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Anybody remember March 4, 2007 when US Marines, the first Special Operation Marine deployment of MARSOC was attacked in Bati Kot, Afghanistan?

They were falsely accused of killing Afghan civilians when they fought back from a suicide bomber attack who drove a mini van full of explosives into their convoy? Anybody remember how apologies were given to the Afghans in error? Anybody remember that the MARSOC Marines, all 120 of them were thrown out of Afghanistan by a general with the US Army?

Does anybody remember that the Marines were exonerated at a Marine Court of Inquiry in 2008, and found, as I knew from the start, to have acted appropriately in a complex ambush? Does anybody remember how through the years since this 2007 attack in Bati Kot that this terrorist haven has yet to be pacified, with many US casualties in this village, as well as multiple Afghans killed there?

Where is the apology and overdue medal ceremony for this first ever company of MARSOC Marines deployed:  MARSOC-Fox?

Through the years Bati Kot has continued to be in the news and now is reported in this 10 January 2014 story, to have been, “used by insurgents to smuggle weapons, ammunition, and to launch attacks along the province’s Highway 7.”

Go tell that to the MARSOC-FOX Marines who bravely deployed and acted appropriately in a complex ambush on 4 March 2007. Along with an apology and overdue medal ceremony. Along with some accountability for those who acted wrongly and falsely accused Marines: for those there needs to be public demotion ceremony. Bati Kot, as this 10 January 2014 story states, was a known terrorist haven.

Read the story for yourself at link #1. Google “Incident at Bati Kot” for one of the best stories written about this 4 March 2007 attack, by a Marine Mom whose son was there and falsely accused.

1.) Another incident at Bati Kot:


Written by orangekite1

January 11, 2014 at 11:08 am

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