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God bless American troops packing up and preparing to leave Afghanistan by 31 Dec. 2014. I read a story last night that President Obama is considering an earlier date to leave, plus leaving no US troops behind just as in Iraq. With COIN nation building the strategy, I agree: get US troops out of their and bring our money with them. Afghanistan will have to use their own riches to build their own country: they have mineral, oil and gas riches and China is already mining and getting them out of there. The US is in sequestration and broke, deeply in debt so we cannot afford to support the entire Afghan Army along with the US military (which is suffering cuts!). In the meantime, more on an officer who was drinking apparently and relieved of command. I have a suggestion: cut him down a rank or two, just like the enlisted troops might get for punishment, and send him to Afghanistan to help with the packing up of US equipment. It is “dry” there and no alcohol allowed, so he won’t have to worry about drinking and getting drunk. Two more hands to help with the packing up will help. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) US officer relieved of the command apparently for drinking. Suggestion: Reduce him in rank and send to Afghanistan where there is no alcohol, to help pack up US equipment. Link:


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July 9, 2013 at 11:37 am

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