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My count might be a little off, because is yesterday, the 1st, 365 days left: do you count that day? Anyway, that is the count I am using for the time the US has left in Afghanistan before all troops withdrawal on 31 December 2014. Yesterday, 365 days left, today 364 days left and counting.

On this day, with 364 left of retrograde operations, closing bases and loading up equipment, here are some of the stories in the news. Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Obama’s Afghanistan problem. I can’t even imagine why President Obama would want to stay 10 more years in Afghanistan, when the date to pull out has already been established: 31 December 2014. Also, the US has no money to fund further operations, and besides, retrograde operations are in full swing, many bases are closed, and much equipment has been shipped back to the USA or destroyed. The US taxpayer is funding the Afghan military and its equipment while US veterans who are retired and medical retirees, many injured in this war, face pension cuts due to Congress cutting their COLA and the President, Commander-in-Chief signing it. Also, the war is at the lowest level of support by the US public, so why in the would would President Obama even consider 10 more years?! No, the deal has been signed, stick to it: US troops all leave, and take our money with us on 31 December 2014, 364 days from now. Link:,0,4155965.story

2.) Time to leave Afghanistan for good: Very good story, excellent idea. Link:


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