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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-3-31-09-Tues.

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Afghanistan is not the only hot spot in the former Global War on Terror (GWOT) or as the administration now calls it, the Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO), but it is also hot in Talibanistan. This is the area that Pakistan gave over to the rule of the Taliban. Since the US will no longer have to ask Pakistan for permission to bomb, this should actually make it easier for the US too bomb the Taliban massed in this area (Talibanstan). Threatening the USA should be reason enough to get the bombers off the tarmac or off the ships and into the air, fully loaded. Links below.

1.) Taliban leader in Talibanistan (former Pakistan tribal areas which they gave over to the Taliban’s rule recently) threatens Washington, DC. Look at the photo of this monster, couldn’t get any better from central casting. Pray for victory for US troops as they face these monsters daily in Afghanistan as they come over from Pakistan to kill US troops. These monsters don’t care about the Geneva Convention either. Link:,2933,511873,00.html

2.) There is no way to tell if Taliban fighters have connections with Bin Laden and/or al Qaeda. We already gave them amnesty in 2001 and let them go once, only to have them fight again. This would be like if we talked to the Nazis. Would the women in the country have any rights? The leader of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission was on C-Span 2 last week with Eleanor Smeal, a feminist leader, and the Afghan lady said there were NO moderate Taliban in response to a reporter’s question. Link:

3.)  Exposure to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan causing illness in US troops:

4.) Sen. Levin makes some valid points on the war in Afghanistan and on Pakistan’s role:

5.) Afghann soldier kills US troops; including female nurse:

6.) Pirates don’t wear uniforms:

7.)  CBS take on Obama’s War. Good insights:

8.) Hillary stops using the term WAR ON TERRORISM, following Obama’s lead. But, has the official campaign awarding the WAR ON TERRORISM SERVICE MEDAL been stopped? If so, what campaign replaced it? Or, is the campaign continuing and the medal being awarded? Link:

9.) US Marines use tax payer money to build mosque and basin for ritual of washing before Muslim prayers. I thought this was against the US constitution to fund religions institutions like this. Link:

10.) Marine didn’t have to go to Afghanistan, but did in order to help Marines with no combat experience in the 3.8. This poor Marine died, may God bless his soul and his family at this time. Link:


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March 31, 2009 at 10:41 pm

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-3-30-09-Mon.

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The Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT may now be named the OCO-Overseas Contingency Operation, but I will see if I change my title. Various articles below from around the GWOT. Links:

1.)  New Hampshire Marine dies in Afghanistan:’part+of+a+family+larger+than+he+knew’&articleId=b3d9ef40-2a57-4c77-8d13-f786e0a07cbf

2.)  The way we now treat our heroes. Purple Heart recipient could spend life in prison! Some treatment for the ones defending us from evil. Link:

3.) Af-Pak War: long story, but lots of good ideas on the war:

4.)  Marines will not have Osprey’s in Afghanistan for now, and other GWOT news:

5.)  More thoughts on Obama’s Afghanistan troop escalation like Johnson’s in Vietnam:

6.)  Better marksmanship needed, read comment, need to be KIA not WIA! Taliban fighters treated next to British at Camp Bastion according to “Geneva Convention”. The Taliban should be taken to  their own hospitals. And the “Geneva Convention” does not apply to Taliban fighters who don’t abide by it and have not signed it as far as I am concerned. Also, they should be charged and money collected before they leave the hospital, just like in an American hospital ER, they bring in the credit or debit card reader before you see a doctor! Link:

7.)  Camp Bastion, BGen. John Nicholson, Sen. John Mccain and others at the base in the “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’:

8.)  Keep scrolling down to see photos of Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Lindsey Graham at Camp Bastion, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Also after that note quotes from Capt. Mike Hoffman from an earlier story. Yesterday he is quoted in the USA Today as saying he was not there to kill the bad guys. If a Marine is not there to kill the bad guys, then what are they there for? Link:

9.) USA Today story where a US Marine Captain, Mike Hoffman is quoted as saying he is not in Afghanistan to kill the bad guys. If he is not there to kill bad guys, that endangers the Marines serving under him and the entire US National Security. Link:

10.)  Capt. Mike Hoffman video from Afghanistan:

11.) Marines deliver care packages to remote outposts in Afghanistan:

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March 30, 2009 at 6:08 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sun. 3-29-09

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Haven’t been able to update anything since my last post and in the meantime, the Global War on Terrorism has had a name change. I will have to check, but I believe in my absence, President Obama ended the campaign medal for the military for the GWOT

. That campaign is now ended I heard, if it is correct, as I saw it on various TV news outlets then the GWOT is no more. I heard the reports on TV while gone and have not checked the Internet. I did hear the reporters say on TV that the new name is, “Overseas Contingency Operation”. I do not know if this ranks a medal or if this is a new campaign? So, for now I will call this Afghanistan Today: The GWOT Hot Spot.

Please pray for all of our American troops being sent in the escalation of troops to Afghanistan by President Obama. Pray for a swift and sure victory so our troops can come home. There is another place they could be and that is on the US borders in outposts. Links to various stories follow:

1.)  Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai has his term extended by Afghan Supreme Court:

2.) Military fraud being investigated. Perhaps the generals who have not won these wars after all these years should be investigated too, along with their tax returns being checked. Link:

3.) Who trained this Afghan soldier who killed a US Navy nurse and another sailor, plus injured another? Link:

4.)  Hillary Clinton wants more civilian help in Afghanistan. I say read story #3 above where an enemy fighter dressed in an Afghan military uniform shot and killed a US Navy nurse and civilian worker in Afghanistan, and wounded another. Link:

5.) U.S. troops fight elusive enemy in Afghanistan. Every US senator and representative should read this:

6.)  Illinois National Guardsman killed in Afghanistan under Commander in Chief President Barack Obama:

7.)  British gun atop hill killing a lot of enemy fighters:

8.)  NY Times opinion piece says there is hope for peace in Afghanistan:

9.)  Enemy in Afghanistan uses women and children again as shields:

10.)  Obama’s decision to widen war in Afghanistan:

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March 29, 2009 at 7:59 pm

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Afghansitan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot, Sat. 3-20-09

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As American Marines leave U.S. soil to kill the enemy in Afghanistan to make this world a better place, their Commander in Chief makes a video directed toward the Iran, a country which is responsible for many deaths of U.S. troops. The Global World of  Terrorism is getting hot. God bless our 8,000 Marines going to war against tyrannical Islamists in Afghanistan, many of the terrorists coming over the border from Pakistan and their training camps there. Please pray for our U.S. Marines. Various links from around the GWOT below:

1.)   President Obama gives a speech to Iran. I ask, mutual respect? What has Iran done to deserve my respect? Have they apologized for the US Hostage crisis at the embassy in 1979? Have they apologized for their terrorism around the world? What is there for me to respect? Link:

2.)  Officials: Afghanistan set for civilian surge:

3.) Significant spike in violence expected in Afghanistan as “fresh” troops arrive:

4.) Hope the civilian surge mentioned above is aware of the violence in Afghanistan; 4 Canadian soldiers killed, more injured in blast:

6.)  Sorry, but this sounds like just another PC nominee who can’t win a war. We have been trying to fight with our hands tied the last 8 years in Afghanistan. Time for someone who can fight and win. I say it is a no go on this nominee. Send to front lines of Afghanistan at an outpost and see if he makes if before putting him in charge. Link:

7.)  Mullah Omar supposedly in Afghanistan now:

8.)  US troop welfare endangered with waiting to shoot the enemy:

9.)  Turmoil in Pakistan:

10.)  Question on # of troops who have deployed to war. They should question the officers and generals how many times they have led foot patrols? This long into a war and no victory in Afghanistan the current generals should be relieved of command and new generals who want to win brought in. Link:

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March 21, 2009 at 4:38 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Fri. 3-20-09

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Many more stories about the Global War on Terror and the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq. May God bless US troops and may they be on to victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Links:

1.)  More bomb attacks in Bati Kot, Afghanistan:

2.) Obama envoy Hollbrooke was on AIG board, even in 2008 when bonus plan written up:

3.) Marines deploy to Afghanistan. Watch the video for a good tribute to Marines from a Marine wife. Link:

4.)  Bati Kot bombing and terrorists, story in KC STAR:

5.) Another KC Star article and photos of anti-American crowds in Bati-Kot. Link:

6.)  Woman who says Marine raped her changes story:

7.) More Haditha charges dropped, our brave brave warrior needa a salute:

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March 20, 2009 at 3:34 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Th. 3-19-09

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The US surge prepares to go to Afghanistan. Many enemy fighters are coming over from Pakistan. Let’s hope and pray for a swift American victory so our troops can come home. Links:

1.)  Mumbai attack in India; story calls ringleaders “demonic”:

2.)  Civilian surge planned for Afghanistan. I hope they are heavily armed:

3.)  Forced Army service will only last 2 more years Sec. Gates says:

4.)  Obama seeks  vastly more  Afghan security forces, hope the USA is not paying for them. The USA can win any war it WANTS to win.

5.)  Many of thet NATO forces will not fight in Afghanistan:

6.)  The US Congress and Senate could spend a year in Afghanistan and teach them how to run their government for the civilian surge; run sessions from there:

7.) Obama drops scheme to charge private insurance for service related injuries:

8.)  Woman who says Marine raped her changes story:

9.)  Court upholds dismissal of Haditha charges; my question is whether those responsible for undue command influence will be charged?

10.)  Mother makes sure Marines don’t go without. Marines “step-child” of the Army, don’t have adequate supplies or budget:

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March 19, 2009 at 5:02 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Wed. 3-18-09

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Bati Kot, Afghanistan is one of the hottest spots in the Global War on Terrorism, with four US troops needlessly dying there the day before yesterday. Needless I say, because in 2007 we had elite Marine Special Forces there who were attacked, and acted appropriately in shooting back, yet they were thrown out of the country, the first time in US history that Marines were thrown OUT of a war. Today, as a result of inept US Army generals who threw the Marines out of this most dangerous place, Bati Kot, the families of four U.S. soldiers are in mourning today. Two years to the month after the Marines were thrown out in error, the generals who perpetrated this tactical error, showing weakness to the enemy,  are still in charge,  including Brig. Gen. John Nicholson.

Some background information below on Bati Kot, which the UN calls “peaceful”. There was an attack there in Nov. 2008 killing one US soldier and injuring, I read in some reports, at least a dozen.

These are only 2 of many attacks since the Marines were thrown out of Afghanistan after being attacked in Bati Kot. The Marines were exonerated at the first Marine Court of Inquiry in over 50 years. Apparently, none of the US generals, or those who were so quick to throw out the Marines from this violent war,  is taking care of the violence in Bati Kot, and more US troops are being sent to Afghanistan for the surge.

Let’s pray that no more US troops are killed in this known terrorist haven of Bati Kot. Let’s pray for all the 8,000 Marines being sent for the surge, and they will have leadership that knows how to WIN the war. 

Let’s demand accountability of our generals who appear weak and side with the Taliban. Let’s hope before more troops are put in harm’s way by Pres. Obama, that he calls in the losing generals, just like his hero Abraham Lincoln did, and rips some stars off their chests and demotes them. We need winning generals in this most dangerous and violent country.

We need rules of engagement so the US troops can win. The generals in charge the last eight years of war are not cutting it. Throwing Marines out of a war is not cutting it. Please review the links below and contact your elected officials and demand that losing generals be demoted before the troop surge to Afghanistan and that they be replaced with winners, and restricted rules of engagement be dropped.

Fox News’ Steve Harrigan reported from Afghanistan Tues. morning 3-17-09 and stated the fighting is seasonal there, and as it warms up, the Taliban and US troops being sent for the surge will fight in violent and bloody battles. Let’s hope the blood is from the Taliban and not US troops.

 God bless our American troops, and may they get leadership to lead them ON TO VICTORY IN AFGHANISTAN! Links:

1.)  November 2008 attack on U.S. troops in violent Bati Kot, Afghanistan led to the death of one US soldier. This report from USA Today does not state it, but I read elsewhere 12 US troops were injured. As you can read there were many Afghan deaths. This story does contain the quote where the UN calls Bati Kot “peaceful”. From the story and link:

“The United Nations condemned the attack, saying it ‘inflicted enormous suffering in an otherwise peaceful community.'”

2.)  Women of Afghanistan celebrate Woman’s Day. I hope they live to tell about it, I hope their lives are spared and not endangered:

3.) Be sure to watch the video of Brian Williams interviewing Brig. Gen. John Nicholson in Afghanistan, as the extremely high casualty rate Nicholson had on a previous tour is exposed: 350 casualties (injuries) and 45 killed. He was also part of the Army team responsible for throwing the Marine Special Ops out of Afghanistan in 2007, which was in error, as ruled at the Marine Court of Inquiry. See him in this video put on Afghanistan Taliban-type turbans and clothing. Instead of being demoted, he was promoted to Brig. Gen. and put in charge of Southern Afghanistan, where the troop surge is now headed. Pray to God that the 8,000 US Marines being sent to this violent area have good leadership which knows how to WIN a war and not appear weak to the enemy. Link to story, and video is within the story, click on it and watch it yourself:

Mr. Fix-It takes on the “forgotten war”. This is the video link of Brian William’s interview with Brig. General Nicholson, who gave the statement of apology to the Afghans, as it turned out, in error, and was involved with Army Gen. Kearney in throwing the Marines out of the war in 2007. Now, a troop escalation is headed to the area he is in charge of; if a “game changer” is needed, it needs to be winning generals put in charge who lead from the front, two master’s degrees and all, generals should go live for a year at an outpost and not underground in a bunker:

4.) Seven enemy fighters killed by US troops in Afghanistan. How soon before the Taliban spokesman starts saying they were civilians?

5.)  Suspect in NY tunnels plot released:

6.)  Sec. of State Hillary Clinton urges Ireland to take in Gitmo “detainees”:

7.)  Marine dies in non-hositle incidnet:

8.)  Airman dies in Afghanistan, checking out school:

9.)  Four soldiers killed in Bati Kot, Afghanistan, 3 from Illinois, one from Arizona:

10.)  VA to monitor burn pit data due to health concerns of Iraq and Afghanistan vets:

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