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Afghanistan Today: A GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 8/22/14-Fri. (131 days to go)

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With 131 days to go for US troops in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and until the stoppage or slowdown in daily posts on this blog, and with all the global terror going on outside of Afghanistan, I decided to make a somewhat subtle, but I think necessary, change to the title of this blog. The change appears beginning with today’s title, and unless I forget and accidentally post it as I did in the past out of habit, the change will be to “A GWOT Hotspot” from “The GWOT Hotspot”. Right now, it even seems the switch is back on to Iraq, with Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, sending troops there on the ground, and also by air with air strikes. Some days 31 December 2014 seems a long way off, but it can’t come soon enough for US troops in this still dangerous country, who face death and injury while completing retrograde operations, closing bases and packing up US equipment.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Back to Iraq, or meanwhile in Iraq: no name given, or in store for current Iraq operations. Link:


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