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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot: 1/31/09-Sat.

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The war in Afghanistan is so hot it is making me mad to read repeatedly, U.S. generals, Joint Chiefs, Secretary of Defense and others state the meek, “We can’t kill our way to victory,” mantra. Ralph Peters wrote an excellent article a few days ago I posted it, and said this line MUST be dropped.

I would say the way they are running it they are telling our brave troops: “You can die for defeat.”

We are letting our leaders tell our brave troops they “Can’t kill our way to victory,” but we can die our way to defeat.

We’re not going to rebuild roads and not kill the enemy-if the enemy’s alive they’ll use the roads!

We didn’t go into Nazi Germany in WWII and tell them we were just going to build roads and schools, they could go on and do what they wanted, we weren’t going to kill them.  That same mindset should apply today if we want to win. We had to destroy the Nazi’s culture and only rebuild the good parts of it.

We have no path to victory now in Afghanistan.

SOMEBODY HAS TO KILL THE enemy, who do they think is going to do it?

In addition, any troop surge or “solution” in Afghanistan means we will have to go into Pakistan and have the stomach to kill all the terrorists who have gathered there and have been recruited to jihad. If it is a million terrorists there we have to have the stomach to kill them, if that’s how many may need killed depending upon their recruitment.

If we don’t take care of the problem in Pakistan, it won’t do any good to have a troop surge to Afghanistan.

God bless our brave U.S. troops in Afghanistan now, or going there. They need rules of engagement made less restrictive, and the pay and apologize tactics dropped.

Three Marines were killed in Afghanistan so far this week that I read about. The first story below is heartbreaking and I faxed to my representative and two senators. I suggest anybody who has family members possibly going to Afghanistan to read up on the situation there and read the first story below which describes the death in Afghanistan of Marine Sgt. Trevor Johnson. His mom answered the door at the knock of the two uniformed Marines who told her that her Marine was dead. She was quoted in the paper, link below:

“They had to do an identification on dental records. THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT OF HIM.”

Let that sink in and contact your representative and senators BEFORE the surge so that these Marines have proper equipment and rules of engagement which will keep them alive.

I also asked my representatives to send me a copy of Afghan President Karzai giving an apology to Americans for his citizens being so out of control they did this in killing our Marines. Did he apologize and pay money to the families of these Marines?

Just this week US commanders on the ground paid Afghans $40,000 and kept no record of names, passing it out to people who said they were injured or had family members killed.  Pay and apologize DOES NOT work. It should be stopped and an emphasis put on winning the war.

1.) “THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT OF HIM,” Marine’s Mom says to Helena, Montana newspaper. God bless and pray for this Marine’s family. Send a copy of this story to your representative and senators so they know what they are getting into with the Afghan surge.

Obama and the troops need winning tactics and winning officers, not restricted rules of engagement. If Obama doesn’t know what  is going on, perhaps he could get somebody who is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan to tell him how to win. Another Purple Heart earned, another family is left with a heart broken forever. Pray for the family of this brave Marine. Link:

Marine killed in Afghanistan, mother tells local newspaper, “”They had to do an identification on dental records. There was nothing left of him.”

2.)  More troops to Afghanistan and more Marines:

3.)  Taming the narco state of Afghanistan:

4.)  Afghans claim again civilians killed in military operation:

5.)  Photo of failed pay and apologize techniques American commanders use on the ground. Since 2007  attacks have only increased as enemy uses money passed out, such as this $40,000 to buy arms. Pay and apologize must be stopped to win the war. I requested my Senators and representative send me a a copy of Afghan Pres. Karzai’s apology to the American people for the 3 Marines who were killed by his countrymen this week, and to know what payment they made to the family? Link:’

6.)  American Army Major killed in Afghanistan, photo of funeral. I still want to know if Afghan President Karzai has apologized for this murderous act of his countrymen? I asked my senators and representative. Link:

7.)  Injured Marine and fiancee moving into new house equipped for wheelchairs. Pray for our injured troops like this Marine who gave his health and well being for our freedom:

8.)  Free beer for the troops!

9.)  Marine Murder case at Camp Lejeune:

10.)  Would Sec. Gates fall on a grenade for the troops? Peralta EARNED the MOH: Give it to him! He gave his life to save his fellow Marines:


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January 31, 2009 at 2:54 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot Fri. 1-30-09

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It’s winter in Afghanistan, but getting very hot as the Global War on Terror (GWOT) heats up. Will the restricted rules of engagement be lifted and the pay and apologize tactics be stopped so the troops can win? They should not send in a troop surge until the troops can fight.  Generals and the brass, and even an Army Captain leading troops on the ground was quoted in a news story that he told his troops we cannot kill our way to victory in Afghanistan. The answer to that is “SURE WE CAN”. With even officers on the ground saying this, it endangers our troops they lead in battle. That means they won’t let us kill our way to victory but we can die our way to defeat. We are not going to win by building roads and not killing the enemy to win-if the enemy is alive they’ll use the roads! There is no path to victory now.

Somebody has to kill the Taliban,  who do they think is going to do it? And, it means we have to go into Pakistan to go after them too. And, we don’t have the time to do it one at a time anymore, we have done that for eight plus years and it hasn’t worked. And, with Gitmo closing down, Obama has to order “take no prisoners.”

I did write to my representative and senators tonight and asked them for a copy of Afghan Pres. Karzai’s apology to Americans for the deaths of three of our finest United States Marines in his country by his citizens which he apparently cannot control. I also want a copy of the apology he made to their families, and I asked for how much money the Afghan government paid the families of the American Marines killed by Afghans this week.

Links to various stories in the GWOT. Links:

1.)  What will the strategy be for the troop surge in Afghanistan? I hope Pres. Obama has a clear path to victory now and lays it our for Americans to see and understand:  What is victory in Afghanistan? What is victory in Pakistan? Have we declared victory in Iraq? I have previously written my representative and senators that they should make sure all our troops who served in Iraq are awarded an IRAQ VICTORY MEDAL. They just need to do it and start cranking them out now. Link:

2.) Blackwater will leave Iraq if the US government orders it. I would like to know who is going to guard Hillary Clinton’s State Department? They have the largest embassy in Iraq. Blackwater has been guarding them. Perhaps she has some friends running a security company? U.S. troops are leaving Iraq so they can’t do it. Link:

3.) Elections in Afghanistan postponed until U.S. troop surge arrives to kill the terrorists. This is very strange the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as our U.S. military publications refer to it, violated its own constitution due to lack of security. What happened to all those billions we spent training Afghan police and soldiers? Link:

4.) U.S. bickering with British troops. I read in previous articles in the British press they are upset with the huge bunker US Army Gen. John Nicholson is building for himself, complete with command center in southern Afghanistan. Stay tuned for more information on this as it becomes available. Link:

5.)  Sec. Gates will name units to be sent to Afghanistan soon:

6.)  Pres. Obama wants Europe to pay and fight:

7.)  Concerns about Gitmo detainees being released to kill Americans:

8.)  Sleeper cell accused terrorist held in SC brig:

9.)  Why aren’t the terrorists who attacked us on 9-11-01 extending a hand of friendship? Why does Obama wasn to extend a hand or froendship to Osama Bin Laden or other like terrorists? Link:

10.) Open Source Intelligence Briefs from Family Security Matters:

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January 30, 2009 at 3:33 am

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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hot Spot-1-29-09-Thurs.

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President Obama is still planning a troop surge of up to 30,000 troops, that is the official word. I have read elsewhere the figure will be 40,000. Who knows? There are theories all over the place on whether if he needs to send more conventional forces like this? Or does he just need to pull troops out and leave special forces ad bombers? One thing is for sure: The policies of ‘pay and apologize’ before our troops are even investigated which Sec. Gates ordered continued, must be stopped. A war cannot be won through apology. As writer Ralph Peters said in a column which I linked at yesterday’s blog, and as I have been saying, those commanders and general who keep saying, “We cannot win through killing the enemy,” must stop. That is our only option for winning, and the way the enemy intends to win. The first story below from the NY Times states that Pres. Obama intends to use the military more, and win through military action which to me, sounds like pay and apologize may be stopped. Links:

1.) Pres. Obama plans to win the war in Afghanistan through more military action and killing the enemy, not through “pay and apologize.” I hope he understands “victory through apology” tactics do not work and puts a stop to them. Link:

2.) Gates wants quicker medical evacuations from rough terrain of Afghanistan:

3.) The day the America lost the War on Terror by Ben Shapiro: 11-4-08. I have to disagree: It was lost after Marines were attacked in Afghanistan 3-4-07 and thrown out of a war for the first time in U.S. history. The weakness of the Army generals who did this emboldened the Taliban and violence has been on a steady increase:

4.)  Obama: Tough choices ahead on Iraq, Afghanistan:

From the story:

“Obama remains committed to closing down the Iraq war, which he has called a mistake, and shifting military and other resources to Afghanistan. At some point soon, Obama will have to sign off on specific troops movements in both places.”

“Specific troop deployments to Afghanistan and the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were not discussed at the meeting, Morrell said.”

5.)  “Fomenter of war”: Description of former Gitmo detainee: Now al Qaida field commander. He was deemed ‘safe’ to release to Saudi Arabia for a re-education camp to clear his mind of radical islam. It didn’t work. What American signed the release order and why did they not know there is no ‘re-education’ camp to wash the mind of radical islam? Have they been demoted for signing off on this? From the story:

“The story of Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi underscores the dilemma Barack Obama’s administration finds itself in: Keeping men locked up without trials invites global criticism but releasing them without a fair and diligent process to distinguish enemies from noncombatants exposes the U.S. and its allies to danger. It also shows how hard it is to separate truth from lies.”


6.)  Two Camp Lejeune support Marine NCO’s killed in combat in Afghanistan. Where is the apology from President Karzai of Afghanistan for the deaths of our troops by his citizens? Has Pres. Karzai paid money to the families of the soldiers his citizens killed? I am going to write my senators and representative tonight and ask for a copy of the statement of apology from Karzai, and ask how much he paid the families of the dead U.S. Marines.  Furthermore, has Karzai arrested the murderers of our troops and are they in a secure jail as their previous jail had a jailbreak last year and all the prisoners escaped. Pray for the families of the troops killed and that Karzai’s apology and money will offer some degree, however small, of comfort, and knowing that Karzai is doing all he can to get these murderers off the street, give them a swift trial, and if guilty, execution. With a troop surge heading to Afghanistan the murderer or murderers of these 2 Marines need taken off the street immediately. Link:

Another Lejeune Marine murdered in Afghanistan. The same comments above apply. I will send this to my senators and representative and get a statement of Afghan President Harzai’s apology, and see how much money the country of Afghanistan is going to pay their families in compensation. Please pray for this Marine’s family, and that Karzai’s apology will give some comfort, and as stated above, Karzai’s assurance that the murderer or murderers will be arrested swiftly. Link:

7.)  PAY AND APOLOGIZE tactics still not stopped by President Obama. These tactics do not win wars. It undermines the due process of the troops who will be accused of killing “civilians”. I want to know how much money President Karzai paid to the families of 3 Marines killed in Afghanistan in the last few days? I want a statement of his apology for his citizens killing 3 of our Marines. I am writing my representative and senators and asking for a copy of President Karzai’s apology to the 3 Marine families of the Marines killed by his citizens in Afghanistan. The U.S. has tried “Victory through Apology” before and it did not work. Violence increased since they tried it in 2007, and later MARSOC Marines were totally exonerated, so the villagers lied to get money. Money should not be paid to the Afghans like this. Link:

8.)  “Victory” in Afghanistan redefined:

9.)  US fights information war with Taliban, and in my opinion the enemy is trouncing us: they have AP on speed dial and even Taliban “spokesmen” are quoted in the NY Times! Link:

10.) U.S. Marine “secretely” married before deploying to Afghanistan, where he died:



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January 29, 2009 at 4:29 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-1/28/09-Wed.

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The Global War on Terrorism isn’t going so well for the USA as in Afghanistan they were out maneuvered again by the Taliban. Today American commanders groveled and apologized while passing out money to Afghans. Better yet, there is no list of names of those killed or their ID. Why? The villagers are illiterate. The US should not have a troops surge in Afghanistan if our troops cannot fight to win. There is no way to win the war in Afghanistan with these PAY AND APOLOGIZE tactics. We tried it in 2007 with the MARSOC Marines who were attacked and the Army general paid money to villagers before an investigation. Turned out the Army general who was a colonel at the time, was wrong, and the Marines were exonerated and acted appropriately in a complex ambush it was determined at a Court of Inquiry. Now the commanders, led by Sec. Gates are back to the pay and apology tactics which do not work. With weak generals and leaders, this war is unwinnable. We should pull out and leave note on the door of the embassy that we are leaving and taking our money with us. Then keep some bombers and drones on standby to bomb from the air as Bill Clinton did in Bosnia and Kosovo. The weak tactics will not win the war, and it is not worth the legs of one more Marine. Link:

1.) U.S. commanders undermine troops they lead and who put their lives on the line. They don’t stand up to possible illegal orders of Sec. of Defense, and pay Afghans money and issue apologies even before an investigation of U.S. troops. A troop surge won’t win a war with pay and apologize tactics in place. Link:

2.) Sec. Gates to lessen expectations for victory in Afghanistan. Of course, because he ordered commanders to pay and apologize  to Afghans if they say their were injured or had family killed by U.S. troops, even before investigating American troops. We cannot win a war this way. No will to win. I don’t know why, they don’t want to win, but we cannot win with Gates’ tactics:









11.) Ralph Peters gives an excellent take on what is going on in Afghanistan:

12.) Sec. Gates says Pres. Obama still will authorize pulling the trigger on Predator Drones and authorize the killing of terrorists with their missiles. Note that Pres. Obama is still KILLING terrorists. The Predators he sends in do not send down a big net or lasso. They send a bomb and KILL the terrorists. If the Commander in Chief believes that we can kill our way to victory, the generals, captains, and others  as noted in story #11 above who are spouting off the sissified “you can’t kill your way to victory” should read Ralph Peter’s story at #11 and should listen to their own commander in chief who is killing terrorists himself with Predator drone strikes he OKs. It we can’t kill our way to victory but we can die our way to defeat, we’re not going to win in Afghanistan. Link:

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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hot Spot-1/27/09-Tues.

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I noticed in recent news stories they are using my terms: Afghanistan is a “hot spot” and “nightmare”. There are many stories coming out about Afghanistan and closing Gitmo. Some Gitmo prisoners were released to kill again, as they returned to the battlefield. I don’t know if Saudi Arabia is serious: Is there really a deprogramming system for making Islamic terrorists give up the fight? Would it be like cult deprogramming? Who is selling them the program? It apparently did not work for these two former Gitmo prisoners, now terrorists again. What is the percentage rate for failure and success? If the program works, why not drop CD’s and DVD’s of the program into the tribal areas of Pakistan so they can be deprogrammed? Instead of fighting with guns, perhaps American Special Forces can take in the deprogramming program from Saudi Arabia and make the Taliban change that way? Links:

1.) Saudi Arabia reports to have a program to deprogram radical Islamics. I believe the Pentagon should have checked the success and failure rate before letting the prisoners out of Gitmo and sending them to the Saudi anti radical Muslim re-education camp. These 2 in the story were not re-educated to give up radical Islam. Sec. Gates said it was safe to bring the Gitmo terrorists to the USA. Who signed off on releasing these terrorists? Whoever signed for their release should be demoted and exposed as it was not ‘safe’ to release them. I still can’t believe the Pentagon “fell” for the line that there was a deprogramming camp for radical Islamic terrorists. Don’t you think the USA would be running the deprogramming camp right now at Gitmo if there was one?Link:

2.)  Afghans complain of “civilian” deaths:

3.)  Biden predicts more U.S. casualties in Afghanistan:,0,4150738.story?track=rss,0,6821802.story?track=rss

4.) Obama following into Afghanistan trap:

Richard Holbrooke picked by Obama to bring peace to Afghanistan:

5.) Logistics of a quicker Iraq exit:

6.)  Major transition for tiny Guam as many Marines relocate there from Okinawa, Japan:

7.)  Mexico as failed state will require U.S. military intervention. I wonder how this could be as the US military is involved in 2 wars as it is now. Link:

8.)  Freed Gitmo detainees back in business as terrorists. I want to know who signed off on their release? Again, bad intelligence. Someone thought they were ‘safe’ to release. Who has been demoted for signing the papers to release them? Link:

9.)  Israel considering 1,000 to 1 prisoner swap. Now that seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Link:

10.)  Afghan president rips U.S. raid:

11.)  Obama’s Afghan quagmire:

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Mon. 1/26/09

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There is no doubt about it, Afghanistan IS the GWOT hot spot. Over the weekend President Obama OK’d the firing of missiles from drones into Pakistan, just over the border with Afghanistan to KILL terrorists in what they thought to be their “safe” havens. He isn’t messing around. I think by closing Gitmo as he plans takes away the crutch the generals on the ground had before. They no longer have that crutch to arrest or detain the enemy. As Obama showed this weekend, they will have to kill them.  With Obama releasing the the missile for its deadly strike, it seems to be a signal that he is ordering: “Take no prisoners.”

Then in Afghanistan, U.S. troops are AGAIN accused of “killing civilians”. It’s getting hotter in Afghanistan.

Brig. General John Nicholson is building his bomb and rocket proof bunker and command center in Southern Afghanistan, and 30-40,000 American troops are headed his way. Vice President Joe Biden said today that U.S. casualties will increase. Someone should investigate and check on the casualty rate Gen. Nicholson had on his last mission in Afghanistan.

Questions remain: Will Nicholson leave the bunker to lead troops on patrols?

Will restricted rules of engagement be dropped by Obama so his troops surge can win the war?

Will Army officers who tell their young enlisted charges on the ground that they “can’t kill their way to victory” be relieved of their command as they should be?

Will Obama order Nicholson to stop the “pay and apologize” tactics? This is when he pays Afghans who blame our troops for hurting them or killing “civilians” in battle even before an investigation could exonerate troops who could be innocent?

How much is this bunker costing to build, and the related structures?

And the question of all questions: In 2007, why did then Colonel Nicholson feel so comfortable waltzing into Afghan villages and passing out money, food, and turbans, joining the celebrating  Afghans at 2 ceremonies, paid for by our tax dollars, when now he needs a bunker? Didn’t he make friends passing out all that money?

It is getting hotter and hotter in Afghanistan, pray for our troops, as even Vice President Joe Biden said today casualties will go up for U.S. troops in Afghanistan with the troop surge. We need generals who know how to lead and win on the battlefield. We don’t need generals who sell out their troops and hide in a bunker.  Links:

1.) Stories about Gen. Nicholson’s bunker:

The British are upset with Gen. Nicholson’s bunker:

Australian press take on Gen. Nicholson’s bunker:,25197,24898719-26040,00.html

Washington Post’s take on the BILLIONS being spent on Gen. Nicholson’s bunker and other construction in Afghanistan:

2.)  U.S. generals and commanders should learn from this story, Israel says that they will back their soldiers when accusations fly at them:

3.)  Afghan president claims the U.S. military killed 16 civilians. Hundreds of angry Afghans march in the streets and denounce the U.S. military. In the meantime, 30-40,000 U.S. troops prepare for a troop surge in Afghanistan. Link:

Another story on Afghans making allegations that the U.S. military killed civilians. I have a question: HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THE TALIBAN BEHEAD DAILY?,0,364965.story

More on Afghan claim that U.S. killed civilians:

4.) U.S. military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan continue under President Obama:

570 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan:

5.)  Where are the Afghans who are so quick to protest against American soldiers and Marines  (see above links at #3) to protest the Taliban’s harsh punishment and killing of civilians? Look at the photo at this link of punishment Taliban style. Where are the mass protests of this treatment? Any Army officers like I read about yesterday, a West Point grad, an officer leading young Americans in battle and tells them they can’t “kill their way to victory” needs to be removed from command. The enemy will have to be killed. Gitmo is closing, they no longer have the crutch of arresting the enemy and housing him there. It is a cruel enemy we face in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The U.S. must win. We can’t afford any longer, after 7 years, to go in with the troop surge Obama plans, with restricted rules of engagement From the story and link to full story below:

With the increasing consolidation of their power, the Taliban have taken a sizable bite out of the nation. And they are enforcing a strict interpretation of Islam with cruelty, bringing public beheadings, assassinations, social and cultural repression and persecution of women to what was once an independent, relatively secular region, dotted with ski resorts and fruit orchards and known for its dancing girls.

In the view of analysts, the growing nightmare in Swat is a capsule of the country’s problems: an ineffectual and unresponsive civilian government, coupled with military and security forces that, in the view of furious residents, have willingly allowed the militants to spread terror deep into Pakistan.

Being named in one of the nightly broadcasts often leaves just two options: fleeing Swat, or turning up headless and dumped in a village square.

Few officials would dispute that one of the Pakistani military’s biggest mistakes in Swat was its failure to protect Pir Samiullah, a local leader whose 500 followers fought the Taliban in the village of Mandal Dag. After the Taliban killed him in a firefight last month, the militants demanded that his followers reveal his gravesite — and then started beheading people until they got the information, one Mandal Dag villager said.

His latest tactic is a ban on girls’ attending school in Swat, which will be tested in February when private schools are scheduled to reopen after winter recess. The Taliban have already destroyed 169 girls’ schools in Swat, government officials say, and they expect most private schools to stay closed rather than risk retaliation.

“The local population is totally fed up, and if they had the chance they would lynch each and every Talib,” said Mr. Naveed Khan, the police official. “But the Taliban are so cruel and violent, no one will oppose them. If this is not stopped, it will spill into other areas of Pakistan.”


6.) Can Obama succeed where others have failed in over 2,000 years of fighting in the long-lamented killer of empires that is Afghanistan?

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains
And the women come out to cut up what remains
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.

—Rudyard Kipling, “The Young British Soldier,” 1892


Same story, but this version has a photo of the poppy fields which is something to look at:

7.) McClatchy Newspapers report on why Afghanistan may be Obama’s toughest challenge:

8.)  Biden warns of higher U.S. death toll in Afghanistan. He should be warning the Taliban that THEY WILL HAVE A HIGHER DEATH TOLL. He does say that Obama will let the Marines and soldiers fight. Link, and pray for our troops going in for the Afghanistan surge:,0,6492724.story?track=rss

9.) U.S. Sailor jailed for hitting detainee who threw feces in his eyes and mouth, forcing him to vomit. I want charges filed against the detainee for the attack on our sailor, and for the other detainees who threw stones and scraps. Link:

10.) Is closing Gitmo making us ‘feel good’ at the expense of national security?

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sun. 1-25-09

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A month since Christmas and the war still drags on, heading for a showdown with a surge of 30-40,000 American troops being sent to Afghanistan. Will Obama lift the restricted rules of engagement and fire the inept generals? He wants to win, he will have to do it as his hero Abraham Lincoln did in the Civil War. Links to various stories around the world in the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT. Links:

1.)  Update on the story about the Afghan school girls burned with acid, thrown on their faces by Taliban as they walked to school. Link:

2.) Obama will close ‘black sites’ and Gitmo. Well, we will see where he puts them, and where he puts any detainees arrested in the troop surge he is sending to Afghanistan. With Gitmo and black sites closed it seems obvious he is planning to lift restricted rules of engagement and putting in place “take no prisoners” policy so the troops can kill the enemy and win the war. There will be no ‘crutch’ for generals to fall back on, no ‘arrests’, no more ‘detainees’, just orders to kill the enemy and win the war. Good for Obama, and good for America: he wants to win! Link:

3.)  As I said at link #2: OBAMA WANTS TO WIN THE WAR! The new ‘take no prisoners’ policy he will have to put in effect for the troop surge, as the ‘crutch’ of Gitmo and ‘black sites’ will be closed down, will help rid the earth of terrorists meant to destroy our country and the western world. He is starting the surge on the right foot: killing terrorists. Ridding them from the earth. Paradise for them in their religion, a step forward for Obama in winning the war. Obama gets the picture now and what it’s all about: killing terrorists. He has killed his first dozen or more now. Onward to victory with Obama. Link:

4.)  4 Marines face death penalty for murder of Marine Sgt. and his wife. What a terrible senseless crime. Pure evil. Link:

5.) U.S. troop deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama became president Jan. 20, 2009, when he inherited two wars, we will have to watch how many die under his war watch and if it spikes during his Afghanistan troop surge. Links:

Troop death in Afghanistan; Jan. 17, 2009:

6.) Where will Gitmo detainees go? Link:

7.) In Afghanistan terrain rivals Taliban as enemy is the headline, but the blockbuster is within the story. An Army captain does not believe we can “kill our way to victory”.  Here is my comment on this:

I read this Washington Post story, it came on an e mail news update I get, and I am cooking dinner, and just glanced at this line and literally, I think for the first time I felt a TOTAL sense that the war in Afghanistan is UNWINNABLE and it literally made my ‘blood boil’.

 Pass this on if you want.

 If we have commissioned Army officers on the battlefield in Afghanistan leading our young enlisted men in battle, that tell them we cannot “kill our way to victory” we have lost the war as far as I am concerned.

No young enlisted man should have to suffer in battle and even lose their life or limb led by a Captain who thinks like this. If the war can be won without killing the enemy then bring the troops home and send in the State Department and Peace Corps. I am going to have to send this to my reps and encourage anyone else to send it and ask BEFORE Obama’s troops surge.

 IF ARMY or MARINE OFFICERS will go in with this philosophy: “WE CANNOT KILL OUR WAY TO VICTORY” I am going to ask them, WHY THE TROOP SURGE? Are the troops in the surge being sent to kill the enemy? If they are not being sent to kill the enemy, what are they being sent for?

I know my husband will be VERY mad to read it and other non PC Army retirees who do not think like this officer. One reason I feel so strongly in reading it is that the Army affliction of sissification has infected the younger Army officers with sissification plus, like a “super bug” infection you pick up, and it kills you, no treatment. An example is Brig. Gen. John Nicholson who apologized to Afghans and paid them money in error when they lied about U.S. Marines, who were exonerated when it was determined they acted appropriately in a complex ambush.

 I hear Adm. Mullen of joint chiefs saying you can’t “kill your way out of a war” and Sec. Gates say the same thing, but to see an officer leading young men, some mother’s son’s out on the field of battle saying this is something which should not be tolerated. I would not like my son to be led by an officer who said you cannot ‘kill’ your way to victory. Well, I know an Army retiree who knows war history, and he said when he first heard and read Admiral Mullen say we can’t “kill our way to victory” he said: “SURE YOU CAN”.

For them to spout you “can’t kill your way to victory”:  how can you prove that? Why did we drop two atomic bombs on Japan,  and why do we currently have nuclear weapons? There is nothing else to do with the terrorists in Afghanistan, Gitmo prison is being closed as are the prisons in other countries. How did we win WWII? WHY DO WE HAVE FIGHTER JETS, BOMBERS, BOMBS, RIFLES, GUNS, ARTILLERY, SUBMARINES, ARMED PREDATOR DRONES, etc?

PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEBODY COME TO YOUR SENSES AND WAKE  UP!!!! Americans need to wake up! Officers like this need taken OFF the battlefield. Note the name: BATTLEFIELD.  NOT: PLAYGROUND!


Did he let the Predator Drone drop leaflets and say: “Please, we don’t believe we can kill our way to victory, so we are dropping these leaflets with a smiley face on them.” NO!!!!!




He did not drop leaflets or presents, he dropped a good old-fashioned BOMB to KILL the terrorists! No diplomacy or tea, or anything like that.

The enemy certainly believes they can KILL their way to victory. Our troops NO LONGER NEED TO SUFFER UNDER OFFICERS WHO DO NOT BELIEVE WE CAN KILL OUR WAY TO VICTORY.

I have a suggestion:

ALL OFFICERS WHO BELIEVE WE CANNOT KILL OUR WAY TO VICTORY SHOULD GO UNARMED ON PATROLS BY THEMSELVES AND SEE HOW LONG THEY LAST. Sec. Gates, Adm. Mullen, this officer, and others like them can form a battalion without weapons. After all, you can’t kill your way to victory they say, so let’s test their beliefs. See how long their classroom theory works.

FROM THE STORY: (which has me so upset for our troops sake. Also, how can I audit a class at West Point since MY TAX DOLLARS ARE APPARENTLY NOT BEING USED TO TEACH OFFICERS TO WIN? I ONLY WANT WINNING TACTICS TAUGHT.) I believe there should be an immediate relief of command of this officer,

and an Army Court of Inquiry into these losing tactics and words.


(Army officer, Capt. Jay Bessey , West Point graduate leading men, his beliefs I think will get our men killed and not win the war. If we are not there to kill people, why do we have guns and ammo? They can’t capture the enemy and take them to Gitmo anymore as it is being closed, so what is he going to do with the enemy?) And the “ugly American” comment is beyond the pale for our enlisted fighting men out there on the front lines. It is not right to send young enlisted men out on patrols in a very violent Afghanistan with an officer like this. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS only. If somebody wants to explain to me how we are going to win a war without guns, bombs, or killing the enemy, please inform me, as the mother of 2 Marines, I would sure like to know.


The conditions have made for a tense atmosphere for Bessey’s men in the 6th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, based in Fort Hood, Tex., but he has pushed hard to counter their fears. “I try to tell our guys, You know, we’re not going to win this thing by killing people,’ “ Bessey said. “We’re not going to win by being the ugly Americans out there.”

Written by orangekite1

January 25, 2009 at 1:01 am

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