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While it is 248 days left to go for US troops in Afghanistan, as I read several recent stories concerning military suicides and PTSD, I realized, that for some troops, their experience in Iraq and Afghanistan are going to go on many days past 31 December 2014. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter’s mission to help those with combat stress, PTSD, and other mental health issues related to their service to our country. God bless him, and may those suffering emotionally find help and peace, as we honor their service and combat stress. Link:

2.) The Army has confirmed three suicides, one a captain, at Ft. Bliss over the Easter weekend, written about in the links below at and, but does not list the names of the soldiers.  In the meantime, reports on Ft. Bliss suicides, including naming  the woman captain, one of three suicides over Easter weekend. God bless our troops, and our veterans, and those who suffer from mental and physical wounds. Prayers go out to the families of these three soldiers. Their loved ones served during a time of war, protecting us in a volunteer military that has been at war 13 years. Condolences to the families of these three soldiers. Link:

3.)  More on the death of a woman Army captain at Ft. Bliss. Official Army reports state that there is an ongoing investigation and at this time to do not list the names of the soldiers (see the two links below from and With the suicide investigation, will there be, an investigation into the deployment of this Female Engagement Team, as it seems maybe there should be? RIP Captain, and prayers for your loved ones. Two tours of Afghanistan. Honor and respect. Thank you for your service brave Captain. Pray for our troops and veterans with physical and emotional scars from these wars the last 13 years. They are America’s finest, stepping up, swearing to protect us, volunteering in a time of war. Such honor. Such pride. Such dedication. Such love. Love for country. Love for their fellow Americans and our way of life. I live free due to their sacrifice. God bless you Captain, God bless your family.

4.) When I read these stories about three suicides at Ft. Bliss, this one posted at, I just have to wonder: What is going on at Ft. Bliss? It says an investigation is ongoing into these suicides? The 3 Suicides were reported at Ft. Bliss last weekend (Easter Weekend). No names are given for the three suicide victims. May God comfort their families. They volunteered to serve in a time of war. Honor. Respect. Service. Love. Pray for our troops and veterans with physical and emotional injuries of war.  Link:

5.) Fort Bliss, Texas: ArmyTimes reposts on suicides at this Army base, including three Easter Weekend. They do not name the soldiers. God bless and comfort the families of these soldiers, they chose to serve during time of war. They volunteered to protect us, while the US has been at war these last 13 years. Link:




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