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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Fri. 9-25-09

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Admiral Mullen met with Gen. McChrystal in Germany today. Restricted rules of engagement endanger U.S. troops in Afghanistan. McChrystal should be fired. Wonder what kind of global footprint that made, they both had to fly to Germany. They should have had Adm. Mullen fly over  to Afghanistan to meet with McChrystal with regular troops going over, maybe in a C-130 and land at Camp Dwyer as they just put in an airstrip there which C-130’s can land on.

Then Mullen and McChrystal should have gotten on a 7-ton unarmored truck and each took turns driving to outposts, such as the one I read about online, COP Payne, the furthest south Combat Outpost on the Afghan border.  Or, they could have cleaned out some of the generals at the Pentagon, and brought them along, and they could have had their meeting in the back of the 7-ton. First, they could have delivered supplies to U.S. troops, who should be paramount. Then, maybe deliver some honey bees to the Afghans. This was reported online-part of the U.S.-McChrystal policy had us sending honey bees and hives to the Afghans.  They could have personally gotten out of the vehicles and walked on foot patrol into the Afghan village to test out their theories which deny U.S. troops air support and artillery, at times when pinned down under fire. 

Sending in a contingent of older generals will show more respect to the village elders than sending in young enlisted troops, some only teenagers to try and befriend the elders.

I would suggest any commissioned officer of any branch, up to and including generals, now on active duty who has not earned a Combat Action Ribbon or Purple Heart be put at the top of the list to join the General McChrystal’s Counterinsurgency Brigade Afghanistan-Forward and have their orders issued immediately.

 Without any further training, they should be flown out immediately to Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan.  From there they should have all the 7-ton unarmored trucks ready and idling. The generals and officers from the Pentagon, the Command College, and any other venue or base who have not earned a Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart, and/or been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan should go first.

In addition to these officers and generals, officers who have earned the medals or have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and support Gen. McChrystal’s counterinsurgency policy should be on the next truck. All officers should have to sign a paper which states that they either support or do not support the counterinsurgency policy. The ones who believe on it should be on the next 7-ton truck. From Camp Dwyer they can put this Counterinsurgency Officer Surge on foot, out of their armored vehicles, and fan out to the villages. They will not need radios  or communication equipment in the Humvee’s  because the call on the ground for air strikes is not heeded anyway.

Do not send any more enlisted troops to Afghanistan until the results of the general and officer’s surge into the villages is in.

If their counterinsurgency plan does not work out, we will have the COMBAT TESTED OFFICERS who have earned Combat Action Ribbons, Purple Hearts, and enlisted men ready with their plan to WIN the war. The air power can be ready to go too. This is if the general’s counterinsurgency plan does not work.

Clear out the Pentagon and let the generals and officers there with the master’s degrees and education and theories, and send them to the Afghan villages and let’s see how their plan works to drink tea with villagers. Let’s do like I think they used to do in the old days of British wars, they stayed until the war was won. Leave U.S. enlisted troops either on the big bases, or at home.

Read the following stories for details and for more news from around the GWOT:

1.) The rules murdering our troops, by Ralph Peters-excellent story on how our troops are being killed due to the restricted rules of engagement set forth by Gen. Stan McChrystal. I faxed it to my representatives and gave them my opinion: That they should immediately convene a Marine Court of Inquiry and see how many commanders who denied air strikes should face criminal charges. Link:

2.)  Fire McChrystal! I have been writing my reps since a couple days after he was put in charge and started making these bizarre losing statements which endanger U.S. troops. This is an excellent article explaining why Gen. McChrystal should be fired:

3.)  British soldiers sent to slaughter in Afghanistan:—Sjt-Paul-McAleese.html

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5.)  In Afghanistan let US troops be warriors argues Byron York. I agree. Link:

6.) British leaker of expense reports upset because British troops slighted, under equipped in Afghanistan:

7.)  Reporter out with Marines in Afghanistan, very good report:

8.) Afghan leader Karzai calls for more US troops:

9.) Restricted rules of engagement might have had a role in the death of Marine Lcpl Joshua Bernard. In any case, to find out, they should convene an immediate Marine Court of Inquiry and I have written my reps and Pres. Obama about it, and to investigate the 3 Marine deaths and Corpsman death on Sept. 8, 2009.  Excellent story. Write your reps, tell your friends: restricted rules of engagement in war do not lead to victory. They get U.S. troops killed:

10.) In Afghanistan, they take cash:

11.) Letter to St. Louis newspaper-Time to get out of Afghanistan:


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September 25, 2009 at 11:24 pm