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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 2-5-11-Sat.

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While the war drags on in Afghanistan into another month, hotspots around the world are flaring up. Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and even VMI-Virginia Military Institute. VMI is hosting a “celebration” of the Muslim conquest of Christian Spain! I could barely believe my eyes to read this, but please read it at link #1:

1.) Virginia Military Institute (VMI) sponsors a conference which celebrates the conquest of Spain by Muslims. The list of events, speeches, speakers, etc. appears, at this time, to be very one-sided. Perhaps before they have the conference, they will present a more diverse panel and show how the Muslims treated Christians, and how the Muslims invaded Spain and did not respect cultural diversity of the Christians whose land they invaded. Link:

2.) Diana West’s take on the VMI “East meets West” conference:

3.) More updates on the VMI controversy, they are now scrubbing the term “celebration” from their we site information on the conference. I also wonder why the word “crossing” instead of “conquest” is listed still? Link:

4.) Martyrs of Cordoba:órdoba

5.) Muslim call to end capitalism, a 2003 story which mentions the first mosque built in Spain in over 500 years, at Granada: