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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (the Afghanistan Scandal?) Thurs. 2-24-11

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U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan, and it is a hotspot, but another hotspot in the Global War on Terror is at sea with pirates now having killed four Americans who they held hostage in their yacht this week. Several stories from past and present about pirates, and the U.S. Navy, under Commander-in-Chief Obama, was allowed to shoot if the hostages became endangered. But, in other cases, Commander-in-Chief Obama allowed pirates to be released in another catch and release scheme as is going on in Iraq, and now in Afghanistan. I wonder of any of the pirates who the US Navy released instead of killing them or sending them to Gitmo, came back and killed the Americans, or are otherwise “second chancers” as we have on land. Read the stories below and decide for yourself if they should be captured and released. In some cases, the American Navy even released them with enough fuel, food, and water to “go home”. Contact your elected officials and President Obama if you do not want pirates captures and released to terrorize again. Links:

1.)  Refer back to my Jan. 14, 2011 post for a link to the story about the US Navy releasing pirates. There are also a few good links about how important ballistic glasses are to our us troops, yet Gen. Petraeus orders U.S. troops to remove their safety glasses! Link:

2.)  U.S. destroyer Laboon captures then releases pirates to terrorize again! The U.S. taxpayer also paid for supplies the Navy gave the pirates including fuel, food, and water to get them “home”. I contacted the Commander-in-Chief and told him this plan is not acceptable, before the killing of the 4 U.S. citizens at sea by pirates this week. The pirates that killed them could be these that were released! Link:

3.)  U.S. Navy grabs more pirates, lets them go! Even ABC news which reported this in 2010 could not believe it! These pirates that were released under policies OK’d by the Commander-in-Chief Obama and I contacted him and said this was not a good policy. Now, in 2011, we have pirates kill 4 Americans. Who knows, they could have been these very ones released. If these pirates are not killed, then Obama needs to send them to Gitmo, and good thing it is still open. It is unconscionable to release them to terrorize and kill again. Link to ABC story of pirate catch and release from 2010:

4.)  U.S. Navy ships disrupt pirate attack. This is from 2011. This story does not say if the pirates were killed when the Navy blew up their ships. It does not say if they were caught and released with food, fuel, and water to “go home.” It does not show the blowing up of the mother ship. I assume the Navy blew it up and didn’t leave it floating. The story just does not say. If the Commander-in-Chief ordered the release of the captured pirates, then they very well could have killed the four Americans this week. Contact your elected officials and President Obama, Commander-in-Chief for details or ask for an investigation. Link:

5.) Pirate killings of 4 Americans; story from USA TODAY. Were the pirates who killed these innocent Americans captured and released as noted in stories above? Contact your elected officials and President Obama for an investigation and cross-reference at least of the pirates captured in this recent case to see if they match up of the retinal scans, fingerprints, and photos taken of the pirates captured and released as noted above earlier in 2011 and in 2010 in the ABC story. Link:

6.)  Four Americans on hijacked yacht killed, from the NY Times. Note in this story is states that President Obama as Commander-in-Chief allowed for the U.S. Navy to talk to the village elders of the pirates, and allow two on board the U.S. ship to negotiate the release of the Americans, who were subsequently killed. Contact your elected officials if pirate catch and release does not make sense to you, talking to village elders, etc. Link:

7.) Interviews with pirates; four Americans killed:

8.) Ticking time bomb: Major Hassan radical Islamic attack at Ft. Hood report:


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February 24, 2011 at 12:02 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal) Thurs. 1-6-11

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The scandal of the USS Enterprise commander continues, more videos are showing up. The ship sails without him now, he was relieved of command yesterday. The ship was serving to support Iraq and Afghanistan operations I believe when the videos were made. Read the story for ourself and watch the videos, I understand there are many sailors who support the former commander. I can only judge what I see, not being there of course when this was going on. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)More videos from USS Enterprise by XO at the time, then promoted to Commander, now relieved of command. Story here and link to videos:

2.) Prominent national defense expert murdered, thrown in trash:

3.) Provide masks near burn pits senators tell Department of Defense:

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January 6, 2011 at 3:32 am