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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) 6-4-13 Tue.

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The new month is in full swing, as America heads into summer, and America’s warriors face another summer of war in Afghanistan.

At least Gen. Dempsey is listening to calls I made to our Congressmen and President Obama for “Marital Fidelity Audits” for all married military officers form the top down. Gen. Dempsey has gone a step further, and calls for “Character Review Boards”, starting at the top with generals and admirals. This is sorely needed. I sent another letter out to my reps and the Senate Armed Services Committee supporting this, as I have been writing them for several years to conduct military Marital Fidelity Audits starting at the top. I also suggest that at the end of each semester, with all the problems at the US service academies with students and instructors, for students and teachers alike to face a “Character Review Board”. This will nip any character flaws in the bud and remove the integrity violator from the service academy before they become a US military officer with character flaws. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) Gen. Dempsey recommends Character Review Boards, starting at the top with Generals and Admirals. Great to hear he is going one step further than the Marital Fidelity Audits I called for! Convene the Character Review Boards now! Link:

2.) US Military Academy at West Point rugby team disbanded after e mails derogatory to women. I believe at the end of each semester Character Review Boards should be convened at each of the service academies to make sure the students are of good character with each passing semester spent there:


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