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Another year at war for American troops in Afghanistan. I just hope and pray the “cavalry” is sent in so to speak, and American troops can be blessed with a new leadership and new strategy to secure a quick victory and come home and bring our money with them, SOON! In a matter of days like the 100 hour First Gulf War,  declare victory and pack it up. The US cannot afford funding Afghanistan, a country rich in oil and minerals, another two years as is now the plan to leave on December 31, 2014. Two more years in Afghanistan is not possible due to financial constraints, plus, the US military needs to rest, reset, and refocus after a quick victory. Two more years in Afghanistan, spending US taxpayer money, and spilling the blood of America’s enlisted troops is no longer an option. God bless America’s enlisted troops, may they be blessed with new military leadership with a new strategy for a quick victory in Afghanistan.


Written by orangekite1

January 1, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Posted in Afghanistan, GWOT

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