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While our enlisted troops are on the ground in Afghanistan, often being shot at or killed by the very Afghan troops or police they are training, it very much concerns me that while a nation at war, the Secret Service and related military members on the Presidential security detail are out partying, drinking and having sex with prostitutes.

I still believe the spring break trip of the Presidential First Daughter should be investigated, when she and her friends were escorted to Mexico last month by at least 25 Secret Service agents and military service members there for security reasons. It should be determined if Secret Service agents were together with foreign nationals, such as prostitutes, and/or drinking in Mexico while there to guard the First Daughter.

I believe the Secret Service agents need a chaperone like on a high school field trip. I would actually take a few days or week of vacation in service to my country I love, and be a chaperone for the Secret Service on a trip, making sure they were in their rooms without prostitutes, testing their breath for alcohol, and making sure they behaved. I think it would take a few moms on every trip, or dads, to watch them and act as chaperone. We are a nation at war, the Secret Service and military of security detail should act like it. Links from around the GWOT:

1.) More on the Secret Service scandal. I don’t think it would just take more female agents, they could be enticed by the party atmosphere too. I believe a few parents, especially military parents should go along to act as chaperone while the agents are in their hotel rooms. like a chaperone on a field trip, checking their rooms unannounced, making sure they didn’t break curfew, making sure there were no prostitutes in their room, making sure they were not drinking or drunk and handling firearms, etc. I would suggest that you would get many tax paying Americans who would volunteer to be chaperone for the Secret Service. Link:

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April 28, 2012 at 5:52 pm

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