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Another workweek ends for Americans but the fight goes on for troops in Afghanistan. That is Americans who have jobs, as the unemployment numbers came out, still hovering at 9.5% with what are reported as massive job losses.

The British troops are hard at work, as described in story #1. British Royal Marine saved by his body armour. In the meantime U.S Army General Petraeus issues orders to U.S. troops, and I have asked my representative and senators, as well as President Obama, Commander-in-Chief if they are illegal, for them to remove their ballistic glasses, often called “Oakleys” (a brand name) which are issued for their protection to keep shrapnel, debris, sunlight, and anything else harmful out of their eyes and preventing blindness. In addition to blindness, the shrapnel could travel into the brain causing brain damage. I asked them to clarify this order to remove protective gear which US taxpayers are paying for to protect our troops vision and lives, and let me know if it is an illegal order.

1.)  British Royal Marine saved by his body armor:

2.) Three British brothers all serving in Afghanistan:

3.) Marine General Mattis confirmed by Senate to be head of CENTCOM and be Army General Petraeus’ boss. We will see how this all works out. A quick victory needs to be planned by these two, and our troops brought home. Link:

4.) Defense budget cuts to pay for teacher bailout:

5.) U.S. represented at Hiroshima, first time in 65 years-Obama Administration sends U.S. Ambassador. Maybe somebody in the Obama Administration should ask China about how the Japanese slaughtered them in WWII, and go ask the Korea’s what the Japanese did to them in WWII, and ask the Bataan Death March survivors what the Japanese did to them in WWII, ask the US Marines held prisoner by the brutal Japanese when they served in China how they were treated. It was the Japanese who started this war with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Let’s get the Obama Administration up to speed before he goes over there to bow down as he has done and is photographed bowing down to various countries. Link:

6.) U.S. troops are issued combat eye protection,  when deploying. Is it illegal to be ordered to remove it in a war zone? I have asked my senators, representative, and President Obama and will find out.

Link: (about combat eye protection)

7.) VISION READY IS MISSION READY. So, U.S. troops should not remove their ballistic glasses in a war zone despite the fact Gen. Petraeus orders them to remove their safety gear, their ballistic glasses?

8.) Former Quincy Cop on Terror Suspect’s Hit List:

9.) DoD/VA Vision Centers of Excellence (our troops must keep on their ballistic glasses in war zones, so they have a better chance to stay out of the Vision Centers of Excellence) Link:’s_Congressional_Advocacy_Conference.aspx


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