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American troops have 241 days to go in Afghanistan, and need our prayers as they serve in this still dangerous country.

Keep our returning troops, in your thoughts and prayers, and our veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are now transitioning to the civilian world.

Keep the families of the fallen in your prayers. This Sunday, say a prayer for our wounded, both physically and in spirit. Our troops keep us free. They support our Constitution and way of life. Keep the caregivers of our wounded in your prayers, for the families caring for wounded troops and vets, for our medical staffs in Department of Defense medical facilities and our VA Hospitals caring for our wounded.

The obituary for Army Captain Kelly Hasselman states her memorial will be this week at the Citadel in S.C. with another memorial service at the Fort Bliss, and lists information on where to send gifts in her memory in lieu of flowers. She served at Ft. Bliss when she died 19 April 2014 at age 29.

She was the decorated commander of the first Army Female Engagement Team at Ft. Bliss. She had two tours of Afghanistan. Keep her family in your thoughts and prayers, as we honor her service to our country.

I will post an obituary link at #1, and  #2 and they will be my last post on the subject, until there are  further official statements or investigative reports as to cause of death, or news features about her life that I might run across.

She was such a pioneering leader, if I do see further stories about her life and service to our country, I will try and post them.

Until then, I say: RIP brave Captain, you served our country not once, but twice in one of the most dangerous places on earth to secure my freedom and keep our country free. God be with your family and friends at this time.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Obituary for decorated and pioneering Army Captain Kelly Hasselman, who led the first Female Engagement Team to Afghanistan as their commander. RIP fine soldier, sweet rest brave one. Link:

2.) Another obituary for Army Captain Kelly Hasselman, decorated soldier as described at link #1, this one has music, photos, and a guest book with it. RIP fine officer, condolences to your friends and family. You kept us free, not once, but twice in Afghanistan. Eternal rest, prayers for your family. Link:


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