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US troops are still in Afghanistan and the Marines and Army soldiers there on active duty who are enrolled in Tuition Assistance have had their funding stopped by President Obama and his Department of Defense.


I am asking now that people sign the petition at link #1 to reinstate Tuition Assistance. US Marines and soldiers worldwide, and in the US on active duty have had their Tuition Assistance stopped.

This needs restored immediately.

I read stories about various amounts of US tax money being sent to foreign countries and this should be stopped immediately and transferred to the Tuition Assistance program for the Marines and soldiers. Sec. of State Kerry is giving Egypt $250 million and Syria two installments of $60 million each.

US AID is giving $300 million of US tax dollars to Afghan women to teach self-esteem and for women’s programs.

Another $171 million is going to Myanmar, the former Burma for computers and other items. I believe all of these programs, which I easily found stories about online, in print, and on TV news last week, should be STOPPED and the money redirected to the Marine Corps and Army for Tuition Assistance programs. The Marine Tuition Assistance, which was stopped first, costs $50 million annually, a sum that can be easily found in the money being sent overseas in the examples above. God bless our active duty troops and may their TUition Assistance be restored SOON! Sign the petition!

1.) Sign the petition: Let’s get Tuition Assistance restored for active duty US Marines and soldiers! Link:

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