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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot 11-29-09-Sun.

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Americans could go to church today and celebrate the first week of Advent, thanks to our troops and their sacrifice to keep us free. Please pray for our troops so they can have leaders who lead them in victory, and not to die for defeat.

One thing President Obama can do in his speech Tuesday where he is supposed to announce his second surge to Afghanistan of 34,000, along with his first surge of 21,000 for a total surge of 55,000 troops, in addition to American troops already there, and the NATO and troops from other countries, is to announce he is REACTIVATING THE MARINE RAIDERS. This is something that needs to be done! They should have the LARGE RAIDER flag on their vehicles and when the terrorists see that coming they run to dismantle any IED’s!! The Marine Raiders could also be used to END the pirate problem. Put the Marine Raiders on the job. If he does not announce the reactivation of the Marine Raiders to win the war, then I have decided the surge is just to nation-build and not to kill the enemy to win the war.

Various stories from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) Marine Raiders photo from WWII. Let’s bring them back and get this war in Afghanistan won! Link:

2.) Marine Raider emblem: Bring back the Marine Raiders and make this skull emblem into a huge flag to be displayed on their vehicles and let’s go on to victory in Afghanistan. No nation building. Link:

3.)  Marine Raiders and their War Dogs, I say: BRING THEM BACK, we should get NEW Raiders, battle hardened Marines sent in to kill the enemy just like the WWII Raiders. Until we have the Marine Raiders back, we will not have victory in Afghanistan:

4.)  World War II Marine Raiders story:

5.)  James Roosevelt, eldest son of the president Franklin Roosevelt, led the Marine Raiders, as described at this post. These units need to be started up again today to win the war in Afghanistan and put an end to the pirate situation at sea. President Obama has the opportunity now to start the Marine Raiders again to win the war. He gives a speech Tuesday, we will see if he wants to win the war against the pirates and the war in Afghanistan, or if he wants to nation build and hand out contracts for another 10+ years without victory. Link:

6.) Pizza shop where piazzas are taken out and baked at home accepts food stamps. Link from a blog I ran across. It applies to the GWOT in that our tax dollars are being drained all around. Domestic programs such as this, all legal, as it is take and bake pizza, and then all the billions spent in Iraq, and now with nation building being proposed for Afghanistan, how much longer can our country afford a military operation with many injuries, deaths, and passing out money? That’s how I tie it together. We are sending troops to war on credit from China, and domestically spending is sky rocketing with programs such as this one where pizzas can be bought with food stamps, proposed Cap and Tax program, proposed health insurance purchases for the uninsured which will cost billions if not trillions. Interesting link:

7.) Support John Hatley web site, Iraq vet,  read the web site for more information:

8.) A lot of news from Afghanistan, a lot of nation-building already even before President Obama’s speech on Tuesday. Link:

9.) British soldiers at higher risk than U.S. troops for COMPLETE LOSS OF GENITALIA in roadside bomb explosions!  Now British scientists are in a mad scramble to prevent this from happening. I would suggest using all available assets: artillery, bombs, and more to kill the enemy before they can set up roadside bombs to maim British and U.S. troops. Link:

10.) Bush administration accused of letting Osama Bin Laden go:

11.) THE VIETNAM PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN TO BE ANNOUNCED by President Obama on Tuesday. God help U.S. troops fight their way to victory with these restricted rules of engagement. I hope and pray that the U.S. tax dollars will not be wasted on building more mosques as they have been because this is against the U.S. Constitution for our troops to uphold one religion over another. May no U.S. tax dollars go to build clinics, schools, and other such structures in Afghanistan. We have already spent $53 BILLION doing this in Iraq it was reported in the news last week: going down a rat hole. Let the U.S. troops secure victory by killing the enemy, and our troops can leave and let the NATO troops from the non-fighting countries use their tax dollars, along with Afghan money to build that country.


12.) THEY NEED TO ADD TO HEADLINE: AND U.S. AND BRITISH TAX PAYER FUNDED FERTILIZER IS REPORTED TO BE USED TO BOMB THEIR OWN TROOPS! Not sure why Marja is still standing except for PC reasons, why risk another Fallujah like attack with injuries and deaths to US troops, plus related murder charges if they kill the enemy, when we would just bomb it now and go toward victory in this war. Or, as I said, start up the Marine Raiders again and send them on a mission to kill the enemy in Marja. Link:,0,779631.story

13.)  British father loses soldier daughter in Afghanistan, writes book about pet horse and dog she left for him to take care of:–left-horse-dog-look-me.html

14.) First woman to receive Navy Cross in British Royal Navy, action in Marja (see #12 above):


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November 29, 2009 at 1:00 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-11/28/09-Sat.

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Another Thanksgiving at war has occurred, and now another Christmas season at war begins.

 As a second troop surge to Afghanistan is set to be announced Tuesday, by President Obama I can only hope he announces a lifting of the restricted rules of engagement so the United States can win the war.

To all the generals who are naysayers towards victory and say such things as, “We can’t kill our way to victory,” I hope President Obama, as a true Commander-in-Chief in wartime answers them with three simple words: “SURE WE CAN.”

God bless our troops and their families. Links below to stories from around the GWOT, the Global War on Terrorism, the campaign which is ongoing:

1.) Sec. Gates suspects it will be a slow motion move of troops to Afghanistan due to logistics problems:

2.) Fallen Marines earn praise of their peers:

3.) First Marine surge troops to Afghanistan from Camp Lejeune, NC replaced by Camp Pendleton Marines from California:

4.) Marine and his date killed by illegal alien drunk driver who had a legal driver’s license:

5.) Is this Commandant Conway’s new motto for the Marine Corps?

“Where we have gone, goodness follows,” Conway says in this story.

Logistics challenges will result in surge being parceled out; link below:

6.) Just 7 of Britain’s top officers serving at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan in Helmand Province, the rest are NOT leading from the front, are at home:

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November 28, 2009 at 2:20 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 11/27/2009

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Yesterday night we watched a movie, “Heroes of Iwo Jima.” It is an excellent movie and describes how the Marines fought and won the battle of Iwo Jima on their way to victory in WWII. A focus of the movie is the famous photograph of the Marines raising the larger flag on Iwo Jima, after another group of Marines raised a smaller flag first. It is a movie I would suggest our troops, politicians, generals and other officers should watch today, especially before they go to Afghanistan.

The movie even mentions the Marine Raiders and it reminded me of the vital role they played in securing victory. I have written Pres. Obama and my senators and representatives, along with select members of the Senate and House Armed Services committee and told them that to win the war in Afghanistan, and to win the war against the Somali pirates, we need to start up again the Marine Raiders.

Write your representatives and DEMAND that the Marine Raiders be brought back! And not some PC outfit we need the REAL MARINE RAIDERS TO WIN THE WAR. Watch this video: Here is a You Tube video:

The United States needs to focus on victory, especially the generals who are kept on although in eight years they have not won the war. God bless our troops and may they be led by winners when they go into battle.

Various links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) Taliban open up front in once quiet northern part of Afghanistan:

2.) Marine Commandant Conway, who was previously worried about the Marines’ global carbon footprint, makes quite a big carbon footprint it seems, with Marine Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson, and Marine Sgt. Major Carlton Kent in travels by Osprey throughout Afghanistan to Marine outposts. I don’t know why all three rode in the same helicopter or if there were  security concerns. I hope the Marines they visited received a morale boost at least for all the fuel used on the flight. Anyway, here’s the story, make your own conclusions:

3.) Sec. Gates and Gen. McChrystal discuss plans for Afghanistan as Gates pondered whether the US would face the same fate as the former Soviet Union military:

4.)  Obama will use backdrop of West Point for announcement of second troops surge to Afghanistan. The 21,000 sent for the first surge, and Pres. Obamas’s strategy was announced in his speech 3-27-09. Link:

5.) Taliban leader says U.S. will lose the war in Afghanistan:,0,5252210.story

6.) More trouble with the Ospreys:

7.) Leaks of 9/11 text messages/pages released:

8.)  Money to Taliban to disarm?

9.) Marine Raiders: we need to bring them back to win the War in Afghanistan! Link:

10.) Bring back the Marine Raiders to win the war in Afghanistan:

11.) Photos of what is is like in Afghanistan, including one of U.S. troops passing candy out to Afghan kids, which should not be done. For one, at one time they decided against this because of the danger and because of the risk of Afghan kids getting tooth decay and there is not dental care for them in most cases. A contractor or member of ACORN could pass out the candy in ice cream like trucks, and all should be marked MADE IN USA and compliments of the U.S. taxpayer. The U.S. soldiers and Marines should not be passing out candy, they should be killing the enemy or supporting those grunts who are killing the enemy, so we can LEAVE AFGHANISTAN IN VICTORY, ASAP.Link, and please note there are two notices of graphic photos, one showing a dead Taliban, at least not an American soldier or Marine. Link:

12.) Marines nearing end of deployment: Thanksgiving in Afghanistan:

13.) Thanksgiving for Marines in Afghanistan:

14.) Logistics challenges in Afghanistan:

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November 27, 2009 at 4:05 am

Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hotspot-11/25/09-Wed.

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Another Thanksgiving at war for our troops. Say a prayer for them.

1.)  Story says Blackwater operating in Pakistan:’s_secret_war_in_pakistan_revealed?page=3

2.) Remember our troops serving time at Ft. Leavenworth brig this Thanksgiving:

3.) Pres. Obama and his ‘finish the job’ quote:

4.) High level of contractors in Afghanistan, some pay the Taliban for truckloads of supplies to pass:

5.) Alleged terrorist alleges that Navy Seals bruised his lip in arrest. What’s this? Payback for killing the Muslim pirates in Somalia ship hijacking and attack case? Commander in Chief should step up and stop this proceeding and award these Seals medals for their arrest:

6. ) Hero of Ft. Hood terrorist attack, should be awarded posthumously a medal for bravery; combat action ribbon:

7.) Obama’s Afghanistan, from American Spectator:

8.) Ann Coulter describes how MSNBC is covering the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood: by not calling it a terrorist attack! Link:!

9.)  Glenn Beck’s take on the charging of Navy Seals for the arrest of alleged terrorist:

10.) Thanksgiving dinner at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines: Gob bless and pray for them:

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Wed. 11-25-09

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Many stories abound about Afghanistan with Pres. Obama getting near an announcement of his second troop surge to Afghanistan. He sent 21,000 troops after his 3-27-09 strategy speech. These troops are currently rotating out, at least the Marines who serve 7-month tours, and they ARE being replaced. This has been reported in the media.

The leaked news is that 34,000 troops will be sent in this second surge. With the first surge being replaced, the total surge troops for first and second surge is 21,000 + 34,000 = 55,000. I think I read that in addition to the 55,000 troops for the first and second surges; there are 68,000 troops already in Afghanistan. This is 55,000 troop surge troops from first and second surge, and the 68,000 already there. This will total 123,000 U.S. troops.

If the strategy announced is going to be the nation-building proposed by Gen.McChrystal rather than killing the enemy, the counter-insurgency manual by Gen. Petraeus states that 600,000 troops will be needed for that.

So, we will see how it all is worked out, and whether we are going into Afghanistan to nation-build (built clinics, schools, roads, etc.) or to win by killing the enemy. I don’t see how the U.S. can nation build before the enemy is killed and victory declared. I propose VICTORY before nation-building.

Links from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT:

1.) Are there too many hired guns in Afghanistan? Excellent figures and charts:

2.)  Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan: Richard Holbrooke:

3.) Soldier delivering supplies in Afghanistan murdered by suicide car bomber. RIP soldier. I hope they arrested those who were involved in this bombing and they are facing charges soon, President Karzai should offer apology for his people doing this, and money to the family of the fallen soldier. Link:

4.) More on Somalia terrorist links; 20 recruited from Minnesota:

5.)  Stand Up America web site: good information and links on the military, wars, etc.:

6.)  More on the Navy Seals being charged and facing a court martial. INSANE! This abuse of our military MUST be STOPPED. Excellent reports from Diana West on this and other situations of concern:

7.)  Power plants, truckers, more corruption in Afghanistan? Link:

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November 25, 2009 at 12:21 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-11/24/09-Tue.

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At a war council meeting last night, Pres. Obama is supposed to be making his final plans on how many troops to send to Afghanitan, or if he is going to use more bombs and less troops. The later is my estimaton of what can and should be done. Stories from around  the GWOT. Links:

1.) Good story on attacks at Ft. Hood. Hearngs in the US Senate:

2.) Not everyone sold on troops being policemen in a battle zone:

3.) New MarSOC commander:

4.) Catch and release policy, which resulted in US troop deaths apparently, is now in effect in Afghanistan:,0,2892908.story?page=1

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November 24, 2009 at 2:00 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Nov. 23, 2009-Mon.

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The war in Afghanistan drags on, while U.S. troops in Iraq are closing up shop or so it seems.  Military Channel was showing last night a story on the Battle of Iwo Jima and the brave US Marines who led the charge.The U.S. must get serious about winning the war in Afghanistan, and then get out!

Links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.)  Canadian troops are led by a general who believes the war in Afghanistan can be won by handshakes and smiles, and without guns. I don’t think so, but here is their story:

2.) Meanwhile, British soldier in Afghanistan  is hit by sniper and lives; see photo of scars! Link:

3.) Australian defense forces deny printed reports that their troops get hooked on drugs in Afghanitan and come back addicted:

4.)  More reports of troops becoming drug addicted in Afghanistan:

5.) $53 billion down the Iraq reconstruction rat-hole. We don’t have money, this is China’s money. Can the US afford to spend China’s money in Afghanitan? Link:

6.) Hero paratrooper mourned; died in Afghanistan trying to save supplies, fellow soldier:


7.) More nation building in Afghanistan; will it ever end? How much will this cost? Link:

8. Gracie greets her soldier! Great link of dog welcoming home her soldier! Link:|htmlws-main-n|dl2|link3|

9.) Marines reflect on duty, death in Afghanistan:

10.) Military generals cashing in after retirement; good enough to read again and contact your reps:

11.) Game of trade-offs in Afghanistan; various Obama options, check out photo: