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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 11/27/2009

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Yesterday night we watched a movie, “Heroes of Iwo Jima.” It is an excellent movie and describes how the Marines fought and won the battle of Iwo Jima on their way to victory in WWII. A focus of the movie is the famous photograph of the Marines raising the larger flag on Iwo Jima, after another group of Marines raised a smaller flag first. It is a movie I would suggest our troops, politicians, generals and other officers should watch today, especially before they go to Afghanistan.

The movie even mentions the Marine Raiders and it reminded me of the vital role they played in securing victory. I have written Pres. Obama and my senators and representatives, along with select members of the Senate and House Armed Services committee and told them that to win the war in Afghanistan, and to win the war against the Somali pirates, we need to start up again the Marine Raiders.

Write your representatives and DEMAND that the Marine Raiders be brought back! And not some PC outfit we need the REAL MARINE RAIDERS TO WIN THE WAR. Watch this video: Here is a You Tube video:

The United States needs to focus on victory, especially the generals who are kept on although in eight years they have not won the war. God bless our troops and may they be led by winners when they go into battle.

Various links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) Taliban open up front in once quiet northern part of Afghanistan:

2.) Marine Commandant Conway, who was previously worried about the Marines’ global carbon footprint, makes quite a big carbon footprint it seems, with Marine Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson, and Marine Sgt. Major Carlton Kent in travels by Osprey throughout Afghanistan to Marine outposts. I don’t know why all three rode in the same helicopter or if there were  security concerns. I hope the Marines they visited received a morale boost at least for all the fuel used on the flight. Anyway, here’s the story, make your own conclusions:

3.) Sec. Gates and Gen. McChrystal discuss plans for Afghanistan as Gates pondered whether the US would face the same fate as the former Soviet Union military:

4.)  Obama will use backdrop of West Point for announcement of second troops surge to Afghanistan. The 21,000 sent for the first surge, and Pres. Obamas’s strategy was announced in his speech 3-27-09. Link:

5.) Taliban leader says U.S. will lose the war in Afghanistan:,0,5252210.story

6.) More trouble with the Ospreys:

7.) Leaks of 9/11 text messages/pages released:

8.)  Money to Taliban to disarm?

9.) Marine Raiders: we need to bring them back to win the War in Afghanistan! Link:

10.) Bring back the Marine Raiders to win the war in Afghanistan:

11.) Photos of what is is like in Afghanistan, including one of U.S. troops passing candy out to Afghan kids, which should not be done. For one, at one time they decided against this because of the danger and because of the risk of Afghan kids getting tooth decay and there is not dental care for them in most cases. A contractor or member of ACORN could pass out the candy in ice cream like trucks, and all should be marked MADE IN USA and compliments of the U.S. taxpayer. The U.S. soldiers and Marines should not be passing out candy, they should be killing the enemy or supporting those grunts who are killing the enemy, so we can LEAVE AFGHANISTAN IN VICTORY, ASAP.Link, and please note there are two notices of graphic photos, one showing a dead Taliban, at least not an American soldier or Marine. Link:

12.) Marines nearing end of deployment: Thanksgiving in Afghanistan:

13.) Thanksgiving for Marines in Afghanistan:

14.) Logistics challenges in Afghanistan:


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November 27, 2009 at 4:05 am