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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Tues. 6-30-09

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Another month ends and the US is still in Afghanistan preparing for who knows what? The new general sent by the Commander in Chief to disrupt, dismantle and defeat the Taliban appears to have violated his direct orders and now openly states in various press interviews that he is not in Afghanistan to do this, but to secure Afghan civilians, and he will know there is progress by the number of civilians shielded from violence.

Or, has the Commander in Chief changed his orders, and has not told the American people or the military families?

If the president changed the orders, and U.S. troops are to be sacrificed in Afghanistan, why didn’t Gen. McChrystal support the troops he leads, and resign in protest if  he was given illegal orders which endanger his  troops in battle? I am awaiting an answer from my representatives and will post them when I get them.

I have written my representatives and members of the House and Senate Armed Services committee and asked them for  a weekly list to be sent to me, of how many civilians were shielded from Taliban violence by our troop surge. So far I have not received a number, but I will post it when I receive it.

I believe American families of military and other Americans should be aware of how many Afghan civilians Gen. McChrystal has shielded from the Taliban, and a weekly report should be issued.  This way, Americans can also judge if this intervention in Afghanistan is a success.

Again, I will lead with the most important document you should read about the troop surge to Afghanistan. This should be read by all members of Congress, the Senate, the President, and the generals and officers at the Command College and Quantico.

If the general in charge cannot win the hearts and minds of the American military families and Americans in general, how can he win the hearts and minds of Afghans who are predisposed to dislike us anyway?  Link:

1.) AFGHANISTAN POLICY SACRIFICES U.S. TROOPS: If possible, pass this story on, this link on, and send it to your representatives, friends and family. This is an urgent matter. Our troops on the ground depend on you to make a difference, which to them, could mean life or death, or a life of being maimed.

2.) President Obama leaves 130,000 American troops in Iraq. Link:

3.) Abu Gharib scandal still effects Lynndie England:

4.)  Marine Corps goal in Afghanistan: Talk more, shoot less:

5.) Shootout in Afghanistan involves U.S. trained Afghan guard force:

6.)  19 yr. old American soldier dies of wounds suffered in Afghanistan. Let’s honor his sacrifice and demand answers to make sure that he was not sacrificed due to Gen. McChrystal’s policies which deny US troops air strikes and the ability to fight when under fire from the enemy. Is Gen. McChrystal disobeying Pres. Obama’s orders to disrupt, dismantle and defeat the enemy in Afghanistan, or has the president changed his orders and not told American citizens and military families that he is sacrificing their sons and daughters and denying them the support they need when under fire? Link:

7.)  Story with Canadian press in which Gen. McChrystal says he will sacrifice U.S. and allied troops:

8.) Exit strategy from Afghanistan? I believe there should be one:

9.)  War hospital in Afghanistan deals with rising U.S. casualties:

10.) ABC on the ground in Helmand:

 11.) Well take that Gen. McChrystal…you sacrifice US troops and Afghan Pres. Karzai still does not like you, while another story said 80% of Afghans do not support Pres. Obama’s troop surge to their country. Karzai now blames US trained Afghan security for deaths at police station:


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June 30, 2009 at 2:45 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Mon. 6-29-09

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The War in Afghanistan goes forward, but again, I will lead at spot #1 with the terrible situation U.S. troops find them in with Gen. McChrystal’s restricted rules of engagement endangering their lives. Please send this on, or call your representatives and let them know the sacrifice of U.S. lives in Afghanistan is not acceptable. Link:

1.) Afghanistan policy sacrifices U.S. troops:

2.) Families for the Troops, a link from Soldiers for the Truth:

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June 29, 2009 at 4:18 am

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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hot Spot: Sun. 6-28-09

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I am again going to lead at story #1 with: “Afghanistan strategy sacrifices U.S. troops”. This story needs to be read and acted on by all military families, and all American families who do not want our troops sacrificed. Various other links including, again Gen. McChrystal stating in print at story #2 how he is going to sacrifice U.S. blood, at least in the short term. I have sent this story and my letter to my representatives and the House and Senate Armed Services Committee and various media outlets to expose this traitorous act against our troops. Please read stories #1 and #2 and if you support U.S. troops, please contact your media outlets, and representatives and make them aware of the situation. It could save the lives of U.S. troops.

1.) “Afghanistan strategy sacrifices U.S. troops”:

2.) Gen. McChrystal sacrifices U.S. troops-this is a traitorous act, please contact your representatives and media outlets to make them aware of this situation. Read this story below, which contains this line which is particularly galling. I would like to know if our allies, who have been slow to come on board, have been made aware that their sons and daughters are being sacrificed too? Are the  British, Canadian, Germans, Dutch, France, and other allied troops and their families aware and okay with this statement by Gen. McChrystal. I am assuming it was discussed with them. Who gets to go first in the “short term” to have their sons and daughters sacrificed? Will the Canadians, French, Germans, Danish or what allied force will volunteer to go in during this “short term” period where McChrystal says more blood will be spilled” U.S. troops should wait until the “short term” is over, and let the other allies in NATO go in first during the “short term” and shed their blood, as the US needs a rest as they have been carrying the load so far. How long will our allies be our allies, if their countrymen learn that McChrystal’s policies sacrifice their troops? Here is the quote which seems like treason to me:

 “Gen. Stanley McChrystal also said that limiting civilian casualties is vital to the success of the military intervention, EVEN IF IT MEANS MORE BLOOD SPILLED AMONG ALLIED FORCES, at least in the SHORT TERM.”

Link to story that MUST be read, and your representatives, media outlets, and allies around the world must be aware of:

3.) Sec. Gates worries about “Americanization” of Afghansitan war. This is ridiculous. The other countries like France, Germany, and many others have not wanted to send combat troops, although some have now, and have had casualties. The problem all along has been that there are NOT enough American troops. The story is below for your review:

4.)  NATO entering new stage in Afghanistan:

5.) From British press: Gevernment must remedy its dereliction of duty towards soldiers in Afghanistan:

6.) Congressman Walter Jones wants an exit strategy from Afghanistan; vote defeated; but I believe it should be brought up again, we need to exit Iraq if U.S. generals are going to sacrifice U.S. troops with no intention on winning. Link:

7.) This story states that the U.S. troop surge is in Afghanistan to DEFEAT the Taliban insurgency! The writer must not have gotten the press releases from Gen. McChrystal: the US is not there to fight the Taliban, the troop surge is just there to provide security to the Afghan villagers. Link:

8.)  US winding down poppy destruction! I didn’t even know the US was destroying poppy, I have seen many photos of US Marines or soldiers walking right past the poppy fields and it said they had orders not to shoot and not to destroy the “livelyhood” of the Afghans! Link:

9.) Marine turret gunner dies when Humvee flips at Camp Lejeune, training for Afghanistan:

10.)  German soldiers killed in Afghanistan; war deeply unpopular in Germany. Perhaps since the US general made commander over NATO and the US troops appears ready to sacrifice not only American troops, but international troops as well, see above stories for details, then a petition should be started demanding we leave Afghanistan and take our money with us. Perhaps Germany, England, and Canada among others will follow suit. See above post from a British paper voicing displeasure with the war. The thing is: there is no intention from the top general of winning in. So, I think a world wide petition might be in order to pull out and take our money with us. Link:

11.) Oct. 31, 2008: US troops in Afghanistan: good to read in light of the current troop surge:

12.) “Shift” needed in Afghan combat general says. Yes, I say a shift all right, a shift back to the Unitead States and we should take our money with us.

13.) Russian views on cybersecurity:

14.)  Taliban shaved their beards and blended in refugee camps with their families from Swat Velley. Link:

15.) Fighting small wars, C-Span guest:

16.) Afghan president urges Taiban to vote!!! Link:

17.) Who will step forward from the Taliban and Afghan government and express their sorrow at this U.S. soldier’s injuries? Have they paid him compensation? Why does there need to be another “volunteer” organization set up when Pres. Obama, Sec. Gates, Gen. Mckiernan, and Gen. McChrystal could spend time taking care of this soldier? God bless this soldier, but did anybody in Afghanistan get arrested for this crime? Link:

18.) $37 million US funded bridge is windfall-for illegal drug trade! Link:

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June 28, 2009 at 3:27 pm

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-Sat. 6-27-09

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I am going to lead today’s blog with the letter from the Las Vegas Sun again, by Bob Jack of North Las Vegas, titled, “Afghanistan Policy Sacrifices U.S. Troops.” I sent this to my representatives and the president, as well as members of the House and Senate Armed Forces Committee. I agree with it 100%. The link is below. If anyone wants they could print and send to their representatives and demand the Afghanistan war either be ended, or fought like they mean to win, after all, the USA can WIN any war we WANT to!! Link below and various links from around the GWOT:

1.) “Afghanistan Policy Sacrifices U.S. Troops”:  This needs read by everyone who cares for our troops, and all politicians should read it. Link:

2.) Another letter by Bob Jack of North Las Vegas, stating his opinion on N. Korea. I wish I knew who this was, I want to say “thanks” to him for the Afghanistan and this North Korean letter. Link:

3.) 9/11 families irked with Obama over his stance on Saudi suit:

4.)  U.S. Lawmakers call for exit strategy from Afghansitan. This should be proposed again and it should pass. This is needed to end the war in Afghasnitan. Link:

5.) Somali Islamists cut off hands, feet of suspected criminals:,2933,529097,00.html?test=latestnews

6.) U.S. tries to change strategy in War in Afghasnitan and opium crop:,2933,529285,00.html?test=latestnews

7.) British fight for Afghan hearts and minds:

8.) Afghan Pres. Karzai asks “Taliban brothers” to vote; U.S. troops, U.S. taxpayers guard and bankroll election. I think U.S. troops should pack up to exit Afghansitan and let their own soldiers and police guard the polls. In eught years of training, it is sink or swim for them. U.S. troops should not have to guard Taliban who may have tried to kill them. Link:

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June 27, 2009 at 9:08 pm

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hot Spot-Fri. 6-26-09

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American troops are being sacrificed in Afghanistan by the “new” tactics of Army Gen. McChrystal, who has said nothing to the families of the troops, to respect their culture, and to give them hope that he cares for their loved ones he leads in battle. I have requested again yesterday to President Obama, and  cc’d my senators, representative, and the House and Senate Armed Services Committee ; a request for Gen. McChrystal to be relieved of his command.

1.) A fine story in the Las Vegas Sun which describes exactly the situation that American troops face in Afghanistan under Gen. McChrystal’s restricted ROE: “Afghanistan Strategy Sacrifices U.S. Troops”. Read this again and send on to your senator, representative, or President Obama and request the dismissal of Gen. McChrystal:

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June 26, 2009 at 4:46 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hot Spot-Thurs. 6-25-09

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Afghanistan is still hot in the global war on terror, but the new US commander, General McChrystal has arrived with more restricted rules of engagement which sacrifice U.S. troops, so it is a sad day in the history of the US Marine Corps when an Army general comes to their new base, where 10,000 warriors have been sent by President Obama to destroy, defeat, dismantle and disrupt the enemy, and he tells them to retreat in battle, let the Taliban get away to kill other Marines, and to stop all they have learned about how to kill the enemy and start having drilled into their heads the Afghan “culture.”

I say that the USA doesn’t have a general who follows the president’s orders to defeat, destroy, dismantle, and disrupt the Taliban should be relieved of his command immediately. I have contacted my senators and representative as well as members of the Senate and House Armed Forces Committee and the Commander in Chief himself about this.

God bless the US troops and may they get the leadership that respects the Marine culture of being warriors, a leader who respects the culture of the families of these men on the ground, and does not sacrifice them with these warmed over policies and restricted rules of engagement which are left-overs from former Gen. McKiernan who was fired.

Let’s get a general who follows the direct orders of the Commander in Chief, President Obama, and leads our troops to victory. V-A Day when our troops come home can’t come soon enough. (V-A = Victory in Afghanitan).

If there are no more “Field Generals” who know how to win a war, then let’s pack up, bring the troops home, and stick a letter on the door of the Afghan embassy and state that we are coming home AND BRINGING OUR MONEY WITH US, and that we will watch from the sky and if they set up any training camps they will be bombed, and this is their only warning.

May no more US troops be sacrificed in Afghanistan by these warmed over restricted rules of engagement. The Defense Secretary called for  “new eyes” on the ground in Afghanistan and that there was a year to win before the American public would not stand for it any more. Well, the American public is sick of it already with Gen. McChrystal stating his policies which sacrifice U.S. troops. These are not “new eyes” on the ground. These are warmed over ideas that led to a “stalemate” as Gen. McKiernan was prone to say.

President Obama sent in 10,000 Marines to destroy, dismantle, disrupt and to DEFEAT the Taliban. He will not achieve this with warmed over restricted rules of engagement and an Army general who does not respect American families and our culture of life, and risks lives with a policy which is proven not to work already by Gen. McKiernan. President Obama did not send in 10,000 Marines to let the Taliban get away or to retreat from a fight.

Links to various news form around the GWOT:

1.) Violent uptick predicted in Afghanistan:

2.) Mission Viejo, California Marine wounded in Afghanistan:

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June 25, 2009 at 10:44 pm

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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT Hot Spot: Wed. 6-24-09

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U. S. troops remain in danger as long as Gen. McChrystal remains in command in Afghanistan, and his restricted rules of engagement and restricted use of air strikes remain in place. I will list again at #1 a letter from the Las Vegas Sun, which should be read by all families of troops on the ground,  and it should be sent to our representatives and senators. This is not acceptable to sacrifice our troops like this. Link:

1.) Afghanistan stragety sacrifices U.S. troops:

2.) Marine Corps Osprey helicopter may not meet challenges of Afghanistan:

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June 24, 2009 at 12:26 am

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