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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sat. 2-28-09

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Another month has ended in the Global War on Terrorism.  In the US a terrorist suspect is being sent to trial on US soil. Obama gave a speech yesterday to Camp Lejeune Marines. More information in the world of the GWOT linked below.

1.) Sleeper cell suspect to face trial in USA:

2.) How not to end another president’s war:

3.)  Senate panel to investigate the CIA. Might be interesting if the CIA investigated the Senate. Link:

4.)  On this day in history, the first Pres. Bush declared the Iraqi Army defeated. Talk about faulty intelligence:

5.)  Since Pakistan could not govern its lawless tribal areas, and now has given it over to the Taliban forming Talibanistan, now the US does not have to consult with Pakistan before sending in troops to kill the enemy or dropping bombs to kill the enemy it would seem. Turning it over to the Taliban to form Talibanistan might just be a good idea after all, making it easier for the US to kill the enemy. Link:

6.) Obama tells Marines of new roles in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Text of Obama’s speech to Marines at Camp Lejeune Fri.2-27-09:

7.)  Pres. Obama speaks to Marines at Camp Lejeune:

8.) Obama explains troop exit from Iraq to Marines at Camp Lejeune:

9.)  Inexperienced CIA chief says Obama authorized stepped up killings of Al Qaeda terrorists:

10.) The real Gitmo: 100% humane. It is the guards I have read before who are attacked, spit at, have feces thrown at them, etc. Link:

11.) Just a link on Afghanistan stating they want US air strikes to stop. They should not stop, they are what is keeping US troops alive. Link:

 12.) Alumnium rods protect US troop vehicles in Afghanistan:

13.) Various attacks in Afghanistan, troop surge there:

14.) Mardi Gras in Iraq for Army Guard unit from Louisiana:


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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Fri. 2-27-09

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The dangerous places are not all in the Global War on Terrorism area, there have been dire warnings about Mexico. See link at #1 for details. Meanwhile Pres. Obama goes to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina today for a speech to the United States Marine Corps, and to some of the 8,000 Marines he has chosen to deploy to Afghanistan to fight and kill the terrorists there. God bless the Marines in their mission to kill terrorists, and may they win the war. Various links from around the world and from the GWOT:

1.) Dire warnings issued for travel to Mexico:

2.) Gates lifts ban of flag draped coffins of American heroes. I would suppose they should ask the family first, but what if there is  a split between divorced  parents or between parents and the spouse? What if there is no family to ask? Link:

3.)  President Obama to deliver address at Camp Lejeune Fri. 2-27-09:

4.) Afghan Defense Minister: Country in fight for survival:

5.)  Man claims vet status lets him steal:

6.)  More cases like this need prosecuted-those who set landmines in roads which kill or injure Americans should face trial. Good. Go for more. Link:

7.)  ny times gets it RIGHT! Spell Marines with a capital “M”:

8.)  4 US troops murdered in Afghanistan. The enemy who set this landmine needs to also be brought to trial. If he is not killed beforehand with the 8,000 Marines being sent by Obama to kill the enemy. Link:

9.)  Kuwait logistics center helps with supply line to Afghanistan:

10.) This will lose the war for the USA and get US troops killed and injured. Let’s win this war and leave!! Link:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Thurs. 2-26-09

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President Obama mentioned the Global War on Terrorism during his speech Tuesday. Troops will be left in Iraq, as they are in Germany, Japan, Italy, S. Korea and around the world. Afghanistan will receive more troops as we fight to win the GWOT. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Afghan soldiers kill militants near poppy crop: how long before the claim is made that they were civilians? Link:

2.)  Camp Lejeune Marine unit that was to stand up Friday Feb. 20, 2009, is “postponed indefinitely”. I still don’t know what it all means:

3.)  Green Beret not guilty of murder in Afghan’s death:

4.)  Hope this professor does not get taken hostage or beheaded. The problem is the Muslims attacked the USA on 9-11-01 and we were not at war in Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact, we helped many Muslim countries and all we got out of it was grief. We helped Somalia. Kuwait, Bosnia and many other Muslim countries. Link:

5.)  Georgia Guardsmen prepare to deploy to Afghanistan:

6.) Obama seems 75.5 billion more for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009:

7.) Some good points at the end about plugging the hole, the Pakistan border:

8.) Sen. John McCain: America losing war in Afghanistan:

9.)  US troops arrive to icy glares in Afghan village:

10.) News about Camp Lejeune, Obama may head there Friday:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-2-25-09-Wed.

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The GWOT is contracting from Iraq to Afghanistan. An announcement is pending on the plan to remove troops from Iraq. See #1 link for details. Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan it is reported the enemy prepares for a spring offensive. The restricted rules of engagement Americans face need to be dropped so the Marines can win the war, after all, that’s what they are being sent for in the Afghanistan surge: TO WIN THE WAR. American generals who kiss and hug Afghans when they claim civilians are killed by Americans need to resign or be fired. This is not a way to win the war by showing weakness for the enemies around the world to see. Links:

1.)  Pres. Obama hopes to remove many U.S. troops from Iraq by August 2010. Of course, they may have to return before that and be placed on border outposts at the Mexican border with the government there ready to fall and crime and the drug trade making it very dangerous there. Link:

2.)  Iraqi police shoot and kill American soldier:;_ylt=AvEr_RocvTkdKObw9613v85vaA8F

3.)  Satellite or missile? N. Korea prepares for launch:

4.)  The war in Afghanistan cannot be won by PC tactics, the Taliban intend to kill, read this story and figure it out yourself:

5.)  Why should USA pay $900 million for reconstruction in Gaza when we are broke? Why can’t Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq, or some other country pay for it? Link:;_ylt=AqsneRVoi1_DNLhl2V_lgJtvaA8F

6.)  Let’s just hope this Gitmo detainee does not become involved in the radical mosques in London, or become involved in any terrorist attacks:;_ylt=Al_NwvmkH7u.z41EfZBMipdvaA8F

7.)  Terror , violence and beheadings are going on in Mexico now. We may need the troops from Iraq to the US border in outposts, to protect our borders. From the story and link:

The convoy attack came two days after the police chief of Ciudad Juarez, the biggest city in Chihuahua, bowed to crime gang demands to resign because they threatened to kill at least one of his officers every 48 hours.

Signs posted by unknown people appeared around the city of 1.3 million on Sunday applauding the resignation of chief Roberto Orduna while threatening to beheadMayor Jose Reyes Ferriz and his family — even those living across the border in Texas — if he continues “helping you know who” — people it did not specify.;_ylt=AmsniS2SRvUu9BDO6moROd9vaA8F

Crime from Mexico creeping into Arizona. Will need the troops brought home from Iraq and put in outposts on the Mexican border to stop criminals coming over the border:

8.) Another takeover by Pres. Obama’s executive order: White House Office of  Urban Affairs:

9.)  Problem solved: send Gitmo detainees to Afghanistan:

10.) Army Special Forces soldier on trial: says commander sent him back for ear:

11.) More troops should equal more air power. We should win the war, then get out. Do not lose one American set of legs, much less a life, drop the bomb and save the American. Link:

12.) British: We are a laughing stock in Afghanistan:

13.) Sodexo under fire by British defense establishment:

14.)  5 US troops killed, Iraq and Afghanistan:

15.) Some interesting stories at

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Tue. 2-24-09

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Many sacrifices are being made by American troops  in Afghanistan even before President Obama’s surge of 17,000 troops are deployed. Marines are suffering injuries and death, and soon 8,000 more Marines are being sent from Camp Lejeune, before a mission or plan for victory has been explained to them and to the American public.

Lcpl Kevin Preach recently gave up his life after being horribly injured by an illegal, and against international law, landmine in Afghanistan. He was burned and lost 3 limbs, but made it back to US soil before dying at the Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas. God bless him, and may God bless his family. Please pray for our Marines currently in Afghanistan and the 8,000 who will be sent in Obama’s troop escalation. Link:

1.) Watch the video and read about Marine Lcpl Kevin Preach who was injured in Afghanistan by an illegal landmine, which is against international law. I do not know if the person who set the landmine has been arrested for murder or not. If not, the generals should be investigating and make sure an arrest is made so our 8,000 troops being sent in Pres. Obama’s Afghanistan troop escalation may not face the same fate. If the enemy knows American generals will investigate and arrest them for setting illegal landmines, and if the generals explain to the enemy that they are against international law and rule of war, perhaps it will prevent more injuries and deaths like young Lcpl Preach’s. RIP Marine, God bless you and your family. Link:

2.) It’s called the GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) and this is one reason why-terrorist groups are beheading Philippine Marines, so the GWOT is truly global. Link:

3.) Unsparing truth by a Marine in his book. This needs to be read, what they really faced in Iraq.  Kindness was perceived by the citizens of Ramadi and insurgents alike as weakness. Marines need leadership where they are never again perceived as being weak. Link:

4.) Iraq government looking for husbands for Iraq war widows:

5.) Obama’s biggest challenges in Afghanistan:,0,3663250.story?page=1

6.)  Extra US troops to be deployed fast to Afghanistan:

7.)  Navy gets organized-sends sailors to land war:

8.)  Where to hold Gitmo detainees?

9.)  Insurgent leader killed in S. Afghanistan:

10.)  Deadly at the top in Afghanistan:,0,4370367.story

11.)  Macabre protest: Afghans display children’s body:,0,4370367.story009/WORLD/asiapcf/02/23/afghanistan.rockets/

Another story on this subject: Afghan villagers blame Canadians for deaths of children:

12.)  Illinois National Guard couples serving together in Afghanistan:,0,2490809.story

13.) Gallup poll shows support for Pres. Obama’s LBJ-like troop escalation in Afghansitan. This shows the people are not informed, as they do not even know the mission, as Obama has not told the American public the mission of the 17,000 troops. Link:

14.) Afghanistan photos by embedded reporter:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-2/23/09-Mon.

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Afghanistan’s neighbor, Pakistan is becoming hotter and hotter. Several links below from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.)  Pakistan to give 30,000 guns away to villagers. Hope they don’t end up in the hands of the Taliban! Link

2.) This American general should be fired for giving a man hug to the Afghans during war. He should go to an American hospital and hug the mothers of injured soldiers and Marines, many injured by illegal landmines in Afghanistan. Who set the land mines? Why doesn’t the general investigate? This is demoralizing to me as a U.S. taxpayer to see a general whose salary I am paying acting so weak. If anyone is to blame, it is the Taliban who put women and children around them . We must win this war and leave, and weak generals like this don’t cut it with my tax dollars. Obama? Read your book on Lincoln and start firing the non-winning generals like he did. We should not appear weak in time of war, especially the generals. Where are the Taliban giving apologies to our men injured and killed in Afghanistan with their illegal landmines? We have lost the war in Afghanistan for sure with generals acting so weak and clueless and hugging Afghans. Why did the Department of Defense allow this photo to be released to demoralize military families in America to think their sons and daughters will go to the Afghanistan troop surge serving under weak, inept, and losing generals who run and give man hugs to Afghans? There could be civilian deaths in any battle, look at WWII and other wars, it happens in war. I didn’t see WWII generals running and giving man hugs to Nazis or to the Japanese. We have a job to do and it is to WIN THE WAR in Afghanistan. Let’s get some generals in there who can improve AMERICAN MORALE and have some victories to write about and photograph. I am paying the salaries at the Department of Defense too, and I say whoever released this photo should be fired and possibly brought up on charges of treason for demoralizing U.S. troops, just as President Obama orders a troop surge to Afghanistan. Link:


3.) How soon until this headline is changed from 14 militants killed to 14 ‘civilians’ killed? How soon until the man hugs begin with American generals running to give them? Where is our pride, and our will to win the war? How many more young men will die in battle or be horribly injured due to weak and inept generals? Link:

I answer my own question above, as CNN has now posted a story which calls them “suspected” militants and quotes the “Taliban spokesman” who says the car was full of civilians, not Taliban. Link:

4.) Barack writes personal letters to families of war dead:

5.) Obama not waiting for evil, acting on terror threats:

6.)  “Taking Chance”: I don’t have HBO so missed it, but may watch it on DVD. I just don’t want any more young men dying in battle in Iraq or Afghanistan as a result of PC rules of engagement and generals such as noted in the links above giving man hugs to Afghans when they should be focused on winning the war, declaring victory and getting out, Link:

7.) More news on Afghanistan straight from Centcom:

8.) Obama’s War?

9.) Marine Mom blogs about opposition to Iraq war and other military related subjects:

10.) Afghan troop surge approved with no strategy for victory:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sun. 2-22-09

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There are American heroes in the Global War on Terror that is for sure. The first story details two Navy Cross medals earned by two Marines who died saving their fellow Marines. Various other stories continue around the GWOT. Links:

1.)  Two Marines earn the Navy Cross:

2.) U.S. generals are caught being weak again, giving man kisses to the Afghans. It is time for them to get some spine and stand up to the enemy. If claims of “civilian” deaths are made after a U.S. air strike, that is the fault of the terrorists, who often surround themselves with women and children, not the fault of  U.S. troops. It is about time Pres. Obama, like his hero Lincoln, fired the losing generals and replaced them with winners. He is sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan for the surge and they deserve to be led by strong, winning generals, not weak ones out groveling and giving man hugs.

We all know civilians will die in war, especially if the enemy surroungs themselves with them. On 9-11-01 civilians going about their work day were murdered by islamic terrorists. I don’t recall any enemy commanders  giving U.S. generals hugs and apologies for the 9/11 attacks which killed many civilians.

During the surge we want to continue with the airstrikes and save the lives and limbs of  U.S. troops on the ground. I sent the following to my senators and representative today, and a link to the story about the American generals giving apology and there is a photo showing  a U.S. general giving Afghan men man hugs.

I don’t see the Taliban giving hugs to the US generals and money to pay for the lives they took of our brave soldiers and Marines, or for injuring our troops with their illegal landmines which violate international law.

 Link and my letter to my reps. The photo of the general engaged in the man hug is enough to make me want to throw up my lunch. It is demoralizing to me as a U.S. citizen and taxpayer of this general’s salary.

May God help our troops going to Afghanistan for the surge, the generals have lost the war for them. This photo makes me sick. We have lost the war in Afghanistan. Lost it. Lost it. Our troops are DYING FOR DEFEAT.

This photo has weakened my morale, I can only think it will lower the morale of  US troops and their families. Why isn’t this general hugging the families of US troops who were killed by the enemy? This is the most awful photo I have seen showing weakness of our supposed leaders in this war.

This general should be fired immediately. US taxpayers should demand his resignation. We are paying his salary. The war is lost with generals like this. Lost. Lost. Lost. God bless our 17,000 troops going into this lost war. May none of them die for defeat or be injured for defeat. Link:

Letter to my reps: (I suggest anyone who supports US troops write their reps a similar letter).

 These constant investigations are losing the war in Afghanistan for the USA and demoralizing our troops. It is not the fault of the US troops that the enemy surrounds himself with women and children.

I am asking that instead of continual investigation against our own troops doing their job, that US 
generals investigate the deaths and injuries of US troops, and go into the villages and collect money, 
livestock, crops, etc. to pay to the family of US troops injured and/or killed and to pay for U.S. equipment they
There are several examples in the press in the last week where US soldiers were attacked and either killed 
or injured along with their equipment being damaged. I am asking that American generals go into the village 
where these soldiers were injured or killed and investigate into who attacked them. 
I would like a copy of the report of their investigation and whom they arrested or killed for attacking our 
troops. I would also like an accounting of the money they collect from the Afghan villagers who 
attacked our troops, and how much was sent to the families of the American troops, how much was sent to 
the hospital to pay for their care, and how much they recovered for the U.S. taxpayer who paid for the 
damaged equipment. 
I will put for your review, the latest attacks I can find in the press from Afghanistan and want to know what
U.S. general went back and investigated the attack, who was arrested, who gave the general an apology, and I 
would like photos of the Afghan hugging the general and apologizing, and I would like a photo and report of the
Afghans handing the U.S. general money to return to the families of the American troops injured or killed, and
the money to go back into the defense budget to pay for the equipment the Afghans damaged. Thank you, here are 
the cases I would like the generals to investigate and send me a report on. I will give you a break and ask for
reports only on troops killed (or injured and equipment damaged since President Obama took office Jan. 20th, 
2009 and in Afghanistan only at this time)I would like the general to investigate these US deaths
in Afghanistan:
1.) Three U.S. Army soldiers murdered in Afghanistan Feb. 20, 2009 by illegal landmine-against international 
law and rules of war. I want to know: (soldier's names not released yet)
a.) Name of U.S. General sent to investigate
b.) Who did the general find out set the illegal 
c.) Photo of general getting hug from Afghans and 
giving U.S an apology.
d.) Photo of general receiving money from Afghans to
give to the families of the 3 murdered soldiers, and 
money given by the Afghans back to the US taxpayers for
damage to U.S. equipment. If the general needs to make 
another trip next week to collect money until he 
collects it all, I would like a photo of each trip.
e.) Accounting of money Afghans paid to the families of
the 3 murdered soldiers, and money back into military 
budget to pay for damaged equipment.
 2.) The above information for this soldier:
 02/16/09 Munden, Raymond J. Sergeant 1st Class 35 US 
U.S. Army 2nd BN, 506th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade 
Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 
3.)The same information as #1 for this Marine:
02/14/09 Hansen, Daniel L. Sergeant 24 US U.S. Marine 
Marine Wing Support Sq 171, Marine Wing Support Group 
17, 1st Marine Air Wing, III MEF 
4.)See questions at #1, same answers for this soldier:
02/12/09 Small, Marc J. Staff Sergeant 29 US U.S. Army 
1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) 
5.) Same investigation as #1 for these US soldiers:
02/10/09 Watson, Jason R. Private 1st Class 19 US U.S.
Army 2nd BN, 506th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat 
Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Hostile - 
hostile fire - IED attack Salerno Afghanistan Many 
02/10/09 Courcy, Peter J.  Specialist 22 US U.S. Army 
2nd BN, 506th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 
6.) The same general's investigation as #1 for these 
Nat'l Guardsmen:
02/08/09 Burkholder, Jason E. Staff Sergeant 27 US U.S.
Army National Guard 2nd Battalion, 130th Infantry 
Regiment Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack Kabul 
Afghanistan Elida Ohio 
02/08/09 Southworth, Jared W. 1st Lieutenant 26 US U.S.
Army National Guard 2nd Battalion, 130th Infantry 
7.) I especially want a copy of the general's 
investigation and all things I questioned at #1 for 
young Marine Lcpl Kevin Preach. He deserves it for what
he suffered and his family. He had 3 limbs blown off by 
an illegal landmine, against all international law in 
Afghanistan and lived a few weeks until his 18-year-old
brother graduated from Marine Recruit Training, then 
died of his wounds. Besides losing 3 limbs, he was 
severely burned. Another Marine died and one is now in 
Brook Army Burn Center with burns over 44% of his body.
I want to know what general investigated this illegal 
attack by Afghans, and all questions answered at #1. 
Please make SURE the general goes to the Afghans and 
gets an apology, money, and makes an arrest in this 
case, for all this Marine and his family suffered:
02/07/09 Preach, Kevin T. Lance Corporal 21 US U.S. 
Marine 3rd BN, 8th Marine Reg, 2nd Marine Division, II 
Marine Expeditionary Force 
8.) Gen. should investigate questions at #1 for this 
Nat'l Guardsman.
01/30/09 Suggs, Milton E. Chief Warrant Officer 4 51 US
U.S. Army National Guard 38th Operational Support
Airlift Detachment 
9.) General should investigate and answer all 
questions at #1 for these 3 Marines. Especially for 
Sgt. Trevor Johnson whose body was evaporated when he 
stepped on an illegal landmine. These are against 
international law. His mother reported that there was 
"nothing left" of his body. Please make sure this is 
investigated and the general gets an extra cash payment 
for this mother, as her son had no body parts left. All
3 Marine deaths need investigated as I stated at #1.
01/27/09 Wallace III, David W. Sergeant 25 US U.S. 
Marine 2nd Combat Engineer BN, 2nd Marine Division, II 
Marine Expeditionary Force Hostile - hostile fire 
Helmand province Afghanistan Sharpsville Pennsylvania 
01/27/09 Johnson, Trevor J. Sergeant 23 US U.S. Marine 
2nd Combat Engineer BN, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine 
Expeditionary Force Hostile - hostile fire Helmand 
province Afghanistan Forsyth Montana 
01/24/09 Brennan, Julian T. Lance Corporal 25 US U.S. 
Marine 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine 
Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force 
There are more deaths of Americans at the hand of 
Afghans but they were before Obama was sworn in, the 
generals can go to the villages and collect this money
and apology first. There was a story today about an 
American general going to an Afghan village to apologize
for "civilian deaths". There is no sure way to know 
they were "civilians" as even women provide support for
the islamic radical fighters who murder of injure U.S. 

They put children in the compounds just to make an incident like this happen. With 17,000 troops going to
Afghanistan we MUST continue with air strikes. There is no war ever fought or will be fought where civilians 
are not killed. If we do not want to fight this war, then we need to leave. Generals should spend their time 
investigating American deaths at the hands of Afghans and the Afghans should repay the US taxpayer for damaged
equipment and the families of injured or murdered American troops. 
If we do not have the generals investigate these killings of US troops and arrest or kill the enemy 
fighters setting the illegal landmines or shooting at our troops, but instead they run to Afghan villages each
time the villagers scream "civilian" knowing we will pass out money, it weakens our morale and tells US 
troops on the ground they must hesitate before calling in an air strike or shooting, and this hesitation may 
get them killed. These tactics have us in the losing position we are in now. 
 If these pay and apology tactics are not stopped, the 17,000 troops will have their hands tied like the troops
on the ground now. I have heard reports or read about US Marines on the ground now in Afghanistan with their
hands so tied that they CANNOT fight. Because they can't fight, the war in Afghanistan is UNFIGHTABLE and THUS 
I am asking that our troops have the full support of the Congress, Senate,
President, and restricted rules of engagement be dropped so 
President Obama may win this war and bring the troops home. American generals should not have published photos, 
like the one menthined below. The U.S. generals, who are paid by my tax dollars, should not apologize and 
appear weak to the enemy. This emboldens the enemy and makes the US fighting man look foolish. The enemy takes
full advantage of this weakness.
I ask that no lives from the 8,000 Marines being sent be lost or injured on the altar of
PC. Please get winning generals in there who investigate incidents, which KILLED, 
PAY for the damage they cause to US equipment and to the bodies of US troops, 
for their hospital bills, and to the families of the murdered soldiers and Marines. 
3.)  Pakistan has now lost this territory to the Taliban. With it now being 
TALIBANSTAN it should be a rich target for U.S. airstrikes as the U.S.
will no longer to ask Pakistan first. Link:
4.) Afghanistan isn't the "good war":
5.) It is a capitulation to the Taliban, not "possible" capitulation as this
photo caption says. This means this area is now TALIBANSTAN. Pakistan
has no control over it, therefore it is a target for U.S. air strikes.
6.)  U.S. soldiers in advance of the 17,000 troop surge search a cave in
Afghansitan. It appears the intelligence is all wrong
AGAIN! See next photo #7 as to where the teroorists are.
They are in a tribal area that Pakistan just lost to the Taliban. All the intelligence
 officers have to do is look at Yahoo photos as to see where the targets are:
7.) The soldiers in above photo looking at the caeve have been given the 
wrong intelligence. Here is where the enemy has relocated to from
Afghanistan, to the tribal area Pakinstan just lost to the Taliban. See photo below
for Talibanstan:
Pakistani Christians carry blankets:
8.)  Pakistani Christians pray, I suggest we join them:
9.)  Pakistani dental clinics:
10.) U.S. military tests exit routes out of Iraq. I hope they are not attacked on the 
way out. Link:;_ylt=Aiokow8V_jDmllCD.7WL3l9vaA8F

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