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233 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan.

While American troops are now still in Afghanistan, unanswered questions remain about the attack on an American CIA base and the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, along with the deaths of 3 other Americans in Benghazi on 9-11-12.

The Benghazi attack took place at a time in 2012 when US troops were in combat operations in Afghanistan.

Today, American troops in Afghanistan are in retrograde operations, closing US bases and packing equipment.

While Afghanistan operations wind down, as US troops leave 12-31-14, the Benghazi committee does its job to find answers.

In the meantime, when the Benghazi committee completes its job, it will be time to start another committee to investigation all the scandals in Afghanistan, the many US deaths and injuries, and the huge amount of US tax dollars spent in Afghanistan.

Both of these investigations can’t come soon enough to demand accountability of those in charge of the lives of American troops, and wounding of many more.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) A rundown of the Benghazi operation and upcoming investigation:


Written by orangekite1

May 12, 2014 at 5:11 pm

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