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356 days to go for US troops in Afghanistan as they complete retrograde operations, closing US bases, packing up equipment, and destroying other equipment that won’t be returned to the US. It is still a dangerous world for US troops as four Air Force members were killed in England in a helicopter crash, then another helicopter crass off the coasts of Virginia with one Navy sailor still missing, I believe two killed, and others injured, and another air crash, this time a plane in Afghanistan killing two US service members and a civilian. Then, the word was just released that a late December 2013 helicopter crash in Afghanistan was indeed a result of enemy action. Some reports said the low flying helicopter set off and IED on the ground, presenting a new problem for US helicopters in war zone.

Meanwhile, while US troops face peril around the world, back in the USA at the Naval Academy, students attending a party and drinking are charged with sexual assault. Some charges were dropped against football players involved, read the story at link #1 for complete details.

1.) Update on the sexual assault case at the Naval Academy:,0,3004018.story#ixzz2pxBEomjq


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