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Time for now retired General Frank Kearney and active duty General John Nicholson to head back to Bati Kot, Afghanistan. Almost seven years after they threw out the first ever company of MARSOC Marines to deploy, after they were attacked in Bati Kot on 4 March 2007, that village still is not cleared of enemy fighters! In the story at link 1, see the latest clearing operation in Bati Kot, and as Americans are in retrograde operations, packing up before the 31 Dec. 2014 deadline to leave, the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army are conducting the clearing operations in Bati Kot. I might add, the MARSOC Marines were thrown out of the war in error, at a Marine Court of Inquiry in 2008, it was found to have happened what I said all along: the Marines acted appropriately in a complex ambush.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Bati Kot, Afghanistan: The enemy is still not cleared out of this village, almost seven years after the Army (see above, Kearney and Nicholson) threw the MARSOC Marines out of the war on their first ever deployment, after they were ambushed (and lived to tell of it, and were sent to a Marine Court of Inquiry where they were exonerated) in Bati Kot on March 4, 2007. Link:

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