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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) Mon. 4-28-14 (247 days to go)

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247 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan, and if you read the story at link #1 you see there is a plan afoot for more dirt bikes for them to ride in their remaining days there. Look at the comments too for more details. Featured in the story is the author of the upcoming book on MARSOC, Special Operations Marines, titled, “Level Zero Heroes.”

1.)  “Level Zero Heroes” author, former MARSOC (Special Operations Marine) comments in this CNN story about the use of motorized bikes in Afghanistan. The book sounds like it will be excellent, I plan to read it. Other stories said the forward of the book will be written by retired Marine Major Fred Galvin who was the leader of the first ever MARSOC company in Afghanistan in 2007. Link:


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