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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-9-23-09-Wed.

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President Obama has not rushed troops to Afghanistan as apparently Gen. McChrystal wants. There is consideration of other ways, using drones, Special Forces, which is Vice President Joe Biden’s plan.

You can go to the Washington Post web site and click to the 66 page McChrystal strategy document. I thought it proposes plans which sacrifice our troops and continues with restricted rules of engagement and nation building. I posted the link earlier this week too.

Various links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) Nation building in Afghanistan, this time bees are given to the Afghans for honey and to pollinate crops. Link:

2.) Sgt. Tyler Juden comes home to Kansas; his Commander calls him  the greatest soldier he’s ever known: KIA Afghanistan. God bless his family at this time. Link:

3.)  Ks soldier:

Juden’s commanding officer characterized him as the  greatest soldier he’d ever seen, Reeves said. Another officer said Juden’s professionalism and dedication to serve his country were unmatched, Reeves said.

Still another officer said that Juden was someone soldiers respected and looked to when things weren’t going right, a go-to guy.

4.) More on great fallen Kansas soldier:

5.)   Lone Star Times-Reporter on 2nd day with troops in Afghanistan:

 6.) Gen. McChrystal under fire for rising Afghan toll, restricted rules of engagement:

 7.) Buzzwords can’t mask Afghanistan failure-the British press:

 8.)  Petraeus at symposium, sounds like politically correct one at that:

9.) Group unhappy troops used in diplomatic role:

10.)  More drones, less troops? Sounds like the way to go to me! Link:


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September 23, 2009 at 9:41 pm