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A three day weekend for some Americans, but for those troops serving in Afghanistan as retrograde operations are in full force, closing bases and packing equipment, it is the last July 4th in that country for US troops, who all come home by 31 December 2013, now 180 days away by my count. God bless those American troops still serving in Afghanistan in an important role, as retrograde operations are necessary to bring American equipment home, dispose of it, and to close bases. Pray for American troops as they celebrate their last Independence Day in Afghanistan this July 4th.

And. by the way, with Iraq ramping up again, and US troops sent there now with Diplomatic immunity, let’s hope and pray it is not the start of more 4th of July’s being spent in Iraq by US troops. They have already spent their share of Independence Day’s in that country on past July 4th’s. God bless and pray for a speedy return for our troops sent there now to advise the Iraqi military on how to secure victory over terrorists attacking their country and taking over cities. I wonder why the advising can’t be done in a less costly and less dangerous way, by video conference? The US troops can advise the Iraqis by teleconference, especially in these tight budget times, would be my suggestion.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Former combat Marine now serving as an intern for a newspaper writes a column on his memories of a 4th of July past in Afghanistan:


Written by orangekite1

July 4, 2014 at 11:53 am

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