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God bless American troops as they pack up and prepare to leave Afghanistan by 31 December 2014. This is one of many July 4th at war for US troops in Afghanistan, God bless and protect them, and give them the strength to pack and shut down bases safely, and hopefully long before 31 December 2014.

Many US bases cannot have fireworks displays this year due to sequestration. I say that retired US generals and admirals should donate the sums needed to have a firework display at the bases. Most are  getting retirement pay, and also work for contractors, so could give money for the displays.

I just heard on the Rush Limbaugh show Tues. 7/2/13 that retired Gen. Petraeus is going to make $200,000 for 3 hours of work a week giving a lecture at CUNY (City University of New York) while other adjunct professors get an average of $25,000 annually. With his military retirement, his income from this teaching job, and money from working for a global financial firm that was in the news a week or so ago, he could donate a good chunk to have a fireworks display at a base. Same with McChrystal, Mullen, Casey, Allen, Mattis, Kimmitt, McKiernan, among others, and bases could have a fireworks display if they make a big donation. Throw in the former defense secretaries too, they can donate for the fireworks displays: Rumsfeld, Gates, Panetta can all donate. Links from around the GWOT.

1.)  Military bases have fireworks displays cancelled due to sequestration. Why haven’t retired generals and secretaries of defense stepped forward and donated money to pay for the displays? Most have their military or government retirement, and also work for contractors, think tanks, write books, etc. Time for them to step forward:


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July 4, 2013 at 12:11 am

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