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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 6-30-14-Mon. (184 days to go)

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Another month winds down for US troops in Afghanistan who have 184 days left before they all leave by 31 December 2014.

Remember when President GW Bush took all kinds of grief for funding “Overseas Contingency Operations”? Now Pres. Obama is using the same term. He has already extended the Afghanistan war until 31 December 2014. Now he is even stating he wants to extend this two more years until 2016! I’ve read the US Dept. of Defense and/or the Pentagon want to extend it until 2018! What?! No way! Congress should pull the plug on this and defend any further “Overseas Contingency Operations” in Afghanistan past the already planned date to leave, 31 Dec. 2014. Americans are still being wounded and dying there, and remain at risk for injury and death until they leave 31 Dec. 2014.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) President Obama’s request for funding for “Overseas Contingency Operations”:

Written by orangekite1

June 30, 2014 at 6:14 am

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