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Another Saturday at war for US troops, while in America we can enjoy the freedom to attend college football games, watch them on TV, go to fall festivals, and other activities. Pray for our troops in Afghanistan and worldwide.

1,) U. S. troops at war are under extreme combat stress. They should not be used as fodder at a Vice Presidential Debate, and the answer by Rep. Ryan in response to the urination video was just plain wrong. From the top down from day one that the video appeared, the answer by the Commandant, and any other politician should have been as follows, end of story. It should have been set in stone, an answer like this for a response:

The answer should always have been from the top down, Marine Commandant, VP Candidate, etc. as follows “We are actively concerned for the safety and mindset of our service members, PTSD, and getting them help. They went through hell of combat. They are¬†extraordinary Marines involved in combat and must deal with the effects of combat stress. While this is not reflective of the military culture, it is reflective of military stress and combat. We will make sure these service members get the treatment they need.” End of story. Also remember, the VA lists signs of suicide, which is high, and it includes effects of combat stress. So, get these Marines treatment, and drop Court Martial proceedings and tear up any NJP’s or reprimands and get them treatment. In addition, on something similar, many cities even have “veteran’s courts’ now, to take care of legal problems veterans have, perhaps from combat stress. Our currently serving troops should also have a similar opportunity.



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October 13, 2012 at 12:34 pm

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