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Now another general, this time Gen. Allen, a 4 star, in Afghanistan is caught up in inappropriate behavior, sending a reported 20,000-30,000 e mails to a party planner in Tampa, Florida. This is at a time when he is takes with winning a war. Most people can’t send out e mails like this on the job.

I have suggested Marital Fidelity Audits for US military officers, from the top down, starting with the generals and admirals, and have written this to my Senators, Representative, and President Obama.

This is my letter I sent, one of several, to these elected officials, on April 16, 2012, concerning Marital Financial Audits.

This is my letter:

April 16, 2012-Monday

With the revelations of the Colombia prostitution scandal with the Secret Service, and now the military involved, it is time to begin marital fidelity audits for all US military officers from the top down, starting with Gen. Martin Dempsey

Because in the military it is against the UCMJ to commit adultery, there should be MARITAL FIDELITY AUDITS for all married officers starting from the TOP down.

Since Gen. Dempsey is at the top, the first marital fidelity audit would be on his married life for the duration of his career.

Then it would go down from there in the officer rank across all branches.

Before any of these officers even sit in judgement of other service members or enlisted personnel, or even before they run an investigation, integrity violators must be revealed, cast out of the military.

The UCMJ still forbids adultery. Those who have violated the UCMJ themselves by committing adultery during their service career, must not be in judgement or investigate those accused.

President Obama should order the marital fidelity audits immediately for married officers which would cover the entire course of their career.

Congress should then step forward, in their elected and civilian role in overseeing the military, and call all US military officers from the top down before Congress and review in public, the results marital fidelity audits. Those officers who are found to be integrity violators should be bound over for court martial and separation from the service, with imprisonment at Ft. Leavenworth if that is the punishment found at court martial if found guilty of adultery or other integrity violations in the course of the marital fidelity audit.

I am sending the story  for your review, and the link is above at the top of this letter.



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November 13, 2012 at 12:37 pm

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