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The last CInco de Mayo for US troops in Afghanistan as they are in retrograde operations now, packing equipment and closing bases to meet the withdrawal date of 31 December 2014. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as 13 years of war in Afghanistan comes to an end. As this war ends, Congress should stop sending money to be spent to fund and equip the Afghan forces and it should be redirected to funding the US military and for US veterans.

As this war ends, in the approximately 240 days left, as I realize wounds of this war, both mental and physical, will be long lasting past 31 December, 2014, I will try to focus and redirect posts to focus on various aspects of the last 13 years at war in Afghanistan. By this I mean links to:  stories on injured troops including physical and mental wounds, stories about jobs for veterans, stories about veteran medical care, stories about benefit cuts faced by our troops, stories about reductions in the US military force, and many other issues, including stories about US military activities in Afghanistan, among many other issues that come up with our troops and veterans.

On another note: A Marine comes home after 8 years of war. Plans are for college using the GI Bill after tours in Afghanistan where my son earned the Presidential Unit Citation, two years in Okinawa, and Marine Security Guard (MSG) duty around the world including: Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Chile, Finland, and other countries transited through in the last 8 years. Welcome home Marine! See this link from 2009, “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE: REFLECTIONS ON A MILITARY FAMILY AT WAR”.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE: Reflections on a Military Family at War”: A post from 5 October 2009:

2.) Afghanistan veteran gets a new start with custom bike shop:

3.) Southern Illinois veteran loses his right arm and right leg serving with Special Forces in Afghanistan on November 13, 2013, bank joins effort to help him:

The story states:

Banterra Bank has joined other area sponsors to help a Southern Illinois wounded veteran, Jared Bullock of Metropolis.

Serving with Army Special Forces on Nov. 13, 2013, in Afghanistan, Bullock suffered major injuries that resulted in the loss of his right arm and leg.




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May 5, 2014 at 1:47 pm

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