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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot, 11-30-10-Tues.

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The Afghanistan Scandal continues, this time I read of two more INNOCENT U.S. Marines who lost their legs in that country. God bless these two Marines and their families who must raise funds to help with expenses, see the story at link #1 for details. Pray for these innocent Marines, and contact your elected officials and tell them to SUPPORT our INNOCENT Marines who are being maimed and killed in the Afghanistan Scandal.

In the meantime, the Scandal continues, with six INNOCENT U.S. troops being murdered by an Afghan policeman. Again, contact your elected officials and demand hearings on the Afghanistan Scandal, for that is what it is, it is not being fought like a war, it is being run like a Scandal with U.S. troops losing their lives and limbs each day the Scandal is allowed to continue. Pray for the families of these innocent troops who lost their life in the Scandal. May our six innocent troops rest in peace. God bless the USA.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Two U.S. Marines lose their legs in the Afghanistan Scandal. May God heal these innocent troops and help their family as they raise funds to care for their Marine. The first to make a donation should be Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and he should offer apologies for the actions of his citizens to maim these innocent U.S. troops. Next in line to offer apologies to these innocent Marines should be the US military generals and politicians, who should also make donations to the funds to help out:

2.) Only 8-10 enemy fighters killed after all this firepower? Also, I don’t think from reading other stories that air support is always a “trump card”, as it is often denied. How much money did all this firepower cost American taxpayers? How long before the enemy says innocent civilians are killed? Link:


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November 30, 2010 at 5:35 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-11-29-10-Mon.

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The Afghanistan Scandal continues, for it is not a war. Today 6 brave and innocent American troops gave their lives when an Afghan policeman they were training murdered them. We need leaders with a culture of victory and we need to win this war quickly, get a complete and total surrender signed, and get out of there and take our money with us. This is an outrage that our troops were murdered this way. Contact your elected officials including President Obama, after reading the story at #1: our troops need our support.

Also in the news, Wikileaks and the Portland accused bomber make headlines today as the Global War on Terror Continues at home and abroad. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Afghan police officer kills 6 U.S. troops. This is not a war we are fighting, this is a scandal – The Afghanistan Scandal. God bless our troops and may they be given leaders with a culture of victory so they can win this was quickly and come home. Our troops should not be murdered like this. Link:

2.)  Portland citizens criticize FBI in probe of accused bomber:

3.) Wikileaks in the news: leaks of US diplomatic cables some from the war zones in the GWOT:

Pentagon: No guarantee against another leak:

4.) Angelina Jolie faces criticism over Bosnian movie from rape victims:

5.) Marines up from 186,000 to 202,000 still need recruits:

6.) Another soldier charged with murder; this time of a detainee:,0,2728495.story

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November 29, 2010 at 11:57 pm

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-Sun. 11-28-10

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This is another Sunday at war for U.S. troops, but it’s not so much a war in Afghanistan as it is a scandal, so our fine U.S. troops are putting their lives in the line for the “Afghanistan Scandal”. God bless U.S. troops and God bless the USA. May our troops soon be blessed with leaders with a culture of victory as President Obama has many upcoming military positions to fill. Onward to victory in Afghanistan!

On another note, an excellent movie, “Restrepo: Afghan Outpost” airs Monday on National Geographic Channel. I saw it at the theatre on the big screen a few months ago. It is a movie not to be missed. Watch it and contact your legislators about the Afghanistan Scandal.


1.) Columnist gives his opinions of President Bush in a column titled, “No, I Don’t Miss Bush”:

2.) Queen Elizabeth, Head of Church of England covers her head, takes off shoes to enter mosque:

3.) More on the Queen covering her head, going barefoot:

4.) The Global War on Terror now includes TSA agent pat-downs of passengers. Here is a story explaining health risks from agents not changing gloves between pat-downs, spread of disease, etc. Link:

5.) Many under 35 have never heard of King James Bible. It is my favorite version of Bible to read! Link:

6.) Wikileaks now reveals diplomatic cables from U.S. Embassies worldwide:

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November 28, 2010 at 5:31 pm

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-11-27-10-Sat.

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The Thanksgiving holiday has passed and we head into another Christmas shopping season, while our troops face another holiday at war. God bless our troops and may they come home to victory parades soon.

1.) Another scathing article on the Taliban imposter, paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars. Our (lame duck) Congress should hold hearings on this. They vote in the generals and officers, let’s have them demote whatever American officer or officers fell for this ruse. Let’s see exactly how much money was spent, both in cash payments to the impostor and how much money was spent flying him in to meetings from Pakistan to Afghanistan, what promises were made to him (was he offered U.S. citizenship, his family, etc.?) and where he is now. Link:

2.) Britain silent on Taliban imposter claim:

3.) Islamic fashion show in Indonesia. Link and from the story:

In a nod to local mores, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama donned a headscarf on her visit to Jakarta’s Istiqlal mosque earlier this month. But wearing the headscarf is not mandatory and regulations concerning clothing are fairly liberal save for Indonesia’s West Aceh district, which is the sole upholder of sharia — or Islamic — law.

Read more: Islamic fashion goes stylish in Indonesia – The Times of India

4.) Indonesian woman honored for compassion and bravery. Perhaps President Obama should give a word of support too. Link:

5.) Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council comments on Pres. Obama’s trip to Indonesia when he”bashed” Israel:

6.) Marines again falsely being accused of killing civilians, just as they were in 2007 when an entire Marine MARSOC (Special Ops) Company was thrown out of Afghanistan based on false charges. It worked in 2007, so the Taliban are trying it again, falsely accusing Marines. Link:

7.) Deployed troops get 245,000 pounds of turkey for Thanksgiving:

8.) Marines resist dropping Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The new Marine Commandant Amos also said he wants to put emphasis on stopping Marine behavior now which is ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, and INDECENT, which would include heterosexual behavior going on now, as fraternization and adultery are still punishable under the UCMJ. Let’s see if he puts a stop to this behavior going on now which is demoralizing to US troops who see it go on unpunished, and let’s see if he brings charges against any officers for adultery and fraternization. The Navy has already relieved several commanders for such behavior or “improper” relationships, and the Marines are a part of the Navy, so let’s see who is prosecuted in the Marine Corps for what Commandant Amos referred to as “ILLEGAL, IMMORAL and INDECENT” behavior of Marines. I support the Marines, but there must be a problem with heterosexual behavior that is illegal, immoral, and indecent for Commandant Amos to call it out like this, and if it is against the UCMJ like adultery and fraternization, he should prosecute and let us know what he is talking about. It must be a problem for him to so predominately mention it.  Link:

9.) Marines having to rush replacements to Sangin due to deaths and woundings; First Lt. latest killed:

10) This story says U.S. intelligence officers not doing their job, don’t even know what the Taliban commanders look like! Let’s hope they are not distracted by engaging in what Commandant Amos calls, “illegal, immoral and indecent” behavior instead of doing their job! Could the lead Taliban commander be President Karzai?? He has said he wants to join them! Link:

11.) Coddled VIP’s don’t see real Afghanistan, a Canadian report:

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November 27, 2010 at 7:58 am

Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 11-26-10

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For our freedom to shop today, on what is called “Black Friday”, the day retailer’s books go ‘in the black’, our troops make the sacrifice of being away from family this holiday season. For Thanksgiving dinner they had contractors cook them a meal in a most dangerous Afghanistan. For some, they make the supreme sacrifice, they give their lives for us to be able to shop and travel freely in America in the middle of two wars. God bless our troops, may they have leadership which leads to a quick victory so they can come home by Christmas. God bless the USA. I pray for victory for the US and resulting peace in Afghanistan so our troops can come home for Christmas. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) American troops eat a Thanksgiving meal in Afghanistan prepared by contractors:

2.) Canadians told Americans in 2009 to “bring tanks”. Now the Marines are bringing tanks, over a year later. Why the lag in time? Why didn’t our leaders listen to the Canadians? There should be Congressional hearings to find out why tanks are only being brought now for American Marines to use? Link:

3.) In 2010 Marines finally are allowed to take the Canadian advice of 2009, and allowed to bring tanks to Afghanistan. There should be hearings on how many Marines died or lost their limbs due to not bringing tanks in the first place. Why wasn’t the Canadian advice heeded? Perhaps victory will not be far behind for Americans now that they finally have their tanks. God bless the Marines, may they blast their way to victory and come home soon. Link:

4.) NPR reports that Afghan children are spotters for the Taliban, that the Taliban fly white flags to let other Taliban know Marines are on a patrol:

5.) The Great Game Impostor by Maureen Dowd-she makes a lot of sense. U.S. “suckers”, read the complete story for details:

From the story:

“Everybody is lining up for Western cash, treating America, the British and NATO like suckers.”


6.) Marines reduce water training requirements; (I might be missing something here)-complete story at link below:,enhancesindividualMarine.aspx

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November 26, 2010 at 1:02 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot, Thurs. 11-25-10

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Thanksgiving Day and our troops spend another holiday at war. God bless them, and may they come home soon in victory.

1.) Gen. Kelly’s son was KIA in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago. After his son’s death he gave the speech at the link below. He has excellent points. The last sentences about the 2 Marines in Iraq who held their post and were killed in action is excellent. Link:

2.) Marine’s widow may need private bill to come to the USA with their child. Contact your elected officials. Link:

3.) Virginia court convicts 5 Somalian men of attack on Navy ship. I am not sure why they were in a civilian court and not in a military court. LInk:

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November 25, 2010 at 12:47 am

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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot, 11-24-10-Wed.

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“Dancing with the Stars” has grabbed the nation’s attention, with the finale last night, while our troops on the front line pay the price for our freedom, giving their all to secure victory in Afghanistan. God bless our troops this Thanksgiving Eve as they face combat, injury and death in the GWOT. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Our ally in the War on Terror, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is reported to commute the death sentence of a Christian woman, a citizen of their country. Link:

2.) Bolivian president condemns U.S., U.S. military in front of Sec. Gates, rambling speech full of conspiracies by Pres. Morales:,0,6629586.story

3.) U.S. taxpayers spend $24 billion in Iraq, our country still not safe from terrorists as evidenced by the recent TSA pat downs and security:

4.) U.S. infantry soldier killed in combat in Iraq. I thought all combat soldiers were gone now:

5.) Marine General’s son laid to rest at Arlington:

From the story:

His father, Marine Lt. Gen. John Kelly, speaking during the funeral service at the Ft. Myer Memorial Chapel adjacent to the cemetery, said he preferred not to eulogize just his son. He wanted to honor all those who enlisted after the Sept. 11 attacks ready to fight “an enemy that is as savage as any that ever walked the earth.”

6.) What were they thinking? Oliver North’s take on the award of the Medal of Honor to the first living soldier from these wars. Link:

7.) Afghan citizen arrested for converting to Christianity. How can we be fighting for this country which is called an Islamic Republic and does now allow other religions to flourish as we fight in what is called Operation Enduring Freedom. Where is the enduring freedom for Afghan Christians? Link:

8.) Specialist Giunta’s Medal of Honor citation; now he is promoted to Staff Sgt. Link:

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November 24, 2010 at 3:40 am

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