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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-10-30-09-Fri.

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President Obama has still not decided on the new strategy or troop levels in Afghanistan. He could solve the problem by using more bombs, and less troops.

Stories from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT:

1.) Obama may send less troops than 80,000 that Gen. McChrystal wants for nation building. I am not for sending troops to build Afghanistan as a nation. The McChrystal plan says that the U.S. troops must protect the Afghan civilians even if it means letting the enemy escape. This makes no sense. The enemy could come back and kill them or set an IED. Better off dead, that would cut the enemy’s carbon footprint in the Marine Corps green initiative that Marine Commandant Gen. Conway wants, and make it safer for the Afghan civilians. Link:

2.) Sec. of State Hillary Clinton can’t believe Pakistan doesn’t know where Al Quada terrorists are:

3.) A U.S. Marine Officer quote: “The Afghan people will help us win,” said 1st Lt. Stefan Arnold, company commanding officer. “Without their trust, without their confidence, we’re just targets.” Link:/

4.) Need to act more like Afghans…..



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October 30, 2009 at 4:20 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-10-29-09-Thurs.

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Another day of waiting to see what the troop level to be sent to Afghanistan will be and what the change in strategy will be.

One thing for sure: President Obama needs to drop the restricted rules of engagement before sending the second troop surge. If he will not drop them, then Congress needs to pick up the ball and run with it and pass a law protecting our troops. It could be simple such as, “Troops in combat have to be allowed to shoot back, and commanders on the ground when they call in air strikes or artillery cannot have their request denied.”

Various links from around the Global Wr on Terror, the GWOT:

1.) Marine support personnel train for infantry jobs they are to perform in Afghanistan:

2.) “Time to Go”-NY Times, actually a good piece. I don’t think more troops should be put in Afghanistan with the restricted rules of engagement in place. This is by Garrison Keiller, yes, that one, so hard to believe I agree with him! Link:

3.) “Blood for Noting”: excellent story by Ralph Peters about the problems with nation building in Afghanistan. This needs to be read by every member of the US Congress, the President, and our generals. I have been asking: Is there one U.S. general who knows how to win a war? If the war in Iraq was won and the surge worked, please, I have asked my representatives repeatedly, ISSUE IRAQ VICTORY MEDALS to Iraqi Freedom vets. Link:

4 .) Soldier, face burned, leg amputated, WIA Iraq; portrait now at Smithsonian, proud soldier (retired):

5.) “Don’t Build Up”: another writer comes to the conclusion, don’t send a second surge to Afghanistan:

6.) Battle of Wanat: shows how impossible things are in Afghanistan, with incompetent leaders:

7,) Former Marine resigns over US Afghanistan policy:

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October 29, 2009 at 1:08 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-10-28-09 Wed

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More deaths in Afghanistan yesterday, eight more to be exact, and that is on top of the 14 the day before yesterday. In the meantime, President Obama decides on what to do. The first thing he needs to do is drop the restricted rules of engagement, and find at least one general somewhere who knows how to win a war. Is this the problem and the reason for the delay? Are they having problems finding a winning U.S. general?

God bless our troops, and God’s comfort to the families of the lost.

Links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) Article by Max Boot, wants to send more troops and supports Gen. McChrystal. I don’t think any more troops should be sent until President Obama, or Congress, drops the restricted rules of engagement. Link:

2.) Eight U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. Why don’t the villagers come to the base in a secure location, and talk, wy do US troops have to go out on these roads? Link:

3.) Nation building in Afghanistan will never work. It is not sustainable. The say here 10 years of drinking tea and building schools and hospitals for Afghans. The American people will not put up for 10 more years in Afghanistan, especially with the Afghans killing U.S. troops as they try to help build their nation. Joe Biden is right, counter-terrorism is the only thing to do: kill terrorists. There is no capture, Gitmo is closing, the only thing left if to kill them. On 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago Army Brig. Gen. John Nicholson said it would take 14 years of counter-insurgency nation building to even see if it would work, and that was from today, not counting the 9 years we have already been there. I do not agree with the proposal this story states:

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October 28, 2009 at 5:30 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot: Tue. 10-27-09

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A sad day yesterday, with 14 American deaths in Afghanistan. God comfort their friends  and family they leave behind.

In Iraq the day before yesterday they had double suicide bombings killing over 150 they now say, including over 20 children in a day care center. I heard on the radio news over 700 wounded in this Baghdad bombing.

Various stories from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT. God bless American troops.

If these don’t click through, copy and paste into your browser.

1.) A good story to read which questions the winning hearts and minds strategy Gen. McChrystal and most of the generals who have taken a drink of the  counter-inusurgancy “Kool Aid” support.

2.) U.S. tries secret war games to see if 10,000 or 40,000 troops will work in Afghanistan:

3.) Four Marines killed when 2 helicopters crash in Helmand:

4.)  I am concerned: In this story, President Obama, in Jacksonville, FL,  at the military base, states that he will soon have a clear mission  to announce to the troops in Afghanistan and the equipment to get the job done.

Does that mean the mission he previously announced on March 27, 2009 has been rescinded?

Does that mean the 21,000 troops sent on the first surge, do not have a mission or the equipment they need to win? If so, this would seem to admit they don’t need more troops, but more bombs. In other words”MORE BOMBS, LESS TROOPS.

That very day one of the first units of Marines he sent from Camp Lejeune to Afghanistan departed under that stated mission. When did it change and why?

Does that mean now the Marines and other troops sent for the first surge have no mission and lack equipment?

Link and from the story:

“In Florida, Obama promised a “clear mission” with defined goals and the equipment needed to get the job done.”

5.)  Troops hope Afghanistan mission not in vain (what is the mission for the first surge? See above story?) Link:

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October 27, 2009 at 1:06 am

Afghanistan Today-the GWOT HotSpot: Mon. 10-26-09

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The Global War on Terrorism campaign has not been ended by the Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, and it swings back into Iraq as there was a double bombing yesterday.

This huge double explosion caused over 150 deaths it was reported, and 500+ injuries. One report I heard on the radio yesterday interviewed an Iraqi man who said body parts were everywhere. This same report said the Iraqis called in Americans to assist after the bombings. Americans have left the major cities, and this occurred in Baghdad, and only can help if asked by the Iraqis.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is still hot, and the decision on how many troops to sent to Afghanistan has not been decided on by President Obama. Gen. McChrystal has called for 80,000 troops, and the guess is that Pres. Obama will call for half of that, or 40,000. The problem in my mind, and I have notified my senators and rep. is that the troops are not there to kill the Taliban, according to multiple quotes and speeches by Gen. McChrystal, but they are there to win the hearts and minds of the Afghans, and he further states we will know we have won when the Afghan civilians tell us we have won.

If this is how we are going to run the war, and not let the troops fight and win it, I do not support sending more troops under the restricted rules of engagement. I have written Pres. Obama and my rep. and Senators and told them no more troops until the restricted rules of engagement are dropped, or they can come up with a law to protect our troops which would go something like this: “American troops in battle have to be allowed to shoot back and if a commander on the ground called for an air strike or artillery,” it cannot be denied.”

God bless the US troops in Iraq and especially in Afghanistan. Pray for them all. God bless the USA.

Various links below from around the GWOT: (if they don’t click through, copy and paste into your browser.)

1.) This story deserves reading again in light of what I wrote above. A story where U.S. Marines are “social workers” Link:

2.) Action in Afghanistn-Marines and restricted rules of engagement mentioned at the end of the story:,2933,556329,00.html

3.) U.S. troops married to illegal aliens face legal woes:,0,144983.story

4. ) Injured Marine:

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October 26, 2009 at 3:29 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-Sun. Oct. 25, 2009

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Our troops in Afghanistan represent the best America has to offer and they should be given the fullest support of our politicians who sent them there, and of the American people. The restricted rules of engagement must be dropped. If the president does not change them by executive order, then Congress should step up and pass a law protecting our troops from being sitting ducks. The simple law could read something like this: “American troops in combat have to be allowed to shoot back, and commanders on the ground, when they call in air strikes or artillery, it has to be given to them.” Drinking tea with villagers is not going to win the war in Afghanistan.

As Commander in Chief, President Obama needs to over-ride his Joint Chiefs of Staff head, Adm. Mullen, who demoralized military families and our troops with saying repeatedly, “Afghan civilians are paramount.” They are not. He should not even think this way. U.S. troops and U.S. civilians are paramount, and we pay his salary, not the Afghan civilians unless he is taking kickbacks. President Obama must announce before any second troop surge that AMERICAN TROOPS ARE PARAMOUNT and if any civilians are paramount, they are AMERICAN CIVILIANS.

The President also has to over-ride what his general, Gen. McChrystal said, when he said AFGHAN CIVILIANS ARE MOST IMPORTANT. President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief needs to stand up and say, “AMERICAN TROOPS AND AMERICAN CIVILIANS THEY PROTECT ARE MOST IMPORTANT.:

If the president or Congress do not drop the restricted rules of engagement, and if the president does not correct Gen. McChrystal and Adm. Mullen as stated above in an attempt to win American hearts and minds, then, there should not be a second surge in the Afghanistan war. Gen. McChrystal is reported to want 80,000 troops and the President is reported to be willing to send half of that, or 40,000. Yet, I read that Gen. Petraeus’ COIN (counter insurgency-drink tea with the Taliban) journal states for a country the size of Afghanistan there needs to be 1 troop for every 25 civilians for a total of 600,000. I believe that is what I read. God bless our American troops, and may they find at least one good general who knows how to fight his way to victory, so our troops can come home in victory.

Various links from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT (if the story does not click through, copy and paste the link in to your browser.) Links:

1.) Diana West provides much insight into what I am talking about above, read through the posts in the blog:

2.) John Bernard, a former Marine and father of fallen Marine Joshua Bernard explains more of what I talk about above:

3.) Morale slips for Marines in Afghanistan. This story needs to get out and this situation with the COIN policy exposed, as it will result in more US deaths and maiming. Link:

4.) Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund:


6.) Two of our allied troops, British soldiers maimed in Afghanistan. Where is the Afghan government and the Afghan people to come forward and condemn these attacks, and give apologies and money to those their citizens maim like this? Have the ones who did this to these soldiers been arrested or killed? God bless these troops, one is a triple amputee. Link:

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October 25, 2009 at 2:33 am

Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hot Spot-Sat. Oct.24, 2009

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The president is still waiting to make a decision on whether to send a second surge of U.S. troops to Afghanistan.  I don’t believe they should be sent until the restricted rules of engagement are dropped.

Links form around the GWOT: (copy & paste into browser if it does not click through)

1.) 1983: MARINES AT THE TIP OF THE SPEAR IN THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM. GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS; MAY THEY REST IN PEACE. Beirut bombing October 23, 1983; 220 Marines killed; 241 total US troops killed.

2.) Funeral set for soldier KIA Afghanistan:

3.) Hate mail sent to widows of war dead. Look a who sent them:

4.) Creeping Sharia web site, click on video: October 23, 1983 terrorist attack on Marines in Beirut:

5.)  October 23, 2009 operational update:

6.)  UK helps Afghan businesses with economic development. In exchange Afghans should make sure that no bombs kill UK troops. If a British troop dies, stop the aid. Link:

7.) Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan; story by Diana West, appearing on Right Side News web site. Excellent read as the president decides on how many troops to send on his second surge to Afghanistan. The first surge when he announced his strategy on March 27, 2009 consisted of 21,000 total troops, 17,000 at first then shortly thereafter, another 4,000 to train Afghan soldiers and police. Link:

8.) Dismissals with no benefits due to “personality disorder”-I just have to wonder why the pre-enlistment screenings did not catch the personality disorder?  Link:

9.)  A Captain’s life of service; KIA Afghanistan:

10.) $33,857 an hour to fly supplies to Afghanistan:,0,1522345.story?page=3

11.)  Max Boot comments more casualties are coming with counter insurgency plan: drinking tea with the Taliban. I do not agree with his reasoning. I don’t think there should be reconstruction or drinking tea until the war is won, and that is by killing the enemy. If the US does not have the stomach to win the war we should get out. Link:

12.) Base honored for energy efficiency:

13.)  US troops on stop-loss extensions will receive extra pay:

14.)  Walking with Marines in Southern Afghanistan:

15.)  Afghan opium most lethal drug worldwide:

16.)  How we hep arm the Taliban:

17.) Female Marines in Afghanistan:

18.) Marine gets demotion in shooting; he was doing his job it seemed:

19.) American troops suffer with restricted rules of engagement in Afghanistan:

20.) Former Marine Daniel Gilyeat, who lost a leg in Iraq, running as a Republican for Congress in Kansas Third District:

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October 24, 2009 at 1:05 am