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The Afghanistan scandal turns more deadly by the day, with 6 US Marines, including an announced 3 Special Operators with MARSCO, being killed by multiple Afghanistan policemen after being lured to a 2:30am Ramadan dinner by them, and falling into the trap, being ambushed and killed. At another base Afghans report a policeman killed 3 American Marines, but the US reports it was an Afghan civilian. In either case, how did an armed Afghan present themselves on base, when US citizens have to go through TSA security to get on a plane, US troops deserve the same level of security, if an Afghan comes on a US base, they must go through security like at an airport. I would also make all Afghan troops and police check their weapons with US troops before stepping onto a US base. US troops on American bases such as Ft. Hood were unarmed, and can’t carry weapons on base, so why should Afghan police or soldiers be able to carry a loaded weapon on American bases in Afghanistan? Links from around the GWOT:

1.) American MARSOC Marine special operators lured into a trap, ambushed by Afghan police who invited them for a 2:30am Ramadan meal:

2.) More on the latest cases of Afghan soldiers and/or police turning their guns on Americans:

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August 11, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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