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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hot Spot-Wed. 7-21-10

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It’s hot in Afghanistan as U.S. troops work to secure victory. Pray for our troops, and contact your elected officials about this undeclared war, I suggest telling them: LET THEM FIGHT OR BRING THEM HOME.

This link at #1 is the web site of Gold Star father John Bernard, a retired Marine whose Marine son was KIA in Afghanistan in 2009.

Link below to stories around the GWOT.

1.) Excellent information at the LET THEM FIGHT OR BRING THEM HOME WEB SITE:

2.) More excellent stories at this link, by Diana West:

3.) Female American troops teach female Afghan soldiers:|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link3|

4.)  North Carolina hit hard by combat deaths, I noted one vehicle hit an IED and 4 soldiers were killed. The US needs to fight this war to WIN! Link:


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