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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-1-31-10-Sun.

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Another month at war comes to an end. American troops on the ground  are at war, taking casualties such as 3 Recon Marines killed in action Jan. 11, 2010, and many others since then who have been killed or wounded in action. While our men are killed or horribly maimed in unspeakable manner, those in think tanks, politicians, and even generals and officers themselves think up plans for Marines, our fiercest warriors, trained to fight and win wars, are compromised, denied air support, and now have another tactical advantage taken away, as Gen. McChrystal restricts night raids.

National Geographic is running on their television station, a special on the Marines at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. At the link below at #1 you can see our finest, United States Marines, and in one video preview, you can learn about the mission they are now on, not to fight, but to “win Afghan hearts and minds”.

We will see how it works out in the next year, or is what some combat vets call: “THE VIETNAM PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN.” God bless our troops. Links from around the GWOT, the Global War on Terrorism. A lot of links, a collection of several I have not posted yet:

1.) Tonight, Sunday evening, National Geographic Channel does a story on Marines at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. See the link below for video previews and photos. God bless our U.S. Marines. May they be led by generals with a culture of victory. Link:

2.) WE MUST NEVER FORGET: Marine Cpl. Jamie Russell Lowe, 3rd Recon out of Okinawa, Japan, KIA Afghanistan January 11, 2010. There was a meeting in London, of world leaders Thurs. Jan. 28, 2010 where a proposal is being put forth to give $500 million to Afghan President Karzai to pass out to Taliban fighters to quit fighting. THIS IS BEFORE THE MURDERERS OF THIS RECON MARINE, WHO WAS KILLED ALONG WITH 2 OTHERS, HAVE BEEN CAPTURED AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DEATHS OF OUR 3 MARINES.


3.) WE MUST NEVER FORGET: Staff Sgt. Matthew Nevin Ingham: KIA Afghanistan, one of 3 Recon Marines (see #2 above) killed in Afghanistan Jan. 11, 2010. If you have any comments or concern please contact your Congressman, Senators, and President Obama as Commander-in-Chief. The sacrifice of these Recon Marines must not be forgotten. I say that before we issue $500 million to give away to Taliban fighters, the murderers of these 3 Marines must be captured and held accountable for their actions which resulted in the deaths of 3 Recon Marines. Link:

  Bronze Star with V for valor for fallen Marine:

 A friend of the Staff Sgt’s late mother blogs about him:

4.) WE MUST NEVER FORGET! Cpl. Uzenski; solemn tribute, body of Recon Marine returned to parents. Before a penny is paid to the Taliban for “peace” we need to know if they have captured and held accountable those who killed these 3 Recon Marines? Write you elected officials by e mail, snail mail, fax, or contact by phone your representatives and President Obama as Commander-in-Chief and let them know we must NEVER FORGET these 3 Recon Marines and their sacrifice:.

Watch the video too:

Recon Marine out of Okinawa, Japan 3rd Recon: KIA Afghanistan:

From the story:

The public affairs office for the III Expeditionary Force/Marine Corps Bases Japan said details surrounding Uzenski’s death are unavailable because of the sensitive nature of his reconnaissance mission.

Military deaths, listing the 3 Recon Marines based in Okinawa, Japan, KIA Afghanistan:

5.) For Marines, a softer approach; well, I must ask, are the Taliban fighters approaching war with a ‘soft approach’? I think not. Link:

6.) Marines invest in local Afghan projects. This story details the building and funding of mosques by U.S. Marines. I wrote my senators and representative and sent this story via e mail to them and to a ‘separation of church and state’ organization. I thought our military officers and enlisted too swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. I know technically there is no ‘separation of church and state’ in the document, but I thought U.S. tax payer money was not to go to support a religion, such as building mosques. I have read that this is being done and has been done in Iraq too, now in Afghanistan. Read the story and contact your representatives if you belive this violates any ‘separation of church and state’ in spending your tax dollars building mosques and U.S. Marines building mosques when they are trained to fight and win the war. Link:

7.) Fighting for a draw in Afghanistan:,8816,1956901,00.html

8.) Marines in Afghanistan-shave every day; bathe every 2 months:

9.) Detainee operations in Afghanistan:

10.) A bunch of links and stories, will group them all together to end today’s blog:

Supporting the Taliban:,0,4404811.story

Ralph Peters Making Sense again:

 Supplies coming through Russia, stans:

Australian sentenced in Afghanistan!!! WHAT!!!??

 Mineral deposits in Afghanistan:

Camp Dwyer Marines:




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January 31, 2010 at 1:31 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-1/30/10-Sat.

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Peace deals with the Taliban were discussed this week, where American tax dollars will be part of $500 million to pay the Taliban to stop fighting. Kind of reminds me of paying the Somali pirates to give ships back they have hijacked. In any case, US troops continue to die in battle in Afghanistan. I believe that before “one dime”, as Pres. Obama likes to use that term, is paid to the Taliban, murderers of US troops need to be brought to justice. Four Marines were KIA recently, and on Jan. 11, three Recon Marines were killed. We should not pass out money to the Taliban who killed these Marines. God bless the USA and God bless our troops. Link:

1.) Jewish Marine killed in action in Afghanistan, funeral held. God bless our US Marines. RIP.

2.) New US air strategy in Afghanistan: First Do No Harm. I believe this endangers US troops:

3.) British soldier seconds from death. At least these Taliban WILL NOT BE PART OF THE PAYOFF PLAN!!! The Brits killed 2 and an Apache helicopter killed one. 3 down, how many more to go? Link:

4.) One of three Recon Marines KIA in Afghanistan Jan. 11, 2010 earns the Bronze Star with V for Valor. I wrote my representatives and Pres. Obama and asked if this Marine received the bombs and air power he gave his life calling in, how many enemy fighters were killed, and also said all three should be nominated for the Medal of Honor. Link:

5.) Holbrooke: US to back Taliban reintergration. My suggestion I sent to my representatives and President Obama: Before “one dime” is handed out, all murders of US troops, now approaching 1,000 must be solved or those responsible captured and held accountable. How can we give money to killers of our troops, or to those attempted murders of appx. 4,000 of our troops injured in combat. (“one dime” is a term President Obama likes to use) Link:

6.) Defense officials seek more data on burn pits:

7.) America can’t afford to clown around with National Security: Excellent piece by Michelle Malkin:

8.) Diana West: Anyone surprised Iraq is the “New Iran”:

9.) I thought the same thing as this NY Times reporter as I stayed awake to watch Obama’s State of the Union speech! Link:

1. In Speech, Little Time Spent On National Security
(…Helene Cooper
President Obama spent exactly nine minutes on national security issues in the first State of the Union speech of his presidency, promising Americans that he would fight terrorism and warning Iran that its leaders will face “growing consequences” if they continue to ignore international calls to rein in their nuclear ambitions.

10.) Embattled US troops take cynical view of “progress” in Afghanistan. Catch and release Afghanistan style:

 11.) Jobs and money to Taliban fighters if they quit fighting! LInk:,2933,584120,00.html

12.) Staff Sgt. Ingham KIA Afghanistan earns Bronze Star, I wrote my reps and said he needs upgraded to Medal of Honor, along with the two other Recon Marines he was with, who fought off the Taliban until the end. I hope these Taliban do not get money from the US government, the murderer or these 3 Recon Marines should be captured and held accountable for the murders:

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January 30, 2010 at 12:12 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-1-29-10-Fri.

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A conference was held in London  yesterday on paying off the Taliban with a fund of $500 million, to get them to stop fighting. A story at link #1, if I am reading it right, says India is against the plan. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) India comments on the $500 million to pay off the Taliban not to fight:

2.) Marine leader on Iraq: WE LEAVE UNDER A BANNER OF VICTORY.  I have written my representatives and President Obama repeatedly and asked them to issue an IRAQ VICTORY MEDAL

3.) Read the latest at Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home, on the shameful peace conference to pay off the Taliban not to fight, being held in London yesterday:

4.) One of 3 Recon Marines killed in action in Afghnistan Jan. 11, 2009. Please read about this wonderful Marine. Please, let’s ask for justice for SSgt. Ingham and his two brother Marines killed that day. Before Taliban are given money to be bought off as discussed at the London peace conference yesterday, let’s make sure that those who killed these 3 Marines are captured and held accountable for their deaths, and make sure they are not given money and jobs instead.

5.) Homecoming of Ssgt. Ingham, KIA Afghanistan. Before we hand money to the Taliban, let’s make sure justice is done and the Taliban responsible for these 3 Recon Marine deaths are aputred and held accountable. Link to some very moving photos:

6.) Recon Marine Cpl. Lowe, KIA Afghanistan with Ssgt Ingham (see links above) and another recon Marine on Jan. 11, 2010. Write your representatives and ask for JUSTICE for these 3 Recon Marines. BEFORE one dime of US tax dollars age given to the Taliban to pay them to stop fighting (see other stories above) let’s make sure that we have captured and held accountable the Taliban responsible for the deaths of these 3 recon Marines. Link:

7.) Photos of funeral procession for Recon Marine Cpl. Lowe:

8.) Parent of Marine saved by 3 Recon Marines explained more of what really happened that day:

A parent of a Marine saved receives text message from his son in Afghanistan, describing ambush which claimed the lives of 3 American recon Marines. This explains more of what really happened that day.

9.) More on fallen Recon Marine Cpl. Lowe:

10.) God’s Marines: Cpl Lowe:

11.) Another Marine death, 1/6 Marine in Afghanistan, KIA-roadside bomb. God bless his family. The Taliban who did this should not qualify for any portion of the $500 million to be passed out to keep them from fighting. They should capture and hold accountable the Taliban who did this, not pass out money to them. Link:

12.) Reach out to the Taliban? I think not until the murderers of the Marines killed there have been captured and held accountable. The United States cannot have our finest Marines killed as the troops highlighted here at the links above, 3 Recon Marines, a Sgt. with a 2 year old child, and others, to die without justice being served for who killed them.. Link:

13. NATO Convoy Kills Imam: apologies already given! Link:

14.) Disruptative court case, denial in trying to kill American servicemember:

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January 29, 2010 at 12:07 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-1-28-10-Th.

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The war goes on, almost through another month, and no let up in sight. Today there is supposed to be a meeting in London to discuss a peace treaty with the Taliban. The Taliban reject this. They said on their web site they cannot be bought with money, they are fighting for Islam.

I don’t know how we can have a peace treaty with 946 US troop deaths, and 4,786 injured in combat according to 25 Jan. 2010 Marine Corps Times. The goal Gen. McChrystal said was to give the Taliban jobs, honor, respect, and economic security which will pull them away from the Taliban.

My question: what if we give money and jobs to those who killed or injured US troops? They should be arrested and tried for their crimes and should not be given money from U.S. tax payers. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Recon Marine , KIA Afghanistan 1-11-10 and other deaths. Note the 2 with the same last name. I read in Marine Corps Times this was a mistake, only one person with that last name died. (Juarez), God bless our American troops, may they RIP. Link:

2.) Congressman celebrates life of Recon Marine SSgt Matthew Ingham

3.) More blogs on Ssgt Matthew Ingham:

4.) Canadian military officer faces court martial:–afghan-battlefield-mystery-plays-out-in-court

5.) Does Obama team want Afghan plan to fail?

6.) Talk, talk, talk with Taliban while they are killing and maiming our men in battle. Before we deal with them, will the murderers of  946 US troops, and attempted murders of 4,786 US troops be charged with crimes against our troops? How can they be brought into the Afghan society if they have the blood of American troops on their hands, the very hands we intend to fill with cash, give jobs, etc.

7.) Suggestions for pay increases for military:

8.) Holbrooke: U.S. to back reintegration. Well, that’s it, the war is over in Afghanistan, bring the troops home. Let’s reintegrate our U.S. prisoners in Leavenworth Military Prison, for actions in battle.

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January 28, 2010 at 2:00 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-1-27-10-Wed.

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The last U.S. Marine left Iraq this week, and the last several days there have been mass bombings with multiple deaths. One day at hotels, and the next day I don’t even know what they hit, the news doesn’t seem to be focused on it at all.

Now Marines are serving in Afghanista. I say that they need to be there to win the war, and must be led by generals who instill a culture of victory. This is not happening, it seems the generals have a culture of losing and defeat, and Gen. McChrystal is even talking about peace talks with the Taliban.

Before any peace talks the murders of 946 U.S. troops in Afghanistan must be solved, and the attempted murders of 4,786 injured troops there, and those responsible captured and held accountable, or otherwise we would be signing peace treaties with someone responsible for killings or attempted murders of our troops. These casualty figures are in the  25 January 2010 Marine Corps Times.

The murders in Afghanistan of 3 Recon Marines are listed in this issue too, please pray for their families and do the right thing for the fallen so this does not happen again.

The fallen are: Staff Sgt. Matthew N. Ingham, 25, of Altoona, PA; Cpl. Jamie R. Lowe,21, of Johnsville, IL; and Cpl. Nicholas K. Uzenski, 21, of Tomball, TX. They were assigned to the 3rd Recon Bn., 3rd Marine Div., III MEF, Okinawa Japan, and all were murdered in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

I am contacting my representatives, and suggest others do the same, to make sure those enemy fighters or Taliban who killed them are captured and held accountable. The stories I read said they called in air strikes but it did not say whether they got them. I also  suggest asking, as I did, if the air strikes were allowed?

Stories fron around the GWOT:

1.)  Upcoming Marine operation in Afghanistan described in Stars and Stripes:

2.) Some more stories (2) on Karzai and the U.S. envoy who said: Karzai a dud says:

 “The year-old US administration has sought more distance from Karzai, who was close with previous president George W. Bush.”

3.) Attack on military installation averted by arrest?

4.) Fallen Recon Marine Staff Sgt. returns home to Illinois, RIP, we have your back now and your brothers in arms. Watch the video too:

5.) Another fallen Marine, casualties predicted to rise a lot:

6.) US troops wounded in attack in AFghanistan:

7.) Olive branch for Taliban? I say no until the murderers of  U.S. troops, some noted above such as the 3 Recon Marines, have been arrested and been hale accountable. Who wants to extend an olive branch to murderers of U.S. troops? Link:

8.) Fallen Marine comes home, watch video too. KIA Afghanistan. Link:

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January 27, 2010 at 5:00 am

Afghanistan Today the GWOT Hotspot 1-26-10-Tue.

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I have been busy faxing my representatives, President Obama and members of the Armed Services Committee, asking about the deaths of the 3 Force Recon Marines two Monday’s ago. 

 Are our troops being denied the air strikes? It is so unusual for 3 Recon Marines to die like this, I questioned from the beginning what happened. It says one risked his life to call in air strikes, but it does not say if he received the air support they obviously needed.

God bless the family of these Marines. They were the best of the best to be Recon. After their deaths, in the Kansas City Star Fri. Jan. 22, 2010 I read that in addition to taking air strikes off the table, Gen. McChrystal further restricted night raids it said, EVEN IF THE US TROOPS LOST THEIR TACTICAL ADVANTAGE. This is not acceptable. We must fight this war to win.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the last Marines left this week. Yesterday there were several deadly bombings.

 Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Can’t say it better that this: LET THEM FIGHT OR BRING THEM HOME. Link:

2.) What’s happening in a civilian court…..

3.) Yesterday’s Glenn Beck show transcript, wants to restore honor, discusses military Special Ops:

4.) Honor the Fallen, information about the 3 Fallen Force Recon Marines:

5.) Chemical Ali executed in Iraq; and massive bombings in Iarq:

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January 26, 2010 at 2:41 am

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Afghanistan Toady-The GWOT Hotspot-1/25/10-Mon.

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The reason I linked Haitian stories yesterday is mainly because what it going on there does affect Afghanistan. This is because several ships and thousands of Marines were diverted from Afghanistan to Haiti. Some Marines, such as the 22nd MEU had recently returned from a 7 month deployment and were ordered back to ship, some were reported to have been on their leave, to go to Haiti. What this all means in the long run as the reported spring fighting season unfolds in Afghanistan I do not know. God bless all U.S. troops through these difficult deployments. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Haitian airport and chaos of getting goods into Haiti:


2.) Bin Laden wording is thought to be a signal of upcoming attack:

3.) Story states international community has given up on winning in Afghanistan, wants to buy its way out:,2933,583769,00.html

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January 25, 2010 at 3:27 am

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