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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-2/28/10-Sun.

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The final day in a deadly month at war for Americans. Many other Americans were injured in battle. For those who paid the ultimate price, may God comfort their families, and may their soldier or Marine RIP. They now say the American offensive in Marjah is winding down, but for many, whose loved one gave their life, a time of great sorrow is just beginning. Yesterday, the earthquake in Chile, like in Haiti, brought offers of military help from President Obama. Links from around the GWOT.

1.) Marine Lance Corporal Peak’s body returns home, KIA Afghanistan. RIP Marine. May God comfort your family, and with gratitude, we offer thanks for your service. Link:

2.) FBI and media corruption in anthrax case: from Canada Free Press:

3.) 2 MLG Marines finish first in field mess:


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February 28, 2010 at 12:16 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-2-27-10-Sat.

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In the United States, more snow in the Eastern part of the country. Today, those with the weekend off for many, those who can get out, can go sledding, make a snowman, or just play in the snow. But, for our troops at war, just another day of danger in Afghanistan. With restricted rules of engagement, our troops face real danger in Afghanistan, while the enemy has no such cares. God bless the USA and may the war be won soon by the Americans when the get generals and admirals who put victory first and consider American troops paramount. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  MEB Afghanistan grows to 15,000 Marines:

2.) Restricted rules of engagement, ordered by Pres. Obama’s general, Gen. McChrystal, endanger U.S. troops—scroll down to the end of the story to read this:

3.) British troops not getting enough medics in combat:

4.) Another verdict of “unlawful” death of a British Marine in Afghanistan. When will the Taliban who are killing these troops come to trial? They get many unlawful death verdicts but need to bring who caused the death to trial. link:

5.) Fallen Marine, “a great kid” returns home:

6.) Enemy sniper falls American Marine in Afghanitan:

7.) Soldier returns home to recover, injured by suicide bomber dressed in Afghan uniform:

8.) The Warlord’s Tune-Afghanistan’s war on children. Watched it the other day, good to watch again:

9.) Night raid: Afghans want informant, US Special Forces on trial in Afghanistan:

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February 27, 2010 at 12:30 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-2-26-10-Fri.

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The war goes on and U.S. troops on the front line are attacked daily. British troops at Camp Bastion, next to the U.S. Marine base Camp Leatherneck are also attacked. Various news from around the GWOT:

1.) British reporter experiences rocket attack:

2.) Local Marine in Afghanistan: ‘I just have to stay alive.’ Link:

3) The Price of Protecting Civilians: I wrote my representatives and Pres Obama on this story and a couple of others yesterday. I asked how much this man received in pay to advise Gen. McChrystal? I would like a shot at that job, depending on what they tell me the pay is. Also, the part about the college student and a report on the “innocent” I told them that the true innocent people were U.S. troops who stepped on or ran over illegal land mines and lost their legs or their lives. Who has written about the TRUE innocents: Young American patriots serving in this war? I wonder what this researcher’s pay was? I asked my Senators and Rep, along with Obama, for a listing of the pay paid to the advisor to McChrystal and to the student researcher mentioned concerning the innocent. Obama’s never been in the military and he is commander in chief, so as a U.S. taxpayer I can ask where my tax money is going, Link:

4.) Canadian soldier hurt in Afghanistan:

5.) Who is smuggling Somalians into the USA and why?

6.) All male submarines sexist? Bunk! Link:

7.) Ft. Hood attack called Islamic terrorism:

8.) Night raids restricted in Afghanitan:

9.) Dutch retreat from Afghanistan:

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February 26, 2010 at 2:58 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-2/25/10-Th.

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The war is still ongoing in Afghanistan, with Marjah being a place where U.S. Marines fight and die to protect Afghan civilians, which is the stated mission. More Marines fall, and their broken bodies come home to broken families. Link:

1.)  Another 19-year old Marine falls in Afghanistan. His broken body returns home, his broken family sobs in pain. God bless this family, and RIP Marine, EVERY POLITICIAN should watch this before sending troops to war. Also, would be good for ALL Americans to view:,0,6066423.story

2) Living Wall of Honor:

3.) Faces of the fallen: Washington Post, includes Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom:

4.) Sen. McCain: Dutch leaving Afghanistan, plan for shortfall of troops:

5.) British soldier’s blog from Afghanistan front line, Camp Bastion:

6.) British father, also a soldier, questions lack of air support for his son who died in Afghanistan. The soldier KIA was taking a major from Camp Dwyer to another outpost. Coroner ruled: unlawful killing. Link:

7.) Boss’s trip to war zone eye opener:

8.) Nation building continues in Afghanistan, time for U.S. troops to leave, we don’t have the money anymore, we should leave now and take our money with us:

9.) Headline should read: “Ma’am, your 19-year-old son, the lance corporal is expendable.” This is by Gen. McChrystal adviser Andrew Exum. I refer to #1 link above for one of the expendable troops Exum is talking about. There is no evidence that I know of that says by sacrificing our troops, the Afghans will like us. Link:

10.) This link has it right; article above cites it as “wrongheaded”:

11.) More excellence from blog above:

12.) An alternative to COIN:

13.) The bloody cost of “diversity”: Ft. Hood shootings:“diversity”-2/

14.) Mein Kampf and the Koran in Dutch Court:

15.) Information about “Muslim Mafia” book:

16.) Extending our stay in Iraq:

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February 25, 2010 at 12:30 am

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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-Wed. 2-24-10

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The question I have today is this:  How are U.S. Marines to “convince” the Afghan villagers to support their government? It makes more sense to me to have their President Karzai go to the village with a megaphone and tell them he is with the government and there to help. It makes sense to me for President Karzai and his vice presidents to go to the shuras. They could take their Afghan Army troops and police with them. That is what makes sense to me.

It was reported yesterday that the 1,000th U.S servicemember has died in Afghanistan.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Gates and Mullen talk about Afghanistan:

2.) Liquidating the Empire: good story by Pat Buchanan about American military excursions around the world:

3.) Marines pay heavy price in Helmand:

4.) Marine shot in chest in Afghanistan returns to U.S. soil, still healing in hospital, says he wants to go back with his men. A real American hero, only 19 years old. God bless him. I hope the Afghan that shot him is arrested and held accountable. President Karzai should apologize to this Marine and all Marines shot by his citizens. Get well soon Marine! Link:

5.)  Logistical vehicles attacked near Bati Kot, Afghanistan. This came through on a google alert I had set up, and other story links sound fanciful thinking, I don’t know what it’s all about. Link:

6.) Diana West-read on case of John Hatley, former U.S. soldier, current hero:

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February 24, 2010 at 12:34 am

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Afghanistan Today-the GWOT HotSpot-2-23-10 Tue.

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I saw the CNN news around 6pm last night and all I saw was apology after apology from Sec. Gates, Adm. Mullen, Gen. McChrystal and others. Where is the apology to America from Afghan president Karzai? He has a lot to apologize for. First: The deaths of US troops from small arms fire and IED’s as the result of actions of his citizens. Second: His inability to control the citizens of Marjah, and last I heard, the Taliban are Afghan citizens. Third: Inability to get his Army and police to provide security despite 8 years of training. Fourth: Apology for child brides Fifth: Apology for dancing boys and their sexual abuse. Sixth: Apology for the poor treatment of women in his country. Seventh: Apology for his citizens growing poppy crops Eighth: Apology for his country growing marijuana Ninth:  Apology for corruption in his government Tenth: Apology for letting Taliban set up shadow governments

There are many more apologies Karzai should make to America, too many to list here. There should be apologies for the U.S. troops killed by his citizens, apologies for U.S. troops injured by his citizens, and THANKS to cash strapped American citizens, many now unemployed, who have funneled money into his country since 2001. And he should make an announcement to his citizens that it is strictly forbidden for them to use women, children, and other civilians as human shields when they set IED’s or shoot at American troops, which they should not be doing in the first place!

The cash cow which is America has run out of milk. Sucked dry by men like Karzai who accept billions in U.S. tax payer money from our hard-working citizens who still have a job. The cash cow, or “Uncle Sucker” as some call the U.S. government, has run dry, out of money.

The Americans do everything possible to avoid killing Afghan civilians, but we are in a war and the Taliban, who are Afghan citizens who Karzai rules, use civilians as human shields. It is time American generals stop the VICTORY THROUGH APOLOGY campaign. They need to explain to Karzai that he MUST explain to his citizens that THEY MUST lay down their arms and pull up all landmines. U.S. troops could wait on base while Karzai gets his citizens to obey him and his country’s laws, and he could use his police force and Army for security.  U.S. Generals, Admirals, Secretary of defense and others could GROW A SPINE and stop with the apology tour. Tell the American public and Afghans that U.S. troops are paramount and when it appears they are in danger they have the right to shoot to kill, and call in air strikes. Then have Karzai make his announcement and go to the villages with a megaphone like Al Sharpton and tell them to lay down their arms and tell where the IED’s are hidden and for them to remove them, or his Army and police could remove them.

Stories from around the GWOT:

1.)  Navajo Indian, Marine Lance Corporal, killed in Afghanistan.  Pres. Karzai’s Afghan citizens, who happen to be shooting at U.S. troops and blowing them up did this, and he should apologize for their actions. This brave Marine’s family waits for paperwork to be completed before he can return home to the Navajo Nation in Arizona. RIP Marine, I am thankful for your service and sacrifice. God bless your Navajo Nation and the USA for which you gave your life. Link:

2.)  Adm. Mullen lost my respect when he showed disrespect and wanton disregard for the lives of our young patriots by saying in the summer of 2009 that Afghan civilians were paramount, using that word, “paramount”. I went into speak with my Congressman on August 20, 2009, with other military families,  and brought the story with the exact quote and told him that military members I knew said the troops know exactly what that means, they are expendable, and it lowers morale.  Now Admiral Mullen is on the VICTORY THROUGH APOLOGY TOUR giving apologies, along with Secretary Gates instead of explaining and all the good, and all the U.S. taxpayer money spent in Afghanistan, and how their citizens need to stop using civilians as human shields. Gates and Mullen should have thanked the people of America for being so generous and spending their tax money in Afghanistan on behalf of Afghans, and thanked American military families for sending their loved ones to fight on behalf of “Enduring Freedom” for the Afghans. Karzai, president of Afghanistan should have made an appearance too and told American taxpayers and American military families the same thing, and should have announced to his citizens that the use of civilians for human shields would no longer be tolerates, and he should call for his citizens to lay down their arms and stop setting roadside bombs. Link to story:

3.)  Marine Corporal Greg Stultz, KIA Afghanistan. RIP Marine. God bless your family and sister giving birth to your nephew. May America know of your sacrifice and live in peace due to your fighting on our behalf and giving your life. God bless America. There is a video at the link too. Link:

4.) “Imprisoned for saving American lives”, story of former Army Master Sgt. John Hatley, now in Fort Leavenworth military prison:

5.)  NATO neglect lets Taliban build up 35%:

6.)  Prayers for our fallen:

7.) 3 Marines KIA in Marjah, Afghanistan:

8.) Food and water run out for Afghan civilians in Marjah:

9.) 19 year old Marine hero, mother wants world to remember his sacrifice. From the story:

“I want him to be recognized by everybody. He is a hero,” she said.

10.) Afghan elders talk to Marines in Marjah; Marine shot in hip dies:

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February 23, 2010 at 1:45 am

Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-2-22-10-Mon.

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Another week at war for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Many died or were injured last week as the battle of Marjah, which the U.S. command said should go ‘slow’ goes on into another week. Some excellent articles describe what is really going on in Afghanistan. See story #1 from Diana West web site, and story #2 I came across at the Icasualties web site. God bless the USA and God bless our troops. Please say a prayer for them. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Excellent story about what is really going on in Afghanistan from Diana West’s web site:

2.) Afghan men and their dancing boys, a story detailing child abuse in Afghanistan:

“The Warlord’s Tune: Afghanistan’s War on Children” Link:

3.)  For wife of deployed soldier, time passes slowly:

4.) Dalai Lama leaves the White House back door by the trash. Why is the trash not 50 feet from a federal building as is federal law? I think that’s the law anyway. In any case, the Chinese who own our country’s debt, were not happy Dalai Lama was there at all. Link:

5.)  Dutch confirm Afghan troop pullout, spark concerns of domino effect:

6.) Gen. Petraeus now explains why the mega bases are being built in Afghanistan such as Camp Leatherneck, and the ones already there being built up. He lets slip that the Marjah battle to win the hearts and minds of Afghans is just the first step. He states that Marjah is the first step in a 12-18 month Afghanistan campaign. Link:

7.) 19-year-old Marine dies in Afghanistan:

8.) Outgunned Taliban putting up tough fight in Marjah:

9.) Have not read it yet, but BRING THE HEAT sounds excellent! Link and from the story:

Tucker is an author and retired Marine, and for his latest book, “Bring the Heat,” he spent all of 2009 embedded with the Spartan Brigade. Tucker said it was a disturbing revelation about the Afghan regime.

“I never in my life thought I would see a government as corrupt and capricious and just indifferent to its people,” said Tucker.

“Bring the Heat” is the only written account of the 3rd Brigade’s entire deployment, and Tucker says it highlights a truth that needs to be told.

“The sentiment I got was bitterness. Frustration. As a Marine veteran, I cannot look any American fighting man or woman in the eye in Afghanistan and tell them we are fighting for a just cause,” said Tucker.

Despite his concerns, Tucker says soldiers have made a lot of progress in counter-terrorism operations, specifically when they killed hundreds Taliban and Al-Qaida insurgents in the battle of Barge Matal.

For Tucker, his book is both about exposing what’s actually going on in Afghanistan and giving families closure.

“I hope this book hits the long ball and goes over the fences and changes our counter-terrorism strategy in central Asia for the better and gets us out of a counter insurgency that we cannot and never will win.


10.) List of the fallen, along with photos of Obama during this time he has been in office:

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