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Mid week at war for US troops in Afghanistan. While they toil, the cover of Marine Corps Times, dated 28 May 2012 came out, and the cover story headline reads, “The Gunnies Were Swingers: Sex scandal of Officer Candidates School. Instructors tell all.” A few weeks back the cover had Gen. Amos saying, “Quit shaming my Corps” in reference to incidents in Afghanistan where snipers urinated of dead enemy, and snipers had used “SS” for their flag for years, and he determined it looked like the Nazi “SS”. Where is Gen. Amos on these Marines who were training future officers at Quantico’s Officer Candidate School?

Several Marines were thrown out with other than honorable discharges, such as the two Gunnery Sergeant’s on the cover a male and female couple husband and wife, but several were allowed to stay in the Marine Corps and several were still at OCS in Quantico! I would say they should be sent to Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY for the fighting season and walk patrols in Sangin and other similar villages. No, they should not be at Quantico while our warriors, men and women are in Sangin and other areas of Afghanistan. And not rear echelon, but should be sent to front line positions, female engagement teams, etc. Read Marine Corps Times for complete details.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  Defense attorney Charles Gittens who defended many Marines the last several years of war, leaves this line of work, read the story for details. Link:


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May 23, 2012 at 10:03 pm

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