horse and dog she left for him to take care of:–left-horse-dog-look-me.html

14.) First woman to receive Navy Cross in British Royal Navy, action in Marja (see #12 above):

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