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Afghanistan Today, a GWOT Hotspot (theAfghanistan Scandal?) 12/1/14 Mon. (31 days to go)

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Some count corrections are in order. Today, December 1, 2014 marks the last month US troops are scheduled to be in Afghanistan. All Marines, with the exception of those guarding the US Embassy have left and turned over their mega base, Camp Leatherneck to the Afghans. The British have left nearby Camp Bastion and turned it over to the Afghans. In 31 days, counting today, all US troops are to have left per the drawdown plan determined several years ago. Then, a little over a week ago, while the Ferguson riots were going on, and Sec. of Defense Hagel resigned, President Obama signed a secret order to extend the US military mission there. We will see if the new Congress has a say and funds this extension. With US troops in retrograde mode for months on end, most outposts have closed, and been dismantled and/or turned over to the Afghans, and evenlarger Marine bases like Camp Leatherneck and Camp Swyer, etc.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) More fallout and studies on US military actions in Afghanistan. There is a link within the story to download the entire study, and I did so at no cost, through Kindle and other readers are available. The report is a study on Stryker vehicles in Afghanistan published through Ft. Leavenworth. Link:

Clash of Strykers and Taliban in Afghanistan:

View story at


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December 1, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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